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Practical Holography XXXII: Displays, Materials, and Applications
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Volume Number: 10558
Date Published: 29 June 2018

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Front Matter: Volume 10558
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Monocolor and color holography of pre-Hispanic Colombian goldwork: a way of Colombian heritage appropriation
Author(s): Alejandro Madrid Sánchez; Leidy Marcela Giraldo; Daniel Velásquez Prieto
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Holographic diffraction gratings based on photopolymers: achieved results and new opportunities in astronomical spectroscopy
Author(s): Andrea Bianco; Alessio Zanutta; Marco Landoni; Paola Galli; Chiara Righi
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Compact spectral multiplexing VPHGs using stacked photopolymeric layers
Author(s): A. Zanutta; M. Landoni; M. Riva; A. Bianco
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Digital holography for the investigation of buried structures with a common-path reflection microscope
Author(s): Lena Gö­ring; Markus Finkeldey; Martin R. Hofmann; Nils C. Gerhardt
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An updated diorama with a full-color H2 analog hologram
Author(s): Philippe Gentet; Yves Gentet; Seung Hyun Lee
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Dynamic measurement of propagating waves in a piezoelectric linear motor by using shadow moiré method
Author(s): Shih-Lun Tai; Chun-Hsiung Wang; Sheng-Hsun Wu; Yu-Hsiang Hsu; Wen-Jong Wu; Chih-Kung Lee
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On the impact of incoherent pre-exposure on vHOE recording in Bayfol HX film for see-through applications
Author(s): Friedrich-Karl Bruder; Thomas Fäcke; Sven Hansen; Christel Manecke; Christian Rewitz; Thomas Rölle; Enrico Orselli; Brita Wewer
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Formate as a sensitivity enhancer of holographic emulsions
Author(s): William R. Alschuler
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High dynamic range two-stage photopolymer materials through enhanced solubility high refractive index writing monomers
Author(s): Marvin D. Alim; Sudheendran Mavila; David J. Glugla; Chen Wang; Philip D. Nystrom; Amy C. Sullivan; Christopher N. Bowman; Robert R. McLeod
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New diffractive effects for security holograms produced with Geolas Originators
Author(s): Stanislovas Zacharovas; Ramūnas Bakanas; Andrejs Bulanovs
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Validation of objective image quality evaluation for computer-generated hologram
Author(s): Hiroshi Yoshikawa; Takeshi Yamaguchi; Hiroki Uetake
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Design, development, and implementation of a low-cost full-parallax holoprinter
Author(s): Alejandro Madrid Sánchez; Daniel Velásquez Prieto
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Frequency domain processing of digital holograms applied to high-accurate vision-based position control in micro-robotics (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Maxime Jacquot; Miguel Asmad Vergara; Guillaume Laurent; Patrick Sandoz
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Resolution-enhanced digital in-line holographic microscope with segmentation and pixel super-resolution technique
Author(s): Mingjun Wang; Shaodong Feng; Jigang Wu
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View synthesis from sparse camera array for pop-out rendering on hologram displays
Author(s): Lode Jorissen; Jackin Boaz Jessie ; Koki Wakunami; Kenji Yamamoto; Gauthier Lafruit; Philippe Bekaert
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Progress in transparent flat-panel holographic displays enabled by guided-wave acousto-optics
Author(s): Sundeep Jolly; Nickolaos Savidis; Bianca Datta; Daniel Smalley; V. Michael Bove Jr.
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Full-color holographic 3D display on a single SLM based on spatial sampling and selective frequency-filtering of color holograms
Author(s): Shu-Feng Lin; Yong-Seok Hwang; Eun-Soo Kim
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Regional gamma curve calibration of liquid crystal SLM for holographic display
Author(s): Tao Zhao; Juan Liu; Qiankun Gao; Junyi Duan
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Holographic gratings recording in synthetic dye of system PVA and cupric chloride
Author(s): María G. Conde-Cuatzo; Santa Toxqui-López; Arturo Olivares-Pérez; Israel Fuentes-Tapia
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Viewing window position control on holographic projection system by electrically focused tunable lens
Author(s): Keehoon Hong; Kwan-Jung Oh; Hyon-Gon Choo; Yongjun Lim; Minsik Park
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Diffraction pattern study of gratings with radial symmetry and local modified periods
Author(s): Arturo Olivares-Pérez; Joan Villa-Hernández; Roxana M. Herrán-Cuspinera; Rosaura Vallejo-Mendoza; Israel Fuentes-Tapia; Santa Toxqui-López; Mauricio Ortiz-Gutiérrez; Manuel Jorge Ordoñez-Padilla; Nildia Yamilet Mejias-Brisuela
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Binary patterns tool for computer generated holograms
Author(s): Joan M. Villa-Hernández; Arturo Olivares-Pérez
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Effect of CCD and CMOS fixed pattern noise on digital hologram reconstruction
Author(s): Pavel A. Cheremkhin; Nikolay N. Evtikhiev; Vitaly V. Krasnov; Vladislav G. Rodin; Rostislav S. Starikov
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Application to optical secret key sharing cryptography using phase-shifting digital holography
Author(s): Sang Keun Gil; Seok Hee Jeon; Jong Rae Jung
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Kinoform synthesis using phase Fourier hologram as basis for iterative algorithm
Author(s): Pavel A. Cheremkhin; Nikolay N. Evtikhiev; Vitaly V. Krasnov; Vladislav G. Rodin
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Measurement of additional phase modulation of an amplitude liquid crystal spatial light modulator HoloEye LC 2002 by dual-beam interferometric method
Author(s): Dmitriy S. Goncharov; Vitaly V. Krasnov; Nikolay M. Ponomarev; Rostislav S. Starikov
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Color dispersion free holographic screen based on volume holographic optical element for augmented space projection display
Author(s): Hyoung-Sik Kim; Yong-Seok Hwang; Eun-Soo Kim
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Effect of degree of hydrolysis of polyvinyl alcohol on the diffraction efficiency from the gratings recorded in polyvinyl alcohol with ferric chloride films
Author(s): S. Toxqui-López; A. Olivares-Pérez; J. I. Marroquín-Ramirez; I. Fuentes-Tapia
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Evaluation of polymerization and diffusion times in holographic recording for acrylamide-based photopolymer film
Author(s): Masashi Ohkawa; Keiichi Osabe; Takashi Sato
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