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2017 International Conference on Optical Instruments and Technology: Advanced Optical Sensors and Applications
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Volume Number: 10618
Date Published: 24 January 2018

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Front Matter: Volume 10618
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Distributed dynamic stress sensor based on white light interferometer
Author(s): Hongxia Zhang; Yuyao Wang; Guoqiang Wen; Dagong Jia; Tiegen Liu
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Measurement of multiple vibration points by using POTDR
Author(s): Mengmeng Chen; Feng Wang; Yixin Zhang; Xuping Zhang
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An event recognition method for fiber distributed acoustic sensing systems based on the combination of MFCC and CNN
Author(s): Fei Jiang; Honglang Li; Zhenhai Zhang; Xuping Zhang
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Application of the probe pulse with ergodic SOPs in detecting multi-vibrations using POTDR
Author(s): Jintao Hu; Xiangchuan Wang; Shilong Pan
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Characterization of dynamic strain induced by drilling carbon fiber reinforced polymers using optical frequency-domain reflectometry
Author(s): Pingyu Zhu; Yongjing Li; Yetian Wang; Xiaopeng Sun; Marcelo A. Soto
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Double-sideband heterogeneous pulse modulation method for distributed acoustic sensing
Author(s): Zhe Ma; Junfeng Jiang; Shuang Wang; Kun Liu; Wenjie Chen; Xuezhi Zhang; Zhenyang Ding; Tiegen Liu
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Dynamic population gratings in Er-doped optical fiber for mechanical vibrations detection
Author(s): Rong Chen; Chuanyi Tao; Liming Mao; Na Li
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A high sensitivity fiber Bragg grating seismic system and oil exploration test
Author(s): Zhihui Sun; Ming Li; Shaodong Jiang; Meng Wang; Lin Zhang; Xiaolei Zhang; Chang Wang; Zhong Zhao; Guanghu Hao; Gangding Peng
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Research on fiber optic impact load localization based on honeycomb layout and fractal filtering principle
Author(s): Hongyu Jia; Jie Zeng; Ke Wang; Xiaohua Guo; Xiaojing Gong; Junsong Yu; Yu Li
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Research on fiber optic magnetic field sensor based on LPG and FBG composite structure
Author(s): Jigang Wang; Jie Zeng; Zhihui Li; Xiaohua Guo; Xiaojing Gong; Huiying Yuan; Yu Li
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Radiation resilient fiber Bragg grating sensors for sensing applications in nuclear reactor cores
Author(s): M. Zaghloul; M. Wang; S. Huang; C. Hnatovsky; D. Grobnic; S. Mihailov; M.-J. Li; D. Carpenter; L.-W. Hu; J. Dow; K. Chen
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Environmental parameters monitoring using a single mode-bare core multimode-single mode optical fiber sensor
Author(s): Yanjun Li; Ran Zhang; Qingming Li; Hai Xiao
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System design and verification of high-speed camera system under extreme cryogenic and vacuum environment
Author(s): Xiyuan Li; Yabin Jian; Ziyin Guo; Nianguo Sun; Jingchuan Zhang; Jing Wang
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Precise sample preconcentration based on plasmon-assisted optical manipulation for a bead-based Raman biosensor
Author(s): Min Jiang; Guanghui Wang; Xuping Zhang
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CO detection method by liquid filmed hollow core fiber sensor
Author(s): Jinming Wang; Zhonghu Li; Junhong Yan
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Quantum cascade laser spectroscopic sensor for breath gas analysis
Author(s): Luze Cao; Huiqi Tian; Dong An; Tianbo He; Jingsong Li
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Study on the characteristics of microfluidic oscillator based on a new type of normally closed valve structure
Author(s): Rui Zhao; Dong Yu; Le Zhang; Mei Mei Kong; Zhong Cheng Liang
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An MEMS optical fiber pressure sensor fabricated by Au-Au thermal-compression bonding
Author(s): Xue Wang; Shuang Wang; Junfeng Jiang; Kun Liu; Mengnan Xiao; Xuejiao Chen; Daihua Zhang; Tiegen Liu
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Color filter designing for the detector of the space optical-remote-sensing camera
Author(s): Junlei Chang; Nan Zhang; Qinglin Li
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High sensitivity strain sensor based on cascaded cladding mode resonant double-clad fiber and simple mode fiber
Author(s): Xinghu Fu; Dong Wang; Fan Liu; Jing Wen; Guangwei Fu; Weihong Bi
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Real-time vibration monitoring system of thin-walled structures' health status based on the self-mixing effect
Author(s): Rong Xiang; Benli Yu; Liang Lu
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A simple demodulation algorithm for optical SPR sensor based on all-phase low-pass filters
Author(s): Jinying Ma; Yuzhen Cao; Kun Liu; Xiangdong Huang; Junfeng Jiang; Tao Wang; Meng Xue; Pengxiang Chang; Tiegen Liu
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Parylene-C diaphragm-based fiber-optic Fabry-Perot acoustic sensor for trace gas detection
Author(s): Z. Gong; X. Zhou; K. Chen; X. Zhou; Q. Yu
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A method for improving the measurement accuracy of lateral shearing interferometry
Author(s): Jie Li; Feng Tang; Xiangzhao Wang; Rongsheng Ba; Xinda Zhou; Yinbo Zheng; Lei Ding; Bo Chen; Xiaoyu Yang; Jing Yuan
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Features research for pipeline leakage based on ρ-OTDR sensing system
Author(s): Yanzhu Hu; Zhen Meng; Xinbo Ai; Ran Wei; Song Wang; Han Li; Jiao Wang; Wenjia Tian
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Research on fiber laser sensor based on multimode interference effect with no-core fiber
Author(s): Yuzhai Pan; Yilei Yao; Xue Yuan; Le Zhao; Lixin Yang
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Monitoring and warning system of slope based on distributed fiber optic sensor technology
Author(s): Kai Liu; Dafa Pan; Tonggang Zhao
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A 16-channel multi-longitudinal mode fiber laser sensor array system based on wavelength/frequency division multiplexing
Author(s): Yunxin Hu; Zhiyong Han; Xiujuan Yu; Xuefeng Chen; Jintao Zhang; Shengchun Liu
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Impact and vibration monitoring method of composite flexible structures based on FBG sensor network
Author(s): Jian Kang; Jie Zeng; Xiaohua Guo; Xiaojing Gong; Tongwei Li; Junsong Yu; Kai He
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Study on vibration performance and damaging detection of composite materials based on FBG
Author(s): Fang Dong Zhu; Sheng Zhuo Zhang; Peng Fan; Yuan Jun Ni; Fei Yong Lu
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An intelligent system for simultaneous measurement of oil temperature and level in transformer conservator using fiber grating sensor
Author(s): Yingmeng Zhou; Xiaoli Zhang; Shuaibin Lian; Ying Jiang
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Tunable Fano resonance and its application in refractive index sensor
Author(s): Kun Ren; Xiaobin Ren; Ying Zhang
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A novel and miniaturized FPI accelerometer based on a spherical air cavity at fiber end
Author(s): Jianmin Cheng; Xuqiang Wu; Shili Li; Qiang Ge; Dong Guang; Benli Yu
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Sensing with slow light in an active fiber Bragg grating
Author(s): Xinxin Li; Kai Qian; Xuqiang Wu Jr.; Shenglai Zhen Jr.; Shidong Li; Da Qiu; Xiaojie Dong; Benli Yu; Li Zhan
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Simultaneous strain and cryogenic temperature measurement by using an improved EFPI/FBG fiber sensor
Author(s): Litong Li; Dajuan Lv; Minghong Yang; Liangming Xiong; Jie Luo
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