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Medical Imaging 2018: Image Perception, Observer Performance, and Technology Assessment
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Volume Number: 10577
Date Published: 11 May 2018

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Front Matter: Volume 10577
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Learning to see (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Richard B. Gunderman
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Do radiographers base the diagnostic acceptability of a radiograph on anatomical structures?
Author(s): Robin Decoster; Rachel Toomey; Marie-Louise Butler
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A cognitive approach to determine the benefits of pairing radiologists in mammogram reading
Author(s): Ziba Gandomkar; Patrick C. Brennan; Claudia Mello-Thoms
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Restored low-dose digital breast tomosynthesis: a perception study
Author(s): Lucas R. Borges; Predrag R. Bakic; Andrew D. A. Maidment; Marcelo A. C. Vieira
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A database for assessment of effect of lossy compression on digital mammograms
Author(s): Jiheng Wang; Berkman Sahiner; Nicholas Petrick; Aria Pezeshk
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Analysis of visual search behaviour from experienced radiologists interpreting digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) images: a pilot study
Author(s): Leng Dong; Qiang Tang; Alastair Gale; Daniella Bernardi; Yan Chen
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A deep (learning) dive into visual search behaviour of breast radiologists
Author(s): Suneeta Mall; Patrick C. Brennan; Claudia Mello-Thoms
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Comparing salience detection algorithms in mammograms
Author(s): Kristina Landino; Murray Loew
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Satisfaction at last: evidence for the 'satisfaction' account for multiple-target search errors
Author(s): Stephen H. Adamo; Matthew S. Cain; Stephen R. Mitroff
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Model and human observer reproducibility for detecting microcalcifications in digital breast tomosynthesis images
Author(s): Dimitar Petrov; Nicholas Marshall; Kenneth Young; Hilde Bosmans
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Evaluation of search strategies for microcalcifications and masses in 3D images
Author(s): Miguel P. Eckstein; Miguel A. Lago; Craig K. Abbey
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Comparison of microcalcification detectability in FFDM and DBT using a virtual clinical trial
Author(s): Zhijin Li; Agnès Desolneux; Serge Muller; Pablo Milioni de Carvalho; Ann-Katherine Carton
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Analyzing ROC curves using the effective set-size model
Author(s): Frank W. Samuelson; Craig K. Abbey; Xin He
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Efficiency gain of paired split-plot designs in MRMC ROC studies
Author(s): Weijie Chen; Qi Gong; Brandon D. Gallas
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Interaction of anatomic and quantum noise in DBT power spectrum
Author(s): Amar Kavuri; Nathaniel R. Fredette; Mini Das
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Comparison of synthetic 2D images with planar and tomosynthesis imaging of the breast using a virtual clinical trial
Author(s): Alistair Mackenzie; Sukhmanjit Kaur; Premkumar Elangovan; David R. Dance; Kennth C. Young
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Assessment of DBT acquisition parameters for 2D and 3D search tasks
Author(s): Howard C. Gifford; Mini Das
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Quantifying predictive capability of electronic health records for the most harmful breast cancer
Author(s): Yirong Wu; Jun Fan; Peggy Peissig; Richard Berg; Ahmad Pahlavan Tafti; Jie Yin; Ming Yuan; David Page; Jennifer Cox; Elizabeth S. Burnside
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Test data reuse for evaluation of adaptive machine learning algorithms: over-fitting to a fixed 'test' dataset and a potential solution
Author(s): Alexej Gossmann; Aria Pezeshk; Berkman Sahiner
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Towards the use of computationally inserted lesions for mammographic CAD assessment
Author(s): Zahra Ghanian; Aria Pezeshk; Nicholas Petrick ; Berkman Sahiner
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Correlation between model observers in uniform background and human observers in patient liver background for a low-contrast detection task in CT
Author(s): Hao Gong; Lifeng Yu; Shuai Leng; Samantha Dilger; Wei Zhou; Liqiang Ren; Cynthia H. McCollough
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Lesion detection performance of cone beam CT images with anatomical background noise: single-slice vs. multi-slice human and model observer study
Author(s): Minah Han; Hanjoo Jang; Jongduk Baek
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A practical method to evaluate personalized injected patient dose for cardiac perfusion SPECT imaging: the polar map as a numerical observer
Author(s): P. Hendrik Pretorius; Michael A. King; Karen L. Johnson
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Parameter selection with the Hotelling observer in linear iterative image reconstruction for breast tomosynthesis
Author(s): Sean D. Rose; Jacob Roth; Cole Zimmerman; Ingrid Reiser; Emil Y. Sidky; Xiaochuan Pan
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A deep learning model observer for use in alterative forced choice virtual clinical trials
Author(s): M. Alnowami; G. Mills; M. Awis; P. Elangovanr; M. Patel; M. Halling-Brown; K. C. Young; D. R. Dance; K. Wells
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Towards a surround-aware numerical observer
Author(s): Ali R. N. Avanaki; Kathryn S. Espig; Albert Xthona; Tom R. L. Kimpe
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Evaluation of a machine learning based model observer for x-ray CT
Author(s): Felix K. Kopp; Marco Catalano; Daniela Pfeiffer; Ernst J. Rummeny; Peter B. Noël
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Observer templates in 2D and 3D localization tasks
Author(s): Craig K. Abbey; Miguel A. Lago; Miguel P. Eckstein
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Reducing the number of reconstructions needed for estimating channelized observer performance
Author(s): Angel R. Pineda; Hope Miedema; Melissa Brenner; Sana Altaf
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A resampling comparison of CHO's detectability index bias and uncertainty
Author(s): Francesc Massanes; Alexandre Ba; François Bochud; Jovan G. Brankov
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Reader performance in visual assessment of breast density using visual analogue scales: Are some readers more predictive of breast cancer?
Author(s): Millicent Rayner; Elaine F. Harkness; Philip Foden; Mary Wilson; Soujanya Gadde; Ursula Beetles; Yit Y. Lim; Anil Jain; Sally Bundred; Nicky Barr; D. Gareth Evans; Anthony Howell; Anthony Maxwell; Susan M. Astley
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Interactions of lesion detectability and size across single-slice DBT and 3D DBT
Author(s): Miguel A. Lago; Craig K. Abbey; Bruno Barufaldi; Predrag R. Bakic; Susan P. Weinstein; Andrew D. Maidment; Miguel P. Eckstein
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Lesion classification with a visual-search model observer
Author(s): Kheya Banerjee; Howard C. Gifford
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A citizen science approach to optimising computer aided detection (CAD) in mammography
Author(s): Georgia V. Ionescu; Elaine F. Harkness; Johan Hulleman; Susan M. Astley
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Can a limited double reading/second opinion of initially recalled breast ultrasound screening examinations improve radiologists' performances?
Author(s): David Gur; Kimberly Harnist; Terri-Ann Gizienski; Margarita Zuley; Christiane Hakim; Amy Lu; Jules Sumkin; Gordon Abrams; Marie A. Ganott; Amy E Kelly; Cathy S. Tyma; Thomas Chang; Marcella Bӧhm-Vélez; Robin Sobolewski
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Study of CT image texture using deep learning techniques
Author(s): Sandeep Dutta; Jiahua Fan; David Chevalier
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Assessment of computerized algorithms by comparing with human observers in binary classification tasks: a simulation study
Author(s): Yang Yang; Berkman Sahiner; Zhipeng Huang; Nicholas Petrick; Weijie Chen
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Development of a validation instrument in myocardial perfusion imaging: results of first flow experiments
Author(s): Marije E. Kamphuis; Gert Jan Pelgrim; Marcel J. W. Greuter; Riemer H. J. A. Slart; Cornelis H. Slump
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Ischemic stroke enhancement in computed tomography scans using a computational approach
Author(s): Allan F. F. Alves; Ana L. M. Pavan; Rachid Jennane; José R. A. Miranda; Carlos C. M. Freitas; Nitamar Abdala; Diana R. Pina
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Projection space model observers based on marginal linear discriminants
Author(s): Zohreh Karbaschi; Howard C. Gifford
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Characteristics of the group of radiologists that benefits the most using Breast Screen Reader Assessment Strategy (BREAST)
Author(s): A. Ganesan; M. Alakhras; P. C. Brennan; W. Lee; K. Tapia; C. Mello-Thoms
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Learning the ideal observer for SKE detection tasks by use of convolutional neural networks (Cum Laude Poster Award)
Author(s): Weimin Zhou; Mark A. Anastasio
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Blind CT image quality assessment via deep learning strategy: initial study
Author(s): Sui Li; Ji He; Yongbo Wang; Yuting Liao; Dong Zeng; Zhaoying Bian; Jianhua Ma
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Can a totally different approach to soft tissue computer aided detection (CADe) result in affecting radiologists' decisions?
Author(s): David Gur
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Feasibility study of deep convolutional generative adversarial networks to generate mammography images
Author(s): Gihun Kim; Hyunjung Shim; Jongduk Baek
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Simulating magnetic resonance images based on a model of tumor growth incorporating microenvironment
Author(s): Pamela R. Jackson; Andrea Hawkins-Daarud; Savannah C. Partridge; Paul E. Kinahan; Kristin R. Swanson
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Breast elastography: Identification of benign and malignant cancer based on absolute elastic modulus measurement using vibro-elastography
Author(s): Junior Arroyo; Ana Cecilia Saavedra; Jorge Guerrero; Pilar Montenegro; Jorge Aguilar; Joseph A. Pinto; Julio Lobo; Tim Salcudean; Roberto Lavarello; Benjamín Castañeda
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Local-search based prediction of medical image registration error
Author(s): Görkem Saygili
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