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Medical Imaging 2018: Digital Pathology
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Volume Number: 10581
Date Published: 21 June 2018

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Front Matter: Volume 10581
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Advancing cancer diagnostics with deep learning (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Martin C. Stumpe
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Creating synthetic digital slides using conditional generative adversarial networks: application to Ki67 staining
Author(s): Caglar Senaras; Berkman Sahiner; Gary Tozbikian; Gerard Lozanski; Metin N. Gurcan
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Single stain normalization for IHC whole slide images
Author(s): Maria V. Sainz de Cea ; Yao Nie
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SHIFT: speedy histopathological-to-immunofluorescent translation of whole slide images using conditional generative adversarial networks
Author(s): Erik A. Burlingame; Adam A. Margolin; Joe W. Gray; Young Hwan Chang
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Tumor microenvironment for follicular lymphoma: structural analysis for outcome prediction
Author(s): C. Senaras; M. Pennell; W. Chen; B. Sahiner; A. Shana’ah; A. Louissaint; R. P. Hasserjian; G. Lozanski; M. N. Gurcan
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Deep positive-unlabeled learning for region of interest localization in breast tissue images
Author(s): Pushpak Pati; Sonali Andani; Matthew Pediaditis; Matheus Palhares Viana; Jan Hendrik Rüschoff; Peter Wild; Maria Gabrani
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An application of transfer learning to neutrophil cluster detection for tuberculosis: efficient implementation with nonmetric multidimensional scaling and sampling
Author(s): M. Khalid Khan Niazi; Gillian Beamer; Metin N. Gurcan
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Role of training data variability on classifier performance and generalizability
Author(s): Ryan Therrien; Scott Doyle
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Computational analysis of the structural progression of human glomeruli in diabetic nephropathy
Author(s): Brandon G. Ginley; John E. Tomaszewski; Kuang-Yu Jen; Agnes Fogo; Sanjay Jain; Pinaki Sarder
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Examining structural changes in diabetic nephropathy using inter-nuclear distances in glomeruli: a comparison of variously automated methods
Author(s): Olivier Simon; Rabi Yacoub; Sanjay Jain; John E. Tomaszewski; Pinaki Sarder
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Deep variational auto-encoders for unsupervised glomerular classification
Author(s): Brendon Lutnick; Rabi Yacoub; Kuang-Yu Jen; John E. Tomaszewski; Sanjay Jain; Pinaki Sarder
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Combination of nuclear NF-kB/p65 localization and gland morphological features from surgical specimens is predictive of early biochemical recurrence in prostate cancer patients
Author(s): Patrick Leo; Eswar Shankar; Robin Elliott; Andrew Janowczyk; Anant Madabhushi; Sanjay Gupta
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A bottom-up approach for tumour differentiation in whole slide images of lung adenocarcinoma
Author(s): Najah Alsubaie; Korsuk Sirinukunwattana; Shan E. Ahmed Raza; David Snead; Nasir Rajpoot
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Mitotic cells detection for HEp-2 specimen images using threshold-based evaluation scheme
Author(s): Krati Gupta; Arnav Bhavsar; Anil K. Sao
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Quantifying cell-type interactions and their spatial patterns as prognostic biomarkers in follicular lymphoma
Author(s): Anna Maria Tsakiroglou; Sophie Fitzpatrick; Lilli Nelson; Catharine West; Kim Linton; Kang Zeng; Garry Ashton; Sue Astley; Richard Byers; Martin Fergie
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Automated T1 bladder risk stratification based on depth of lamina propria invasion from H and E tissue biopsies: a deep learning approach
Author(s): M. Khalid Khan Niazi; Thomas E. Tavolara; Vidya Arole M.D.; Anil V. Parwani M.D.; Cheryl Lee M.D.; Metin N. Gurcan
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Cancer detection in histopathology whole-slide images using conditional random fields on deep embedded spaces
Author(s): Farhad Ghazvinian Zanjani; Svitlana Zinger; Peter H. N. de With
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Validation of multiplex immunohistochemistry assays using automated image analysis
Author(s): Auranuch Lorsakul; Joerg Bredno; Robert L. Ochs; Larry Morrison; William Day
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Color deconvolution method with DAB scatter correction for bright field image analysis
Author(s): Yao Nie; Christian Roessler; Emilia Andersson; Oliver Grimm
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Automatic color unmixing of IHC stained whole slide images
Author(s): D. J. Geijs; M. Intezar; J. A. W. M. van der Laak; G. J. S. Litjens
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RaPtomics: integrating radiomic and pathomic features for predicting recurrence in early stage lung cancer
Author(s): Pranjal Vaidya; Xiangxue Wang; Kaustav Bera; Arjun Khunger; Humberto Choi; Pradnya Patil; Vamsidhar Velcheti; Anant Madabhushi
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Deformable registration of histological cancer margins to gross hyperspectral images using demons
Author(s): Martin Halicek; James V. Little; Xu Wang; Zhuo Georgia Chen; Mihir Patel; Christopher C. Griffith; Mark W. El-Deiry; Nabil F. Saba; Amy Y. Chen; Baowei Fei
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Localization and classification of cell nuclei in post-neoadjuvant breast cancer surgical specimen using fully convolutional networks
Author(s): Rene Bidart; Mehrdad J. Gangeh; Mohammad Peikari; Sherine Salama; Sharon Nofech-Mozes; Anne L. Martel; Ali Ghodsi
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Context-based interpolation of coarse deep learning prediction maps for the segmentation of fine structures in immunofluorescence images
Author(s): Nicolas Brieu; Christos G. Gavriel; David J. Harrison; Peter D. Caie; Günter Schmidt
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Automatic cancer detection and localization on prostatectomy histopathology images
Author(s): W. Han; C. Johnson; M. Gaed M.D.; J. A. Gomez M.D.; M. Moussa M.D.; J. L. Chin M.D.; S. E. Pautler M.D.; G. Bauman M.D.; A. D. Ward
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A watershed and feature-based approach for automated detection of lymphocytes on lung cancer images
Author(s): Germán Corredor; Xiangxue Wang; Cheng Lu; Vamsidhar Velcheti; Eduardo Romero; Anant Madabhushi
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Automated segmentation of epithelial tissue in prostatectomy slides using deep learning
Author(s): Wouter Bulten; Christina A. Hulsbergen-van de Kaa M.D.; Jeroen van der Laak; Geert J. S. Litjens
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Registration parameter optimization for 3D tissue modeling from resected tumors cut into serial H and E slides
Author(s): Starr Johnson; Margaret Brandwein M.D.; Scott Doyle
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Determining tumor cellularity in digital slides using ResNet
Author(s): Shazia Akbar; Mohammad Peikari; Sherine Salama; Sharon Nofech-Mozes; Anne L. Martel
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3D human lung histology reconstruction and registration to in vivo imaging
Author(s): Sean A. K. Pentinga; Keith Kwan; Sarah A. Mattonen; Carol Johnson; Alexander Louie; Mark Landis; Richard Inculet; Richard Malthaner; Dalilah Fortin; George Rodrigues; Brian Yaremko; David A. Palma; Aaron D. Ward
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CNN based segmentation of nuclei in PAP-smear images with selective pre-processing
Author(s): Srishti Gautam; Arnav Bhavsar; Anil K. Sao; Harinarayan K.K.
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Tumor proliferation assessment of whole slide images
Author(s): Mikael Rousson; Martin Hedlund; Mats Andersson; Ludwig Jacobsson; Gunnar Lathen; Bjorn Norell; Oscar Jimenez-del-Toro; Henning Mueller; Manfredo Atzori
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H and E stain augmentation improves generalization of convolutional networks for histopathological mitosis detection
Author(s): David Tellez; Maschenka Balkenhol; Nico Karssemeijer; Geert Litjens; Jeroen van der Laak; Francesco Ciompi
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Simultaneous segmentation and classification of multichannel immuno-fluorescently labeled confocal microscopy images using deep convolutional neural networks
Author(s): Adam R. Sibley; Vladimir Liarski; Marcus Clark; Maryellen L. Giger
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Unsupervised pathology image segmentation using representation learning with spherical k-means
Author(s): Takayasu Moriya; Holger R. Roth; Shota Nakamura; Hirohisa Oda; Kai Nagara; Masahiro Oda; Kensaku Mori
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Automatic segmentation of histopathological slides of renal tissue using deep learning
Author(s): Thomas de Bel; Meyke Hermsen; Bart Smeets; Luuk Hilbrands; Jeroen van der Laak; Geert Litjens
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Scalable storage of whole slide images and fast retrieval of tiles using Apache Spark
Author(s): Daniel E. Lopez Barron; Dig Vijay Kumar Yarlagadda; Praveen Rao; Ossama Tawfik; Deepthi Rao
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Glomerular detection and segmentation from multimodal microscopy images using a Butterworth band-pass filter
Author(s): Darshana Govind; Brandon Ginley; Brendon Lutnick; John E. Tomaszewski; Pinaki Sarder
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A performance comparison of low- and high-level features learned by deep convolutional neural networks in epithelium and stroma classification
Author(s): Yue Du; Roy Zhang; Abolfazl Zargari; Theresa C. Thai; Camille C. Gunderson; Katherine M. Moxley; Hong Liu; Bin Zheng; Yuchen Qiu
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Image processing to extend effective OCT penetration depth in tissue
Author(s): Gautham Nandakumar; Shantel Maharaj; David E. Breen; Fernando U. Garcia; Mark D. Zarella
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Registration accuracy between whole slide images and glass slides in eeDAP workflow
Author(s): Qi Gong; Benjamin P. Berman; Marios A. Gavrielides; Brandon D. Gallas
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Classification of lung cancer histology images using patch-level summary statistics
Author(s): Simon Graham; Muhammad Shaban; Talha Qaiser; Navid Alemi Koohbanani; Syed Ali Khurram; Nasir Rajpoot
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Segmentation of black ink and melanin in skin histopathological images
Author(s): Paweł Kłeczek; Martyna Lech; Joanna Jaworek-Korjakowska; Grzegorz Dyduch; Ryszard Tadeusiewicz
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Semantic segmentation for prostate cancer grading by convolutional neural networks
Author(s): Nathan Ing; Zhaoxuan Ma; Jiayun Li; Hootan Salemi; Corey Arnold; Beatrice S. Knudsen; Arkadiusz Gertych
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SlideSeg: a Python module for the creation of annotated image repositories from whole slide images
Author(s): Brendan Crabb; Niels Olson
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An unsupervised network for fast microscopic image registration
Author(s): Chang Shu; Xi Chen; Qiwei Xie; Hua Han
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Landmark-based reconstruction of 3D smooth structures from serial histological sections
Author(s): Naoki Kawamura; Hirokazu Kobayashi; Tatsuya Yokota; Hidekata Hontani; Chika Iwamoto; Kenoki Ohuchida; Makoto Hashizume
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Detecting and segmenting overlapping red blood cells in microscopic images of thin blood smears
Author(s): Golnaz Moallem; Hamed Sari-Sarraf; Mahdieh Poostchi; Richard J. Maude; Kamolrat Silamut; Md Amir Hossain; Sameer Antani; Stefan Jaeger; George Thoma
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