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Space Sensing, Communications, and Networking
Editor(s): Monte Ross; Richard J. Temkin

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Volume Number: 1059
Date Published: 2 June 1989

Table of Contents
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Multiple Satellite Network Architectures Based On Laser Communications
Author(s): Loren P. Clare
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Mitigation Of Scintillation For High Data Rate Communications Links
Author(s): Roger A. Dana; James E. Owen
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Distributed Routing Network Performance In Hostile Environments
Author(s): J. L. Gross; R. E. Ziemer
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Performance Of FH-MFSK In A Non-Selective Rayleigh Faded Channel With Partial-Band Tone Jamming And Multiple User Interference
Author(s): R. L. Turcotte; M. A. Wickert
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Dynamic Jamming Effects On Code Synchronization Of Ntequency-Hop Spread-Spectrum'
Author(s): M. G. Van Grouw; M. A. Wickert
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Space Communication Network Issues For Air Defense
Author(s): H de Pedro; S. J. Price; D Babcock
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Effect Of Earth Albedo Variation On The Performance Of Spatial Acquisition Subsystem Aboard A Planetary Spacecraft
Author(s): Chien-Chung Chen; Moe Zaw Win
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Telecommunications And Navigation Systems Design For Manned Mars Exploration Missions
Author(s): Justin R. Hall; Rolf C. Hastrup
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Effect Of Double-Ended Beam Tracking Errors On Optical PPM Communication
Author(s): T. S. Wei; R. M. Gagliardi
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Estimation And Tracking For Deep-Space Optical Communications
Author(s): Moe Zaw Win
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Performance And Modeling Of The Gsfc Pointing Acquisition And Tracking System For Laser Communications
Author(s): N. D. Fox; W. W. Chapman; T. S. Johnson
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Development Of Air-To-Air Laser Communications
Author(s): Robert J. Feldmann
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Architectural Design Of A Ground-Based Deep-Space Optical Reception Antenna
Author(s): E. L. Kerr
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Imaging Atomic Line Filter For Satellite Tracking
Author(s): Eric Korevaar; Mike Rivers; C. S. Liu
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Experimental Performance Of An Acquisition Subsystem For Free-Space Laser Communication
Author(s): T . H. Ebben; R. G. Marshalek; R. J. Smith; P. W. Scott
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Bit Error Rate Testing Of Quadrant Photodetectors
Author(s): Samuel I. Green; Michael P. Bobek
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Environmental Testing Of A Diode-Laser-Pumped Nd:YAG Laser And A Set Of Diode-Laser-Arrays
Author(s): H. Hemmati; J. R. Lesh
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Liquid Crystal Devices Free Space Optical Communications
Author(s): Theodore L. Miller
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A Semiconductor Laser For Laser Communications Applications
Author(s): M. S. Zediker; H. A. Appelman; T. E. Bonham; D. A. Bryan; A. J. Chenoweth; B. G. Clay; J. R. Heidel; J. L. Levy; D. J. Krebs; R. G. Podgornik
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Diffraction-Limited Imaging Through Aberrated Optics Using Pupil-Plane And/Or Image-Plane Information
Author(s): Francois Roddier; Claude Roddier; Stacy Van Peursem
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Demonstration Of An Optically-Butted Infrared Sensor
Author(s): James W. Douglass; Richard L. Moore
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Directive Detection Of Neutrinos And Antineutrinos
Author(s): J. Weber
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A High Resolution Scintillating Fiber Gamma-Ray Telescope
Author(s): M. Atac; D. B. Cline; J. Park; E. J. Fenyves; R. C. Chaney; H. Hammack
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Discriminating Multiple Transient Point-Like Sources
Author(s): D. B. Cline; T. A. Foshe; E. J. Fenyves; R. C. Chaney; S. N. Balog; D. J. Suson
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A Submillimeter Wavelength Space-Based Imaging Radar
Author(s): Wallace M. Manheimer; Victor Granatstein
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Calculated Performance Of Near-Millimeter Free-Electron-Laser Amplifiers Including Effects Of Electron Beam Velocity Spread
Author(s): V. L. Granatstein; M. C. Wang; B. Levush
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Experimental Results From A Second Harmonic Submillimeter Gyrotron
Author(s): S. E Spira-Hakkarainen; K. E. Kreischer; R. J. Temkin
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Instrumentation Considerations For A Bow Shock Radiation Experiment
Author(s): D. A Levin; R. T. Loda; R. J. Collins
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An All-Optical 3D Matched Filter For Moving Target Detection
Author(s): R. Gagliardi; I. Reed
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Four-Wave Mixing And Phase Conjugation In Plasmas Using Ionization Nonlinearities
Author(s): John F. Federici; Ernie J. Valeo
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A Real Time Ai Approach To Discrimination
Author(s): David Sloggett
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