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Optical Interconnects XVIII
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Volume Number: 10538
Date Published: 2 May 2018

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Front Matter: Volume 10538
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Silicon photonic networks for exascale computers (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Marco Fiorentino; M. Ashkan Seyedi
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Microresonator-based electro-optic full adder for optical computing in integrated photonics (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Zhoufeng Ying; Zheng Wang; Shounak Dhar; Zheng Zhao; David Z. Pan; Ray T. Chen
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Universal test system for system embedded optical interconnect
Author(s): R. Pitwon; K. Wang; M. Immonen; H. Schröder; M. Neitz
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A low-latency high-port count optical switch with optical delay line buffering for disaggregated data centers
Author(s): M. Moralis-Pegios; N. Terzenidis; G. Mourgias-Alexandris; K. Vyrsokinos; N. Pleros
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Optical datacenter network employing slotted (TDMA) operation for dynamic resource allocation
Author(s): P. Bakopoulos; K. Tokas; C. Spatharakis; I. Patronas; G. Landi; K. Christodoulopoulos; M. Capitani; A. Kyriakos; M. Aziz; D. Reisis; E. Varvarigos; E. Zahavi; H. Avramopoulos
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A low-latency optical switch architecture using integrated um SOI-based contention resolution and switching
Author(s): G. Mourgias-Alexandris; M. Moralis-Pegios; N. Terzenidis; M. Cherchi; M. Harjanne; T. Aalto; K. Vyrsokinos; N. Pleros
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On-off keying transmitter design for navigation by visible light communication
Author(s): P. Louro ; M. Vieira; J. Costa; M. A. Vieira
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Visible light communication technology for fine-grained indoor localization
Author(s): M. Vieira; M. A. Vieira; P. Louro; A. Fantoni; P. Vieira
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Towards co-packaging of photonics and microelectronics in existing manufacturing facilities
Author(s): Alexander Janta-Polczynski; Elaine Cyr; Jerome Bougie; Alain Drouin; Richard Langlois; Darrell Childers; Shotaro Takenobu; Yoichi Taira; Ted W. Lichoulas; Swetha Kamlapurkar; Sebastian Engelmann; Paul Fortier; Nicolas Boyer; Tymon Barwicz
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Multichannel VCSEL-based optical transceiver employing multicore fibers at 6x25 Gbps/fiber (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Mikko Karppinen; Antti Tanskanen; Jyrki Ollila; Johan Gustavsson; Anders Larsson; Minsu Ko; Dietmar Kissinger; Lars Grüner-Nielsen; Christian Larsen ; Rashid Safaisini; Anaëlle Maho; Michel Sotom; Leontios Stampoulidis
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Demonstration of glass-based photonic interposer for mid-board-optical engines and electrical-optical circuit board (EOCB) integration strategy
Author(s): H. Schröder; M. Neitz; M. Schneider-Ramelow
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Optical and electrical interconnect structures for chip-scale silicon photonic transceivers (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Koichi Takemura; Yasuhiro Ibusuki; Akio Ukita; Mitsuru Kurihara; Yasuhiko Hagihara; Kazuhiko Kurata
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Organic-inorganic hybrid material SUNCONNECT(R) for photonic integrated circuit
Author(s): Hideyuki Nawata; Juro Oshima; Tsubasa Kashino
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Silicon photonic IC embedded optical-PCB for high-speed interconnect application
Author(s): Rakshitha Kallega; Siddharth Nambiar; Abhai Kumar; Praveen Ranganath; Shankar Kumar Selvaraja
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Broadband infrared light emitting waveguides based on UV curable PbS quantum dot composites
Author(s): Kai Shen; Sarfaraz Baig; Guomin Jiang; Young-hun Paik; Sung Jin Kim; Michael R. Wang
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Flexible multimode polymer waveguides for high-speed short-reach communication links
Author(s): N. Bamiedakis; F. Shi; D. Chu; R. V. Penty; I. H. White
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A silicon reconfigurable optical processor based on a self-coupled optical waveguide
Author(s): Liangjun Lu; Lin Shen; Linjie Zhou; Jianping Chen
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Low-profile fiber connector for co-packaged optics
Author(s): Lars Brusberg; Michael DeJong; Douglas L. Butler; Jeffrey S. Clark; Clifford G. Sutton
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Automated and model-based assembly of an anamorphic telescope
Author(s): Martin Holters; Sebastian Dirks; Jochen Stollenwerk; Peter Loosen
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Reduced diameter fibers for high-density optical interconnects
Author(s): Scott R. Bickham; Magdalena Przemyska; Jakub Krawczyk; Radawan Ripumaree; Julie A. Chalk; Mark T. Paap; William C. Hurley
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All silicon approach to modulation and detection at λ = 2 µm
Author(s): Callum G. Littlejohns; Milos Nedeljkovic; Wei Cao; Jordi Soler Penades; David Hagan; Jason J. Ackert; Mohamed Saïd Rouifed; Wanjun Wang; Zecen Zhang; Haodong Qiu; Tina Guo Xin; Andrew P. Knights; Graham T. Reed; Goran Z. Mashanovich; Hong Wang; David J. Thomson
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Laser printed glass planar lightwave circuits with integrated fiber alignment structures
Author(s): A. Desmet; A. Radosavljevic; J. Missinne; D. Van Thourhout; G. Van Steenberge
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Optical interconnects based on VCSELs and low-loss silicon photonics
Author(s): Timo Aalto; Mikko Harjanne; Mikko Karppinen; Matteo Cherchi; Aila Sitomaniemi; Jyrki Ollila; Antonio Malacarne; Christian Neumeyr
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Direct coupling of coherent emission from site-selectively grown III-V nanowire lasers into proximal silicon waveguides (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Thomas Stettner; Tobias Kostenbader; Daniel Ruhstorfer; Jochen Bissinger; Hubert Riedl; Michael Kaniber; Gregor Koblmueller; Jonathan J. Finley
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Comb and hybrid laser-driven WDM silicon photonic interconnects for exascale and HPC applications (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Ashkan Seyedi; Di Liang; Géza Kurczveil; Zhihong Huang; Marco Fiorentino; Ray Beausoleil
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Low-loss high-speed plasmonic optical modulator based on adiabatic waveguides
Author(s): Farzad Mokhtari-Koushyar; Elham Heidari; Hamed Dalir; Iman Zand; Shuai Sun; Volker J. Sorger; Ray T. Chen
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Polarization division multiplexing for optical data communications
Author(s): Darko Ivanovich; Samuel B. Powell; Viktor Gruev; Roger D. Chamberlain
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High-speed modulator based on electro-optic polymer infiltrated subwavelength grating waveguide ring resonator
Author(s): Zeyu Pan; Xiaochuan Xu; Chi-Jui Chung; Hamed Dalir; Hai Yan; Ke Chen; Yaguo Wang; Baohua Jia; Ray T. Chen
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