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MIPPR 2017: Parallel Processing of Images and Optimization Techniques; and Medical Imaging
Editor(s): Hong Sun; Henri Maître; Bruce Hirsch
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Volume Number: 10610
Date Published: 22 March 2018

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Front Matter: Volume 10610
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
A fast method for single image haze removal based on multiscale dark channel prior
Author(s): Hanyu Hong; Zhao Liu; Yu Shi; Xia Hua
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A GPU-based mipmapping method for water surface visualization
Author(s): Hua Li; Wei Quan; Chao Xu; Yan Wu
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Hardware-efficient implementation of digital FIR filter using fast first-order moment algorithm
Author(s): Li Cao; Jianguo Liu; Jun Xiong; Jing Zhang
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Simulation and analysis of traffic flow based on cellular automaton
Author(s): Xianping Ren; Xia Liu
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A novel configurable VLSI architecture design of window-based image processing method
Author(s): Hui Zhao; Hongshi Sang; Xubang Shen
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Novel structures for Discrete Hartley Transform based on first-order moments
Author(s): Jun Xiong; Wenjuan Zheng; Hao Wang; Jianguo Liu
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Route constraints model based on polychromatic sets
Author(s): Xianjun Yin; Chao Cai; Houjun Wang; Dongwu Li
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Analysis of parameter estimation and optimization application of ant colony algorithm in vehicle routing problem
Author(s): Quan-Li Xu; Yu-Wei Cao; Kun Yang
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A threshold-based fixed predictor for JPEG-LS image compression
Author(s): Lihua Deng; Zhenghua Huang; Shoukui Yao
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A block-based JPEG-LS compression technique with lossless region of interest
Author(s): Lihua Deng; Zhenghua Huang; Shoukui Yao
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Sparse representations via learned dictionaries for x-ray angiogram image denoising
Author(s): Jingfan Shang; Zhenghua Huang; Qian Li; Tianxu Zhang
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Research on segmentation based on multi-atlas in brain MR image
Author(s): Yuejing Qian
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Application of deep learning in the identification of TAO
Author(s): Cong Wu; Jicheng Jin
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