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High-Power Laser Materials Processing: Applications, Diagnostics, and Systems VII
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Volume Number: 10525
Date Published: 21 May 2018

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Front Matter: Volume 10525
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Advanced industrial laser systems and applications
Author(s): B. Schmidt; M. Schaefer
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The Laser Megajoule facility: laser performances and comparison with computational simulation
Author(s): V. Denis; V. Beau; L. Lacampagne; T. Chies; X. Julien; E. Bordenave; C. Lacombe; M. Sozet; S. Vermersch; J.-P. Airiau
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Multi-physical modeling of thermal and dispersive effects in optical systems for high power ultra-short laser pulses
Author(s): Tobias Bonhoff; Jochen Stollenwerk; Peter Loosen
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Tuneable UV solid-state laser lines for surface processing
Author(s): Mikhail Ivanenko; Vyacheslav Grimm; Fabian Gaussmann; Henning Kalis; Markus Wiesner
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Influence of thermally induced aberrations on resulting intensity distribution
Author(s): Alexander Laskin; Vadim Laskin; Aleksei Ostrun
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Beam shaping of focused radiation of multimode lasers
Author(s): Alexander Laskin; Joerg Volpp; Vadim Laskin; Aleksei Ostrun
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Improving accuracy of robot-guided 3D laser surface processing by workpiece measurement in a blink
Author(s): Richard Schares; Stefan Schmitt; Michael Emonts; Kai Fischer; Rüdiger Moser; Boris Frühauf
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Mobile laser cutting system for complex rescue operations
Author(s): Christian Hennigs; Alexander Brodesser; Robert Grafe; Michael Hustedt; Stefan Kaierle
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Ball-shaped end caps for fiber laser systems
Author(s): Wenxin Zheng; Gongwen Zhu
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Measurement of the dispersion properties of large aperture mirrors at arbitrary incidence angle and polarization state
Author(s): M. Kovacs; T. Somoskoi; I. Seres; A. Borzsonyi; A. Sipos
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BrightLine weld-spatter reduced high speed welding with disk lasers
Author(s): N. Speker; P. Haug; S. Feuchtenbeiner; T. Hesse; D. Havrilla
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Pores in laser beam welding: generation mechanism and impact on the melt flow
Author(s): Florian Fetzer; Peter Berger; Haoyue Hu; Rudolf Weber; Thomas Graf
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New welding techniques and laser sources for battery welding
Author(s): Henrikki Pantsar; Eva Dold; Jack Gabzdyl; Elke Kaiser; Tim Hesse; Marc Kirchhoff; Birgit Faisst
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New milestones in laser cutting for quality improvement and process automation
Author(s): Markus Kogel-Hollacher; Andreas Rudolf; Jan Heyrick
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Research on inorganic cladding of neodymium phosphate glass in slab amplifier
Author(s): Bingyan Wang; Jianqiang Zhu; Haiyuan Li; Huai Xiong; Yangshuai Li; Yanli Zhang; Shenlei Zhou
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Backscattered light properties during femtosecond laser ablation and development of a dynamic interferometric focusing system
Author(s): Marcus Paulo Raele; Ricardo Elgul Samad; Anderson Zanardi Freitas; Lucas De Pretto; Marcello Magri Amaral; Nilson Dias Vieira Jr.; Niklaus U. Wetter
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Laser beam ablation of thick steel plates without affecting the material underneath
Author(s): C. Hoff; J. Hermsdorf; S. Kaierle; L. Overmeyer
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Femtosecond pulsed laser deposition of a boron thin film aiming at the development of a low-cost neutron detector
Author(s): Priscila Costa; Marcus Paulo Raele; Ricardo Elgul Samad; Noé Gabriel Pinheiro Machado; Nilson Dias Vieira Jr.; Frederico Antônio Genezini
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Approaches for increasing process rate of local 3D laser decoating for series production of hybrid composites
Author(s): Richard Schares; Stefan Schmitt; Michael Emonts; Kai Fischer
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Influence of operating parameters on morphology of laser hardened surfaces
Author(s): Niroj Maharjan; Wei Zhou; Yu Zhou; Naien Wu
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Development of high power laser ablation process for polycrystalline diamond polishing: Part 1. Fundamental understanding of PCD ultra-short pulsed laser ablation
Author(s): William Scalbert; David Tanner; Fathima Laffir; Ronald Holtz
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High pulse energy kW average power nanosecond lasers enable breakthrough in rapid coating removal
Author(s): Ioannis Metsios; DeChang Dai; Simon Chard; Timothy S. McComb; Young Key Kwon
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