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2017 International Conference on Optical Instruments and Technology: IRMMW-THz Technologies and Applications
Editor(s): Cunlin Zhang; Xi-Cheng Zhang; Zhiming Huang; Liquan Dong
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Volume Number: 10623
Date Published: 24 January 2018

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Front Matter: Volume 10623
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Corrugated metal surface with pillars for terahertz surface plasmon polariton waveguide components
Author(s): Ying Zhang; Yuehong Xu; Chunxiu Tian; Quan Xu; Xueqian Zhang; Yanfeng Li; Xixiang Zhang; Jiaguang Han; Weili Zhang
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THz computed tomography system with zero-order Bessel beam
Author(s): Liting Niu; Qiao Wu; Kejia Wang; Jinsong Liu; Zhengang Yang
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Manipulating the strength and broadband of the resonators in the terahertz metamaterials
Author(s): Changxiang Liu; Qingli Zhou; Chenyu Li; Cunlin Zhang
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A debugging method of the Quadrotor UAV based on infrared thermal imaging
Author(s): Guangjie Cui; Qian Hao; Jianguo Yang; Lizhi Chen; Hongkang Hu; Lijun Zhang
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Terahertz carpet cloak based on ultrathin metasurface
Author(s): Minggui Wei; Quanlong Yang; Xueqian Zhang; Yanfeng Li; Jianqiang Gu; Jiaguang Han; Weili Zhang
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All-dielectric band stop filter at terahertz frequencies
Author(s): Shan Yin; Lin Chen
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Compact terahertz spectrometer based on disordered rough surfaces
Author(s): Tao Yang; Bing Jiang; Jia-cheng Ge; Yong-yuan Zhu; Xing-ao Li; Wei Huang
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Stimulation research on the measurement of the IRW pneumatic thermal radiation
Author(s): Yifang Wei; Xiaohua Liu; Ming Liu; Liquan Dong; Yuejin Zhao
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Research on terahertz properties of rat brain tissue sections during dehydration
Author(s): Gangqiang Cui; Jianfeng Liang; Hongwei Zhao; Xianghui Zhao; Chao Chang
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Optical constant determination of cross-linked polystyrene in the infrared
Author(s): Jianfeng Liang; Min Tu; Wenyuan Liu; Zhi Qiao; Gangqiang Cui; Wenyu Peng
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Nonlinear bias analysis and correction of microwave temperature sounder observations for FY-3C meteorological satellite
Author(s): Taiyang Hu; Rongchuan Lv; Xu Jin; Hao Li; Wenxin Chen
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Switchable tri-band THz polarizing rotator based on chiral metamaterials
Author(s): Yuying Lu; Jining Li; Jianquan Yao
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Scattering properties of electromagnetic waves from metal object in the lower terahertz region
Author(s): Gang Chen; H. X. Dang; T. Y. Hu; Xiang Su; R. C. Lv; Hao Li; X. M. Tan; T. J. Cui
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A simple system for 160GHz optical terahertz wave generation and data modulation
Author(s): Yihan Li; Jingsuo He; Xueming Sun; Zexia Shi; Ruike Wang; Hailin Cui; Bo Su; Cunlin Zhang
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The preparation method of terahertz monolithic integrated device
Author(s): Cong Zhang; Bo Su; Jingsuo He; Hongfei Zhang; Yaxiong Wu; Shengbo Zhang; Cunlin Zhang
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Hydrothermal preparation of vanadium dioxide thin films and research progress of terahertz modulation
Author(s): Zexia Shi; Ruike Wang; Xipeng Jin; Jingsuo He; Xueming Sun; Cunlin Zhang; Bo Su; Shengbo Zhang
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Quantitative detection of melamine based on terahertz time-domain spectroscopy
Author(s): Xiaojing Zhao; Cuicui Wang; Shangjian Liu; Jian Zuo; Zihan Zhou; Cunlin Zhang
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Detection of Ionic liquid using terahertz time-domain spectroscopy
Author(s): Cuicui Wang; Xiaojing Zhao; Shangjian Liu; Jian Zuo; Cunlin Zhang
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Detailed real-time infrared radiation simulation applied to the sea surface
Author(s): Xuemin Zhang; Limin Wu; Liang Long; Lisha Zhang
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Removing the echoes from terahertz pulse reflection system and sample
Author(s): Haishun Liu; Zhenwei Zhang; Cunlin Zhang
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Studies on electromagnetic response in arc-shaped structures in terahertz region
Author(s): Lan Shi; Qingli Zhou; Huijuan Sun; Chenyu Li; Changxiang Liu; Cunlin Zhang
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Characterizing the hydration state of L-threonine in solution using terahertz time-domain attenuated total reflection spectroscopy
Author(s): Huachuan Huang; Qiao Liu; Liguo Zhu; Zeren Li
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Light field imaging and application analysis in THz
Author(s): Hongfei Zhang; Bo Su; Jingsuo He; Cong Zhang; Yaxiong Wu; Shengbo Zhang; Cunlin Zhang
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Studies on the resonant properties in the asymmetric dipole-array terahertz metamaterials
Author(s): Wei Chen; Qingli Zhou; Chenyu Li; Lan Shi; Changxiang Liu; Cunlin Zhang
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Fabrication and performance of a double layered Mn-Co-Ni-O/Mn-Co-Ni-Cu-O thin film detector
Author(s): Wei Zhou; Yiming Yin; Niangjuan Yao; Lin Jiang; Yue Qu; Jing Wu; Y. Q. Gao; Jingguo Huang; Zhiming Huang
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Study on THz wave generation from air plasma induced by quasi-square Airy beam
Author(s): Shijing Zhang; Liangliang Zhang; Guangtong Jiang; Cunlin Zhang; Yuejin Zhao
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Characterization of the terahertz frequency optical constants of tourmaline
Author(s): Weichong Tang; Zili Zhang; Ke Xiao; Changchun Zhao; Zhiyuan Zheng
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Integrated Mach-Zehnder interferometer on the end facet of multicore fiber for refractive index sensing application
Author(s): Yanwen Qi; Siyao Zhang; Shengfei Feng; Xinke Wang; Wenfeng Sun; Jiasheng Ye; Peng Han; Yan Zhang
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The improvement of surface roughness for OAP aluminum mirrors: from terahertz to ultraviolet
Author(s): Jilong Peng; Qian Yu; Yajun Shao; Dong Wang; Zhong Yi; Shanshan Wang
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