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2017 International Conference on Robotics and Machine Vision
Editor(s): Chiharu Ishii; Genci Capi; Jianhong Zhou
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Volume Number: 10613
Date Published: 4 January 2018

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Front Matter: Volume 10613
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Relative velocity discretization for moving targets detection in FMCW SAR
Author(s): Pu Cheng; Jianwei Wan; Qin Xin; Ke Xu
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Binary image filtering for object detection based on Haar feature density map
Author(s): Chengqi Li; Zhigang Ren; Bo Yang
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Posture recognition associated with lifting of heavy objects using Kinect and Adaboost
Author(s): Sayli Raut; Navaneethakrishna M.; Ramakrishnan S.
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A comparison between skeleton and bounding box models for falling direction recognition
Author(s): Lalita Narupiyakul; Nitikorn Srisrisawang
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Illumination robust face recognition using spatial adaptive shadow compensation based on face intensity prior
Author(s): Cheng-Ta Hsieh; Kae-Horng Huang; Chang-Hsing Lee; Chin-Chuan Han; Kuo-Chin Fan
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Parking-lines detection based on an improved Hough transform
Author(s): Shuyu Jiang; Yinan Lu; Yuan Chen; Xionggao Zou
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Feature extraction of the wafer probe marks in IC packaging
Author(s): Cheng-Yu Tsai; Chia-Te Lin; Chen-Ting Kao; Chau-Shing Wang
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Multi-focus image fusion algorithm based on non-subsampled shearlet transform and focus measure
Author(s): Hongmei Wang; Mir Soban Ahmed
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Spatial and spectral analysis of corneal epithelium injury using hyperspectral images
Author(s): Siti Salwa Md Noor; Kaleena Michael; Stephen Marshall; Jinchang Ren
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Virtual expansion of the technical vision system for smart vehicles based on multi-agent cooperation model
Author(s): Nina Krapukhina; Roman Senchenko; Nikolay Kamenov
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Acceleration of planes segmentation using normals from previous frame
Author(s): Pavel Gritsenko; Igor Gritsenko; Askar Seidakhmet; Azizbek Abduraimov
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Advertisement recognition using mode voting acoustic fingerprint
Author(s): Reza Fahmi; Hosein Abedi Firouzjaee; Ali Janalizadeh Choobbasti; S. H. E. Mortazavi Najafabadi; Saeid Safavi
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Adaptive EMG noise reduction in ECG signals using noise level approximation
Author(s): Mohamed Marouf; Lazar Saranovac
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A novel ECG data compression method based on adaptive Fourier decomposition
Author(s): Chunyu Tan; Liming Zhang
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Structural damage detection based on wavelet transform in strain energy signal processing
Author(s): Pengbo Wang
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Modeling and prediction of human word search behavior in interactive machine translation
Author(s): Duo Ji; Bai Yu; Bin Ma; Na Ye
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An 1.4 ppm/°C bandgap voltage reference with automatic curvature-compensation technique
Author(s): Zekun Zhou; Hongming Yu; Yue Shi; Bo Zhang
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Differential effects of gender on entropy perception
Author(s): Kleddao Satcharoen
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Image registration algorithm for high-voltage electric power live line working robot based on binocular vision
Author(s): Chengqi Li; Zhigang Ren; Bo Yang; Qinghao An; Xiangru Yu; Jinping Li
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A formation control strategy with coupling weights for the multi-robot system
Author(s): Xudong Liang; Siming Wang; Weijie Li
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Implementation and performance evaluation open-source controller for precision control of gripper
Author(s): Seung-Yong Lee; Un-Hyeong Ham; Young-Woo Park; Hak-Sang Jung; Il-Kyun Jung; Sun Lim
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Research on key technology of prognostic and health management for autonomous underwater vehicle
Author(s): Zhi Zhou
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Intelligent navigation and accurate positioning of an assist robot in indoor environments
Author(s): Bin Hua; Endri Rama; Genci Capi; Mitsuru Jindai; Yosuke Tsuri
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Structural optimization of Beach-Cleaner snatch mechanism
Author(s): Lian-ge Ouyang; Qin-rui Wei; Shui-ting Zhou; Qian Peng; Yuan-jiang Zhao; Fang Wang
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