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Photodynamic Therapy: Mechanisms
Editor(s): Thomas J. Dougherty

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Volume Number: 1065
Date Published: 13 June 1989

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Possible Implications Of Vascular Damage For Tumor Cell Inactivation In Vivo: Comparison Of Different Photosensitizers
Author(s): Barbara W. Henderson; Gwendolyn Farrell
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Microvascular Effects Of Photodynamic Therapy
Author(s): T. Jeffery Wieman; Victor H. Fingar
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Role mediators of inflammation and cells in porphyrin-induced phototoxicity
Author(s): Henry W. Lim
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Blood Flow Changes In Transplantable Urothelial Tumors Treated With The Metallopurpurin, SnET2 And Light.
Author(s): Steven H. Selman; Binsheng Qin; Harold R. James; Rick W. Keck; Greta M. Garbo; Alan R. Morgan
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Modifications In Intratumor Microenvironment With PDT
Author(s): Fred W. Hetzel; Michael Chopp
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Lethality In Mice Following Localized Photodynamic Therapy
Author(s): Angela Ferrario; Charles J. Gomer
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Immunologic Effects Of Peritoneal Photodynamic Treatment
Author(s): David H. Lynch; Sandra Haddad; Chistooher J. Jolles; Vernon J. King; Mark J. Ott; Bekkie Robertson; Richard C. Straight
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Immune Response Following Photodynamic Therapy For Bladder Cancer
Author(s): Unyime O. Nseyo; Raymond K. Whalen; Matthew R. Duncan; Brian Berman; Scott Lundahl
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The Preparation And Application Of Porphyrin-Monoclonal Antibodies For Cancer Therapy
Author(s): Kevin J. Steele; Daniel Liu; Noelle Davis; Heather Deal; Julia G. Levy
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Immunologic Targeting Of Cancer Cells
Author(s): T. Hasan; T. Anderson; M. R. Deak; R. Granstein; V. R. Zurawski; T. Flotte
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PDT Dosimetry And Response
Author(s): W. R. Potter
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Simple Theory, Measurements, And Rules Of Thumb For Dosimetry During Photodynamic Therapy.
Author(s): Steven L. Jacques
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In Vivo Light Dosimetry For Interstitial Photodynamic Therapy: Results Of Clinical Importance.
Author(s): J. P.A. Marijnissen; A. A.C Versteeg; W. M. Star
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Quantitative Reflectance Spectrophotometry For The Noninvasive Measurement Of Photosensitizer Concentration In Tissue During Photodynamic Therapy
Author(s): Michael S. Patterson; Ephraim Schwartz; Brian C. Wilson
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Measurements Of Singlet Oxygen In Photodynamic Therapy
Author(s): A. E. Profio; K-H Shu
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Preclinical Evaluation Of Photosensitizing Agents
Author(s): David Kessel
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Tumor Uptake And Photodynamic Activity Of Sulfonated Metallo Phthalocyanines
Author(s): J E van Lier; J Rousseau; B Paquette; N Brasseur; R Langlois; H Ali
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Photodynamic Action Of Benzochlorins
Author(s): Alan R. Morgan; Greta M. Garbo; Ashraf Rampersaud; Dimitris Skalkos; Rick W. Keck; Steven H. Selman
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Differential Uptake Of Benzoporphyrin Derivative (BPD) By Leukemic Versus Normal Cells
Author(s): Catriona H.M. Jamieson; David Dolphin; Julia G. Levy; Ralph D. Duran
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Chemistry Of Photofrin II And Some New Photosensitizers
Author(s): Ravindra K. Pandey; Daniel F. Maichrzycki; Kevin M. Smith; Thomas J. Dougherty
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Cell Biology And Photochemistry Of Photodynamic Sensitizers
Author(s): W. Gregory Roberts; Michael W. Berns
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Tissue Distribution Of Chloroaluminium Sulfonated Phthalocyanine In Dogs
Author(s): S. W. Crane; M. M. Zuk; H. C. Newman; I. Rosenthal; E. Ben-Hur
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Photosensitizing Efficiencies Of Poryphyrins, Chlorins, And Phthalocyanines
Author(s): Bruce J. Tromberg; Sol Kimel; W. Gregory Roberts; Michael W. Berns
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Intracellular Distribution Of Porphyrin-Based Photosensitizers In In Vitro Cultured Human Bladder Tumor Cells.
Author(s): R. D. Poretz; I. Vucenik; L. Bergstrom; A. Segelman; G. Sigel Jr.; S. Chernomorsky
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