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2017 International Conference on Optical Instruments and Technology: Advanced Laser Technology and Applications
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Volume Number: 10619
Date Published: 24 January 2018

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Front Matter: Volume 10619
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Balanced detection for self-mixing interferometry to improve signal-to-noise ratio
Author(s): Changming Zhao; Michele Norgia; Kun Li
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408-fs SESAM mode locked Cr:ZnSe laser
Author(s): Xiangbao Bu; Yuhang Shi; Jia Xu; Huijuan Li; Pu Wang
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Theoretical analyses of a 1.617-um laser with a MOPA configuration
Author(s): He Cai; Juhong Han; You Wang; Kepeng Rong; Hang Yu; Shunyan Wang; Guofei An; Wei Zhang; Peng Wu; Qiang Yu; Hongyuan Wang
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Theoretical evaluation of a continues-wave Ho3+:BaY2F8 laser with mid-infrared emission
Author(s): Kepeng Rong; He Cai; Guofei An; Juhong Han; Hang Yu; Shunyan Wang; Qiang Yu; Peng Wu; Wei Zhang; Hongyuan Wang; You Wang
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Analysis of the thermal effect in diode end-pumped Er:YAG lasers by using Finite Element Method
Author(s): Yujia Wang; Qing Wang; QuanXin Na; Yixuan Zhang; Mingwei Gao; Meng Zhang
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High-power, narrow linewidth single-frequency fiber laser at 2 μm
Author(s): Shuxian Qi; Yubin Hou; Qian Zhang; Pu Wang
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Noise-like pulse generation from a Ho-doped fiber laser based on nonlinear polarization rotation
Author(s): Guangchen Liu; Ke Yin; Linyong Yang; Zhen Cai; Bin Zhang; Jing Hou
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Application of multiple signal classification algorithm to frequency estimation in coherent dual-frequency lidar
Author(s): Ruixiao Li; Kun Li; Changming Zhao
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The rising power of random distributed feedback fiber laser
Author(s): Pu Zhou; Jun Ye; Jiangming Xu; Hanwei Zhang; Long Huang; Jian Wu; Hu Xiao; Jinyong Leng
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Biocompatibility enhancement of rare earth magnesium alloy by laser surface processing
Author(s): Shilin Nie; Yuqing Wang; Haifeng Liu; Yingchun Guan
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A fast 8-channel wavelength switching DFB diode laser array based on reconstruction-equivalent-chirp technique
Author(s): Wei Li; Yingying Wang; Yinchao Du; Weikang Du; Guowang Zhao; Tao Fang
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A 1.5μm frequency-sweepable single frequency fiber laser
Author(s): Qian Zhang; Yubin Hou II; Shuxian Qi III; Xian Feng IV; Pu Wang V
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High-power all fiber-integrated linearly polarized picosecond ytterbium-doped master-oscillator power amplifier
Author(s): Chang Hong; Jiang Liu; Ruoyu Sun; Yuhang Shi; Yu Wang; Pu Wang
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Single-longitudinal mode distributed-feedback fiber laser with low-threshold and high-efficiency
Author(s): Man Jiang; Pu Zhou; Xijia Gu
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2-kW single-mode fiber laser employing bidirectional-pump scheme
Author(s): Fan Zhang; Wenyou Zheng; Pengyang Shi; Xinhai Zhang
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Er:YAG triangular ring laser resonantly pumped by a 1470-nm laser diode
Author(s): Shuo Wang; Chunqing Gao; Yang Shi; Qing Ye; Qing Wang
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A SBG semiconductor laser with the lasing wavelength tuned by controlling the injection current ratio into its three electrodes
Author(s): Runze Liu; Shangjing Liu; Yating Zhou; Jun Lu; Xiangfei Chen; Yuechun Shi
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Fitting relationship between the beam quality β factor of high-energy laser and the wavefront aberration of laser beam
Author(s): Zhong-Ye Ji; Xiao-Fang Zhang
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Dynamic exposure model analysis of continuous laser direct writing in Polar-coordinate
Author(s): Shan Zhang; Yingjun Lv; Wenjie Mao
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Simulation and analysis of spectroscopic filter of rotational Raman lidar for absolute measurement of atmospheric temperature
Author(s): Qimeng Li; Shichun Li; Xianglong Hu; Jing Zhao; Wenhui Xin; Yuehui Song; Dengxin Hua
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Research on the linewidth and threshold characteristics of 1.55µm all-fiber external cavity laser with silver diaphragm
Author(s): Chenchen Wang; Tiezhu Bi; Liang Lu
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Investigations of different doping concentration of phosphorus and boron into silicon substrate on the variable temperature Raman characteristics
Author(s): Xiaoli Li; Kai Ding; Jian Liu; Junxuan Gao; Weifeng Zhang
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Research on wind field algorithm of wind lidar based on BP neural network and grey prediction
Author(s): Yong Chen; Chun-Li Chen; Xiong Luo; Yan Zhang; Ze-hou Yang; Jie Zhou; Xiao-ding Shi; Lei Wang
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1-MHz high power femtosecond Yb-doped fiber chirped-pulse amplifier
Author(s): Zhong-Qi Hu; Pei-Long Yang; Hao Teng; Jiang-Feng Zhu; Zhi-Yi Wei
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Passively Q-switched mode-locked Tm,Ho:LLF laser with a reflection-type MoS2 saturable absorber
Author(s): Weijun Ling; Xia Tao; Zhong Dong; Yingyan Zuo; Ke Li; Liangfang You; Feiping Lu; Qin Liu
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Experimental study on three-longitudinal-mode CW laser output of LD-pumped Nd:YAG thin disk
Author(s): Dongbing He; Changming Zhao; Zhe Guan; Jinhua Li; Haiyang Zhang
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Coherent dual-frequency lidar system design for distance and speed measurements
Author(s): Xingyuan Zheng; Changming Zhao; Haiyang Zhang; Zheng Zheng; Hongzhi Yang
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Research progress of laterally coupled DFB-LD
Author(s): Guangli Yue; Jiabin Zhang; Zhiwei Wang; Xin Zhang; Yang Li; Jianlai Xie; Xia Wang; Yongqin Hao
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Dual-frequency continuous wave optical parametric oscillator
Author(s): Bingjie Sun; Xin Wang; Suhui Yang; Kun Li
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High convergence efficiency design of flat Fresnel lens with large aperture
Author(s): Jieyao Ke; Changming Zhao; Zhe Guan
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Analyses of absorption distribution of a rubidium cell side-pumped by a Laser-Diode-Array (LDA)
Author(s): Hang Yu; Juhong Han; Kepeng Rong; Shunyan Wang; He Cai; Guofei An; Wei Zhang; Qiang Yu; Peng Wu; Hongyuan Wang; You Wang
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Simulation study on detection performance of eye-safe coherent Doppler wind lidar operating near 1.6 μm
Author(s): Han Ma; Qing Wang; Quanxin Na; Mingwei Gao
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Simulation study of interaction of pulse laser with tumor-embedded gastric tissue using finite element analysis
Author(s): Lantian Liu; Zhifang Li; Hui Li
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Theoretical investigation on the propagation and super-continuum generation of an ultra-short pulse in a highly nonlinear fiber
Author(s): Fanruiqi Zeng; Bin Li
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978-nm square-wave in an all-fiber single-mode ytterbium-doped fiber laser
Author(s): Shujie Li; Lixin Xu; Chun Gu
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Influence of pitting defects on quality of high power laser light field
Author(s): Huan Ren; Lin Zhang; Yi Yang; Zhendong Shi; Hua Ma; Hongzhen Jiang; Bo Chen; XiaoYu Yang; Wanguo Zheng; Rihong Zhu
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