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Medical Imaging 2018: Imaging Informatics for Healthcare, Research, and Applications
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Volume Number: 10579
Date Published: 31 May 2018

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Front Matter: Volume 10579
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Will computers replace radiologists for primary reads in 20 years: a debate (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Bradley J. Erickson; Eliot L. Siegel
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PACS-based multimedia imaging informatics: third edition (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): H.K.(Bernie) Huang
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Differentiation among prostate cancer patients with Gleason score of 7 using histopathology whole-slide image and genomic data
Author(s): Jian Ren; Kubra Karagoz; Michael Gatza; David J. Foran; Xin Qi
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A hybrid correlation analysis with application to imaging genetics
Author(s): Wenxing Hu; Jian Fang; Vince D. Calhoun; Yu-Ping Wang
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Intratumor heterogeneity of DCE-MRI reveals Ki-67 proliferation status in breast cancer
Author(s): Hu Cheng; Ming Fan; Peng Zhang; Bin Liu; Guoliang Shao; Lihua Li
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Analysis of DCE-MRI features in tumor and the surrounding stroma for prediction of Ki-67 proliferation status in breast cancer
Author(s): Hui Li; Ming Fan; Peng Zhang; Yuanzhe Li; Hu Cheng; Juan Zhang; Guoliang Shao; Lihua Li
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Fabrication of custom PCL scaffold for nasal septal perforation repair
Author(s): Dominick Gadaleta; Daniel Z. Lee; Matthew W. Peng; Nicholas Cruickshank; Rohit Shinde; Abigail Hong; Sara Pennacchi; Abel Dawit; Howard Krein; Jayaram K. Udupa; Chamith S. Rajapakse
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Cloud-based image sharing network for collaborative imaging diagnosis and consultation
Author(s): Yuanyuan Yang; Yiping Gu; Mingqing Wang; Jianyong Sun; Ming Li; Weiqiang Zhang; Jianguo Zhang
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A data colocation grid framework for big data medical image processing: backend design
Author(s): Shunxing Bao; Yuankai Huo; Prasanna Parvathaneni; Andrew J. Plassard; Camilo Bermudez; Yuang Yao; Ilwoo Lyu; Aniruddha Gokhale; Bennett A. Landman
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Retinal fundus images for glaucoma analysis: the RIGA dataset
Author(s): Ahmed Almazroa; Sami Alodhayb; Essameldin Osman; Eslam Ramadan; Mohammed Hummadi; Mohammed Dlaim; Muhannad Alkatee; Kaamran Raahemifar; Vasudevan Lakshminarayanan
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Bi-threshold frequent subgraph mining for Alzheimer disease risk assessment
Author(s): Fei Gao; Jing Li; Teresa Wu; Kewei Chen; Xiaonan Liu; Leslie Baxter; Richard J. Caselli
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Using deep learning for detecting gender in adult chest radiographs
Author(s): Zhiyun Xue; Sameer Antani; L. Rodney Long; George R. Thoma
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Development of a national electronic interval cancer review for breast screening
Author(s): M. D. Halling-Brown; M. N. Patel; M. G. Wallis; K. C. Young
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On the accuracy of low-cost motion capture systems for range of motion measurements
Author(s): Kevin Yu; Roghayeh Barmaki; Mathias Unberath; Albert Mears M.D.; Joseph Brey M.D.; Tae Hwan Chung M.D.; Nassir Navab
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Rapid 3D bioprinting from medical images: an application to bone scaffolding
Author(s): Daniel Z. Lee; Matthew W. Peng; Rohit Shinde; Arbab Khalid; Abigail Hong; Sara Pennacchi; Abel Dawit; Daniel Sipzner; Jayaram K. Udupa; Chamith S. Rajapakse
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Two-pass real-time direct isosurface rendering algorithm optimization for HTC Vive and low performance devices
Author(s): Daniil A. Savchuk; Sergey Y. Belyaev
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Towards clinical translation of augmented orthopedic surgery: from pre-op CT to intra-op x-ray via RGBD sensing
Author(s): Emerson Tucker; Javad Fotouhi; Mathias Unberath; Sing Chun Lee; Bernhard Fuerst; Alex Johnson; Mehran Armand; Greg M. Osgood; Nassir Navab
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Use of patient specific 3D printed (3DP) neurovascular phantoms for mechanical assessment of devices used in image guided minimally invasive procedures
Author(s): Janelle R. Tabaczynski; Thomas Stoll; Lauren Shepard; Mohamed I. G. Siddiqui; Nitant V. Karkhanis; Kelsey Sommer; Adnan H. Siddiqui; Ciprian N. Ionita
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Crowd-assisted polyp annotation of virtual colonoscopy videos
Author(s): Ji Hwan Park; Saad Nadeem; Joseph Marino; Kevin Baker; Matthew Barish; Arie Kaufman
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Tracking the development of brain connectivity in adolescence through a fast Bayesian integrative method
Author(s): Aiying Zhang; Bochao Jia; Yu-Ping Wang
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Quantitative diffusion weighted imaging parameters in tumor and peritumoral stroma for prediction of molecular subtypes in breast cancer
Author(s): Ting He; Ming Fan; Peng Zhang; Hui Li; Juan Zhang; Guoliang Shao; Lihua Li
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Fully automated disease severity assessment and treatment monitoring in retinopathy of prematurity using deep learning
Author(s): James M. Brown; J. Peter Campbell; Andrew Beers; Ken Chang; Kyra Donohue; Susan Ostmo; R. V. Paul Chan; Jennifer Dy; Deniz Erdogmus; Stratis Ioannidis; Michael F. Chiang; Jayashree Kalpathy-Cramer
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Association between background parenchymal enhancement of breast MRI and BIRADS rating change in the subsequent screening
Author(s): Faranak Aghaei; Seyedehnafiseh Mirniaharikandehei; Alan B. Hollingsworth; Rebecca G. Stoug; Melanie Pearce; Hong Liu; Bin Zheng
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Bayesian network interface for assisting radiology interpretation and education
Author(s): Jeffrey Duda; Emmanuel Botzolakis; Po-Hao Chen; Suyash Mohan; Ilya Nasrallah; Andreas Rauschecker; Jeffrey Rudie; R. Nick Bryan; James Gee; Tessa Cook
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Applying a machine learning model using a locally preserving projection based feature regeneration algorithm to predict breast cancer risk
Author(s): Morteza Heidari; Abolfazl Zargari Khuzani; Gopichandh Danala; Seyedehnafiseh Mirniaharikandehei; Wei Qian; Bin Zheng
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Localizing tuberculosis in chest radiographs with deep learning
Author(s): Zhiyun Xue; Stefan Jaeger; Sameer Antani; L. Rodney Long; Alexandros Karargyris; Jenifer Siegelman; Les R. Folio; George R. Thoma
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A hybrid deep learning approach to predict malignancy of breast lesions using mammograms
Author(s): Yunzhi Wang; Morteza Heidari; Seyedehnafiseh Mirniaharikandehei; Jing Gong; Wei Qian; Yuchen Qiu; Bin Zheng
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Mining hidden data to predict patient prognosis: texture feature extraction and machine learning in mammography
Author(s): J. A. Leighs; M. D. Halling-Brown; M. N. Patel
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Radiology metrics for safe use and regulatory compliance with CT imaging
Author(s): Robert Paden; William Pavlicek
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Molecular imaging and validation of non-melanoma skin cancer margins
Author(s): Yiqiao Liu; Ethan Walker; InYoung Kim; Mark Biro; Sukanya Raj Iyer; Bo Zhou; Matthew Bogyo; James P. Basilion; Daniel Popkin; David Wilson
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Does transitioning from computed radiography (CR) to direct radiography (DR) with portable imaging systems affect workflow efficiency?
Author(s): Raja L. Gali; Christopher G. Roth; Elizabeth Smith; Jaydev K. Dave
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The development of an ophthalmologic imaging CADe structured report for retinal image radiomics research
Author(s): Huiqun Wu; Joseph Liu; Siliang Zhang; Alyssa Zhu; Christopher Sulistio; Jingjing Li; Aimin Sang; Jiancheng Dong; Brent J. Liu
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Evaluation of the impact of deep learning architectural components selection and dataset size on a medical imaging task
Author(s): Sandeep Dutta; Eric Gros
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Apply lightweight deep learning on internet of things for low-cost and easy-to-access skin cancer detection
Author(s): Pranjal Sahu; Dantong Yu; Hong Qin
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The application of deep learning for diabetic retinopathy prescreening in research eye-PACS
Author(s): Siliang Zhang; Huiqun Wu; Veda Murthy; Ximing Wang; Lin Cao; John Schwartz; Jorge Hernandez; Gustavo Rodriguez; Brent J. Liu
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Hand hygiene monitoring based on segmentation of interacting hands with convolutional networks
Author(s): Armin Dietz; Andreas Pösch; Eduard Reithmeier
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Deep learning for medical image segmentation – using the IBM TrueNorth neurosynaptic system
Author(s): Steven Moran; Bilwaj Gaonkar; William Whitehead; Aidan Wolk; Luke Macyszyn; Subramanian S. Iyer
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Preliminary study of benign and malignant differentiation of small pulmonary nodules in lung CT images by using deep learning convolutional neural network
Author(s): Yangfan Ni; Haozhe Huang; Jianyong Sun; Yuanyuan Yang; Mingqing Wang; Yiping Gu; Ming Li; Guozhen Zhang; Wentao Li; Jianguo Zhang
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Machine learning for mobile wound assessment
Author(s): Sanmathi Kamath; Ekaterina Sirazitdinova; Thomas M. Deserno
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Survival prediction of squamous cell head and neck cancer patients based on radiomic features selected from lung cancer patients using artificial neural network
Author(s): H. Kamezawa; H. Arimura; M. Soufi
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Automatic polyp recognition of small bowel in wireless capsule endoscopy images
Author(s): Lanmeng Xu; Shanhui Fan; Yihong Fan; Lihua Li
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Assessing the relevance of multi-planar MRI acquisitions for prostate segmentation using deep learning techniques
Author(s): Rocío Cabrera Lozoya; Antoine Iannessi; Johan Brag; Sebastien Patriti; Estanislao Oubel
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Corpus callosum segmentation using deep neural networks with prior information from multi-atlas images
Author(s): Gilsoon Park; Jinwoo Hong; Jong-Min Lee
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TuMore: generation of synthetic brain tumor MRI data for deep learning based segmentation approaches
Author(s): Lydia Lindner; Birgit Pfarrkirchner; Christina Gsaxner; Dieter Schmalstieg; Jan Egger
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Crowdsourcing lung nodules detection and annotation
Author(s): Saeed Boorboor; Saad Nadeem; Ji Hwan Park; Kevin Baker; Arie Kaufman
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Faster, efficient and secure collection of research images: the utilization of cloud technology to expand the OMI-DB
Author(s): M. N. Patel; K. Young; M. D. Halling-Brown
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Hadoop-based implementation of processing medical diagnostic records for visual patient system
Author(s): Yuanyuan Yang; Liehang Shi; Zhe Xie; Jianguo Zhang
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Real-time teleconsultation for difficult diseases with high resolution and large volume medical images in regional collaborative healthcare
Author(s): Zhe Xie; Jianyong Sun; Yuanyuan Yang; Yiping Gu; Mingqing Wang ; Jianguo Zhang
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Multi-threaded integration of HTC-Vive and MeVisLab
Author(s): Simon Gunacker; Markus Gall; Dieter Schmalstieg; Jan Egger
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Discriminative and robust zero-watermarking scheme based on completed local binary pattern for authentication and copyright identification of medical images
Author(s): Xiyao Liu; Jieting Lou; Yifan Wang; Jingyu Du; Beiji Zou; Yan Chen
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Early detection, segmentation and quantification of coronary artery blockage using efficient image processing technique
Author(s): M. A. Alam; M. B. Shakir; M. A. Hossain; M. I. Pavel; K. M. A. Shams; F. R. Akib
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Tissue segmentation by fuzzy clustering technique: case study on Alzheimer's disease
Author(s): Lilia Lazli; Mounir Boukadoum
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OIPAV: an integrated software system for ophthalmic image processing, analysis and visualization
Author(s): Lichun Zhang; Dehui Xiang; Chao Jin; Fei Shi; Kai Yu; Xinjian Chen
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Automatic head's circumference estimator: a tool running on clinical networks
Author(s): Fernando Yepes-Calderon; Janet E. Han; Marvin D. Nelson; J. Gordon McComb
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Radiomic texture-curvature (RTC) features for precision medicine of patients with rheumatoid arthritis-associated interstitial lung disease
Author(s): Chinatsu Watari M.D.; Mikio Matsuhiro; Janne J. Näppi; Radin A. Nasirudin; Toru Hironaka; Yoshiki Kawata; Noboru Niki; Hiroyuki Yoshida
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EyeMIAS: a cloud-based ophthalmic image reading and auxiliary diagnosis system
Author(s): Di Wu; Heming Zhao; Kai Yu; Xinjian Chen
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Enhance wound healing monitoring through a thermal imaging based smartphone app
Author(s): Steven Yi; Minta Lu; Adam Yee; John Harmon; Frank Meng; Saurabh Hinduja
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The development of an imaging informatics-based multi-institutional platform to support sports performance and injury prevention in track and field
Author(s): Joseph Liu; Ximing Wang; Sneha Verma; Jill McNitt-Gray; Brent Liu
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Medical imaging informatics based solutions for human performance analytics
Author(s): Sneha Verma; Jill McNitt-Gray; Brent J. Liu
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