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Fluorescence Detection III
Editor(s): E. Roland Menzel

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Volume Number: 1054
Date Published: 17 May 1989

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Practical Applications Of Infrared Fluorescence Spectroscopy
Author(s): Karen Rubelowsky; Raymond Kaminski
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Removing The Instrument Function From Fluorescence Spectra
Author(s): Andrew F. Childs
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Standards For Corrected Fluorescence Spectra
Author(s): Ambler Thompson; Kenneth L. Eckerle
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Determination Of Fluorescent Quantum Yields Using Pulsed-Laser Photoacoustic Calorimetry
Author(s): Jeanne Rudzki Small; Jonathon J. Hutchings; Enoch W. Small
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Extensions Of The Method Of Moments For Deconvolution Of Experimental Data
Author(s): Enoch W. Small; Louis J. Libertini; David W. Brown; Jeanne Rudzki Small
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Recovery Of Fluorescence Lifetime Distributions Generated By Heterogeneous Systems
Author(s): Aleksander Siemiarczuk; Brian D. Wagner; William R. Ware
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Improved Methodology For Time-Correlated Single Photon Counting
Author(s): Douglas Magde; Blair F. Campbell
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Recent Developments And Applications Of Multidimensional Fluorescence Spectroscopy
Author(s): J. B. Zung; R. L. Woodlee; M.-R. S. Fuh; I. M. Warner
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Expert System For Characterization Of Fluorescence Spectra For Environmental Applications
Author(s): Khalid J. Siddiqui; DeLyle Eastwood; Russell L. Lidberg
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HPLC Determination Of Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds By Fluorescence Detected With A Charge-Coupled Device
Author(s): Rafi D. Jalkian; M. Bonner Denton
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Photoluminescence Spectroscopy Of Thin Indium-Tin-Oxide Contacts On Mercuric Iodide Substrates
Author(s): R. B. James; X. J. Bao; T. E. Schlesinger; J. M. Markakis; A. Y. Cheng; C. Ortale
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Surface Enhanced Fluorescence Of Basic Fuchsin At Roughened Silver Electrodes
Author(s): Jeanne E. Pemberton; Steven J. McCloskey
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Fluorescence Decay Kinetics Of Polyester Yellow In Solutions And In Polymers
Author(s): S. Gangopadhyay; M. W. Pleil; W. L. Borst
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Triplet Photophysics Of Polystyrene With And Without Selected Terminating Substituents
Author(s): Richard D. Burkhart; Jon A. J. Burrows; Gregory W. Haggquist
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Analytical Applications Of High-Resolution Molecular Fluorescence Spectroscopy In Low Temperature Solid Matrices
Author(s): J. W. Hofstraat; W. J. M. van Zeijl; F. Smedes; F. Ariese; C. Gooijer; N. H. Velthorst; R. Locher; A. Renn; U. P. Wild
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Synchronous Fluorescence Studies Of Anthracycline Anti-Tumor Drugs
Author(s): Bruce J. Tromberg; Thomas G. Burke; James H. Doroshow; Michael W. Berns
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Time-Resolved Fluorescence Depolarization Study Of Lamellar To Inverted Cylindrical Micellar Phase
Author(s): Kwan Hon Cheng
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Distances And Distance Distributions In A Ca[sup]2+[/sup]-Binding Protein
Author(s): Robert F. Steiner; Jianqing Lan; Louise Garone; Sharon Albaugh
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Fluorescence Studies Of Jet-Cooled Solvent Complexes Of Tryptophan
Author(s): Chin Khuan Teh; Mark Sulkes; Jeffrey Sipior
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Fiber Optic-Based Immunosensors: A Progress Report
Author(s): Suresh K. Bhatia; Richard B. Thompson; Lisa C. Shriver-Lake; Michael Levine; Frances S. Ligler
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Time-Resolved Luminescence Imaging: Application To Latent Fingerprint Detection
Author(s): K. E. Mitchell; E. R. Menzel
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Some Fluorescence Observation On The Cancernation Tissue And The Blood Of Cancer Patients
Author(s): Lee Wenchong
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Spectroscopic Studies Of Chemical Reactions At High Static Pressures
Author(s): Malcolm Nicol; Gerald Z. Yin; Choong-shik Yoo
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Quantitative Connections Between Resonance Raman And Electronic Emission Spectra
Author(s): Jeffrey I. Zink; Kyeong-Sook Kim Shin; Londa Larson
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Electronic Excited States Of Copper(I) Substituted-1,10-Phenanthroline And Substituted-Phosphine Mixed-Ligand Complexes
Author(s): G. A. Crosby; G. R. Gamble; K. J. Jordan
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Quasi-Aromatic Heterocyclics As Laser Dyes
Author(s): Theodore G. Pavlopoulos; Joseph H. Boyer
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Pressure-Induced Exciton Instability In Organic Solids Probed By Fluorescence
Author(s): Atsuo Matsui; Ken-ichi Mizuno
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