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Photonic Instrumentation Engineering V
Editor(s): Yakov G. Soskind
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Volume Number: 10539
Date Published: 4 April 2018

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Front Matter: Volume 10539
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Ultra-high-speed variable focus optics for novel applications in advanced imaging
Author(s): S. Kang; E. Dotsenko; D. Amrhein; C. Theriault; C. B. Arnold
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Time-of-flight range imaging for underwater applications
Author(s): Hannes Merbold; Gion-Pol Catregn; Tobias Leutenegger
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Applications of a reconfigurable SPAD line imager (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Samuel Burri; Claudio Bruschini; Edoardo Charbon
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Experimental simulation of ranging action using Si photonic crystal modulator and optical antenna
Author(s): Yuya Furukado; Hiroshi Abe; Yosuke Hinakura; Toshihiko Baba
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Large depth high-precision FMCW tomography using a distributed feedback laser array
Author(s): Thomas DiLazaro; George Nehmetallah
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Frequency locking of compact laser-diode modules at 633 nm
Author(s): Christian Nölleke; Patrick Leisching; Gunnar Blume; Daniel Jedrzejczyk; Johannes Pohl; David Feise; Alexander Sahm; Katrin Paschke
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Temperature-controller-free FDML laser based on adaptive sweep rate tuning by KTN scanner
Author(s): Mingchen Chen; Seiji Toyoda; Masahiro Ueno; Tadashi Sakamoto
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Frequency-modulated laser ranging sensor with closed-loop control
Author(s): Fabian M. Müller; Gunnar Böttger; Christian Janeczka; Norbert Arndt-Staufenbiel; Henning Schröder; Martin Schneider-Ramelow
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Refractive waveguide non-mechanical beam steering (NMBS) in the MWIR
Author(s): Jason D. Myers; Jesse A. Frantz; Christopher M. Spillmann; Robel Y. Bekele; Jakub Kolacz; Henry Gotjen; Jawad Naciri; Brandon Shaw; Jas S. Sanghera
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Highly efficient router-based readout algorithm for single-photon-avalanche-diode imagers for time-correlated experiments
Author(s): A. Cominelli; G. Acconcia; F. Caldi; P. Peronio; M. Ghioni; I. Rech
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Monitoring pressure profiles across an airfoil with a fiber Bragg grating sensor array
Author(s): Anthony W. Papageorgiou; Luke A. Parkinson; Andrew R. Karas; Kristy L. Hansen; John W. Arkwright
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A distributed fluid level sensor suitable for monitoring fuel load on board a moving fuel tank
Author(s): John W. Arkwright; Luke A. Parkinson; Anthony W. Papageorgiou
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E-field fiber tip sensors by exploiting the electro-optic tunability of lithium niobate photonic crystals (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Bruno Robert; Venancio Calero; Roland Salut; Miguel Suárez; Laurence Galtier; Gwenaël Gaborit; Fadi Baida; Nadège Courjal; Etiennn Fizaine; Tristan Faure; Florent Behague; Alexis Caspar; Lionel Duvillaret; Maria-Pilar Bernal
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Development of a diamond waveguide sensor for sensitive protein analysis using IR quantum cascade lasers
Author(s): P. Piron; E. Vargas Catalan; J. Haas; L. Österlund; F. Nikolajeff; P. O. Andersson; J. Bergström; B. Mizaikoff; M. Karlsson
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Flow immune photoacoustic sensor for real-time and fast sampling of trace gases
Author(s): Jan C. Petersen; David Balslev-Harder; Nikola Pelevic; Anders Brusch; Stefan Persijn; Mikael Lassen
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A passive optical fibre hydrophone array utilising fibre Bragg grating sensors
Author(s): Andrew R. Karas; Anthony W. Papageorgiou; Peter R. Cook; John W. Arkwright
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Fast and broadband detector for laser radiation
Author(s): Davide Scorticati; Giacomo Crapella; Sergio Pellegrino
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Mid-infrared photoacoustic spectroscopy for atmospheric NO2 measurements
Author(s): Mikael Lassen; Laurent Lamard; David Balslev-Harder; Andre Peremans; Jan C. Petersen
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Detection of low-concentration ammonia using differential laser-induced fluorescence on vapochromic coordination polymers
Author(s): Dawei Yin; Glenn H. Chapman; David Stevens; Bonnie Gray; Daniel Leznoff
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A compressive-sensing Fourier-transform on-chip Raman spectrometer
Author(s): Hugh Podmore; Alan Scott; Regina Lee
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Versatile, intelligent multispectral imaging camera made with off-the-shelf components
Author(s): Pedram Pad; Nemanja Niketic; Amina Chebira; Edo Franzi; Ross P. Stanley; L. Andrea Dunbar
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Fluorescence excitation-emission matrix spectroscopy for degradation monitoring of machinery lubricants
Author(s): Oleg Sosnovski; Pooja Suresh; Alexander E. Dudelzak; Benjamin Green
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Hollow-core fiber sensing technique for pipeline leak detection
Author(s): W. A. Challener; Matthias A. Kasten; Jason Karp; Niloy Choudhury
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Piezo-based motion stages for heavy duty operation in clean environments
Author(s): Nir Karasikov; Gal Peled; Roman Yasinov; Michael Gissin; Alan Feinstein
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Light scattering by ultrasonically-controlled small particles: system design, calibration, and measurement results
Author(s): Ivan Kassamakov; Göran Maconi; Antti Penttilä; Petteri Helander; Maria Gritsevich; Tuomas Puranen; Ari Salmi; Edward Hæggström; Karri Muinonen
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An alternative optical metrology system to classical interferometer for complex optical components (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Isabelle Serre; Rafael Mayer
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A fiber-fed laser interferometer for optical metrology at cryogenic temperatures
Author(s): David Naylor; Ian Veenendaal; Brad Gom; Adam Christiansen
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SHARPeR: a non contact 2D profiling instrument at the nanoradian scale (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Guillaume Dovillaire; Rafael Mayer
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Nanoscale hydrogenography of magnesium nanostructures with near-field optical microscopy (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Heiko Linnenbank; Florian Sterl; Tobias Steinle; Florian Mörz
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Magnetic field detection using magnetorheological optical resonators
Author(s): Edoardo Rubino; Tindaro Ioppolo
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Model-based estimation and control for off-axis parabolic mirror alignment
Author(s): Joyce Fang; Dmitry Savransky
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Measurement and alignment of linear variable filters
Author(s): Rob Sczupak; Markus Fredell; Tim Upton; Tom Rahmlow; Sheetal Chanda; Gregg Jarvis; Sarah Locknar; Florin Grosu; Terry Finnell; Robert Johnson
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Comparative analysis of methods and optical-electronic equipment to control the form parameters of spherical mirrors
Author(s): Alexander N. Nikitin; Nikolay Baryshnikov; Dmitrii Denisov; Valerii Karasik; Alexey Sakharov; Pavel Romanov; Julia Sheldakova; Alexis Kudryashov
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Polarization analysis of diamond subwavelength gratings acting as space-variant birefringent elements
Author(s): P. Piron; E. Vargas Catalan; M. Karlsson
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Parallel polarization state generation and measurement with a single metasurface (Conference Presentation) (Withdrawal Notice)
Author(s): Noah A. Rubin; Aun Zaidi; Ruo Ping Li; Michael Juhl; Jan Phillipp Balthasar Mueller; Robert C. Devlin; Kristjan Leosson; Federico Capasso
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Wide field of view 3D label-free super-resolution imaging
Author(s): Anton Nolvi ; Ivo Laidmäe; Göran Maconi; Jyrki Heinämäki; Edward Hæggström; Ivan Kassamakov
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Curved sensors for compact high-resolution wide-field designs: prototype demonstration and optical characterization
Author(s): Bertrand Chambion; Christophe Gaschet; Thibault Behaghel; Aurélie Vandeneynde; Stéphane Caplet; Stéphane Gétin; David Henry; Emmanuel Hugot; Wilfried Jahn; Simona Lombardo; Marc Ferrari
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C-RED One and C-RED2: SWIR high-performance cameras using Saphira e-APD and Snake InGaAs detectors
Author(s): Jean-Luc Gach; Philippe Feautrier; Eric Stadler; Fabien Clop; Stephane Lemarchand; Thomas Carmignani; Yann Wanwanscappel; David Boutolleau
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Authentication via wavefront-shaped optical responses
Author(s): Hergen Eilers; Benjamin R. Anderson; Ray Gunawidjaja
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A portable non-contact displacement sensor and its application of lens centration error measurement
Author(s): Zong-Ru Yu; Wei-Jei Peng; Jung-Hsing Wang; Po-Jui Chen; Hua-Lin Chen; Yi-Hao Lin; Chun-Cheng Chen; Wei-Yao Hsu; Fong-Zhi Chen
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Spectral imaging spreads into new industrial and on-field applications
Author(s): Clémentine Bouyé; Thierry Robin; Benoît d'Humières
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Multiple-aperture optical design for micro-level cameras using 3D-printing method
Author(s): Wei-Jei Peng; Wei-Yao Hsu; Yuan-Chieh Cheng; Wen-Lung Lin; Zong-Ru Yu; Hsiao-Yu Chou; Fong-Zhi Chen; Chien-Chung Fu; Chong-Syuan Wu; Chao-Tsung Huang
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Photonic-based liquid level transmitter using Mach-Zehnder interferometer for industrial application
Author(s): Yadvendra Singh; Sanjeev K. Raghuwanshi; Manish Kumar
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Implementation of webcam-based hyperspectral imaging system
Author(s): Ali Balooch; Majid Nazeri; Hamed Abbasi
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Tuneable powerful UV laser system with UV noise eater
Author(s): Sergey Kobtsev; Daba Radnatarov; Sergey Khripunov; Yurii Zarudnev
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