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New Technologies in Cytometry
Editor(s): Gary C. Salzman

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Volume Number: 1063
Date Published: 13 June 1989

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Fourier Transform Methods Applied To The Analysis Of Microphotometric Images Of Histologic Sections
Author(s): Harvey E. Dytch; George L. Wied
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Dynamically Reconfigurable Multiprocessor System For Scene Segmentation In Histopathology
Author(s): R. L. Shoemaker; O. Stucky; R. Manner; D. B. Thompson; W. G. Griswold; P. H. Bartels
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Organization And Knowledge Representation In An Expert System For Scene Segmentation In Histologic Sections
Author(s): D. Thompson; W. Griswold; W. Kuhn; H. G. Bartels; R. L. Shoemaker; P. H. Bartels
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High Speed Striation Pattern Recognition In Contracting Cardiac Myocytes
Author(s): Kenneth P. Roos; A. Christyne Bliton; Bradford A. Lubell; John M. Parker; Mark J. Patton; Stuart R. Taylor
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Scanning Tip Microscopy With Applications To Biology
Author(s): Dror Sarid; Edmond H. Thall; Douglas A. Iams; Jeffery T. Ingle; Tammy D. Henson; Y. C. Lee; L. Stephen Bell
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Imaging Flow Cytometer
Author(s): Chi Keung Yeung; Peter Nickolls; Mel Clarke; Sim Heng Ong; David Horne
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Eigenanalysis Applied To Digital Images Of Human Chromosomes
Author(s): Zeljko Jericevic; Brent A. Wiese; Louis C. Smith; Lorris McGavran; B. Carstens; Kenneth R. Castleman; Donald G. Winkler
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Spectral Properties Of 4-Sulfonato-3,3',5,5'-Tetramethy1-2,Z-Pyrronlethen-1,1'-Borondifluoride Complex (Bodipy), Its Sodium Salt, And Protein Derivatives
Author(s): Hee Chol Kang; Richard P. Haugland; Phyllis J. Fisher; Franklyn G. Prendergast
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Multiparameter Fluorescence And Selection Of Optimal Filter Sets: Mathematics And Computer Program.
Author(s): William Galbraith; Lauren A. Ernst; D. Lansing Taylor; Alan S. Waggoner
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Fluorescent Nucleic Acid Hybridization Methods.
Author(s): D. Pinkel; J. Gray; R. Segraves; F. Waldman; B. Trask; L. C. Yu; D. Eastmond; P. Dean
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Nine New Fluorescent Probes
Author(s): T. I. Lin; M. V. Jovanovic; R. M. Dowben
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Analysis Of PCNA (Proliferating Cell Nuclear Antigen) In The Cell Cycle And Application To Flow Cytometry
Author(s): Goran Roos; Goran Landberg; Kevin F. Sullivan; Eng M. Tan
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Multiparameter Flow Cytometry For Clinical Applications
Author(s): Carleton C. Stewart
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Plasma Membrane Lesions In Anthracycline-Resistant Tumor Cells Probed Using A Fluorescent Dye
Author(s): Thomas G. Burke; James H. Doroshow
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Flow Cytometric Changes That Precede Cancer: Premalignant Gastrointestinal Disease
Author(s): P. S Rabinovitch; G. C. Burmer; R. C. Haggitt; D. S Levine; C. E. Rubin; B. J. Reid
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High Resolution Flow Cytometry As An Analytical Tool For Characterizing Aquatic Bacteria
Author(s): Don K. Button; Betsy R. Robertson
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Flow Cytometric Ultrasensitive Molecular Detection And Applications
Author(s): James H. Jett; Dinh C. Nguyen; John C. Martin; Richard A. Keller
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Optical Trapping, Cell Manipulation, And Robotics
Author(s): Tudor N. Buican; Dan L. Neagley; William C. Morrison; Bryan D. Upham
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Cytometric Applications Of Zeeman Interferometry
Author(s): Roger G. Johnston
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