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Colloidal Nanoparticles for Biomedical Applications XIII
Editor(s): Marek Osiński; Wolfgang J. Parak; Xing-Jie Liang
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Volume Number: 10507
Date Published: 12 April 2018

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Front Matter: Volume 10507
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Effect of particle architecture, dopant concentration, and excitation power density on the luminescence efficiency of upconversion nanocrystals (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Ute Resch-Genger; Tanja Knop
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Synthesis and characterization of colloidal ZnTe nanocrystals and ZnTe/ZnSe quantum dots
Author(s): Gavin P. Gonzales; Gema Alas; Arjun Senthil; Nathan J. Withers; Christina Minetos; Alejandro Sandoval III; Sergei A. Ivanov; Gennady A. Smolyakov; Dale L. Huber; Marek Osiński
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Highly-sensitive thermal imaging for the characterization of single nano-particles (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Antoine Federici; Hadrien Robert; Kahina Meziane; Serge Monneret; Guillaume Baffou; Benoit Wattellier
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Photoluminescence properties of Co and Ni co-doped CdS/ZnS core/shell nanoparticles
Author(s): Nadeem Sabir; Wahid Qayyum; Syed Zajif Hussain; Irshad Hussain; Faheem Amin
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A new paradigm for gold nanostars: synthesis, characterization, modeling, and biomedical applications (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Laura Fabris; Manjari Bhamidipati; Kholud Dardir; Ted V. Tsoulos; Supriya Atta
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Probing kinetic enhancement of β-galactosidase-nanoparticle complexes (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Joyce C. Breger; Anthony P. Malanoski; Carl W. Brown III; Jeffery R. Deschamps; Kimhiro Susumu; Eunkeu Oh; George P. Anderson; Scott A. Walper; Igor L. Medintz
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Investigating the stability of DNA-coated gold nanoparticles
Author(s): Maria-Eleni Kyriazi; Antonios G. Kanaras
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Fabrication and characterization of thermo-responsive gold nanorod assemblies
Author(s): Gilbert Bustamante; Katherine Carrizales; Frank DeLuna; Nicolas Large; Jing Yong Ye
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Nano-bio assemblies for artificial light harvesting systems
Author(s): Dipankar Bain; Subarna Maity; Amitava Patra
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Remote enzyme activation using gold coated magnetite as antennae for radio frequency fields
Author(s): Christian B. Collins; Christopher J. Ackerson
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Magnetic wire as stress controlled micro-rheometer for cytoplasm viscosity measurements
Author(s): Jean-François Berret
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Effects of iron-oxide nanoparticles on compound biofilms of streptococcus gordonii and fusobacterium nucleatum
Author(s): Jane Q. Nguyen; Nathan J. Withers; Gema Alas; Arjun Senthil; Christina Minetos; Nikita Jaiswal; Sergei A. Ivanov; Dale L. Huber; Gennady A. Smolyakov; Marek Osiński
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Fabrication of continuous and isolated 3D plasmonic micro-structured super-crystals arrays for SERS sensing (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Nicolas Pazos Perez; Ramón Alvarez-Puebla
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Nanoparticle bioconjugate for controlled cellular delivery of doxorubicin
Author(s): Ajmeeta Sangtani; Eleonora Petryayeva; Miao Wu; Kimihiro Susumu; Eunkeu Oh; Alan L. Huston; Guillermo Lasarte-Aragones; Igor L. Medintz; W. Russ Algar; James B. Delehanty
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Monitoring of nanoparticle degradation using holographic on-chip microscopy for drug delivery applications (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Aniruddha Ray; Shuoran Li; Tatiana Segura; Aydogan Ozcan
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Exploiting silver nanoparticles with PMAA against aedes aegypti larvae development: potential larvicidal activity
Author(s): Mariana T. Carvalho; Gisele S. de Santana; Audrey N. de Andrade; Amanda Cabral; Nairane da Silva Rosa-Leão; Maria Alice V. de Melo-Santos; Anderson S. L. Gomes
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Bright and compact macromolecular probes for bioimaging applications
Author(s): Ek Raj Thapaliya; Yang Zhang; Pravat Dhakal; Adrienne S. Brown; James N. Wilson; Kevin M. Collins; Françisco M. Raymo
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Surface characterization of hydrophobic core-shell QDs using NMR techniques
Author(s): Chengqi Zhang; Birong Zeng; Goutam Palui; Hedi Mattoussi
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Anti-microbial peptide facilitated cytosolic delivery of metallic gold nanomaterials
Author(s): Anshika Kapur; Wentao Wang; Juan Diaz Hernandez; Scott Medina; Joel P. Schneider; Hedi Mattoussi
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Evaluations of cell uptake capabilities of gold nanoparticle and photosensitizer in a cell spheroid (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Po-Hao Tseng; Meng Chun Low; Wei-Hsiang Hua; Jian-He Yu; Yulu He; Jen-Hung Hsiao; Yu-Hsuan Tsai; Cheng-Jin Cai; Cheng-Che Hsieh; Yean-Woei Kiang; Chih-Chung Yang
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Interactions of DNA coated upconversion nanoparticles with 2D materials
Author(s): Davide Giust; María Isabel Lucío; Otto L. Muskens; Antonios G. Kanaras
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Nanocarriers for precise cancer diagnosis and treatment (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Junjie Zhu
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Cancer nanomedicine: gold nanoparticle mediated combined cancer therapy
Author(s): C. Yang; Kyle Bromma; B. D. Chithrani
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Combined photothermo-chemotherapy using gold nanoshells on drug-loaded micelles for colorectal cancer treatment
Author(s): Shin-Yu Lee; Ming-Jium Shieh
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Effects of Au nanoring and photosensitizer exocytosis from cancer cells on their damage efficiency through photodynamic and photothermal processes (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Yulu He; Jian-He Yu; Jen-Hung Hsiao; Po-Hao Tseng; Wei-Hsiang Hua; Meng Chun Low; Yu-Hsuan Tsai; Cheng-Jin Cai; Cheng-Che Hsieh; Yean-Woei Kiang; Chih-Chung Yang; Zhenxi Zhang
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Liquid crystal nanoparticles for delivery of photosensitizers for photodynamic therapy
Author(s): Okhil K. Nag; Jawad Naciri; James B. Delehanty
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Enhancement of physico-chemical properties of the hydrophobic anticancer molecule following nanoencapsulation
Author(s): Anshu Kumari; Amit Kumar; Sharad Gupta
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Pushing indium phosphide quantum dot emission deeper into the near infrared
Author(s): A. M. Saeboe; J. Kays; A. H. Mahler; A. M. Dennis
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Accurate temperature control of single nanoparticles using plasmonic spectroscopy (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Xueqin Chen; Zixuan Chen; Junjie Zhu
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Fluorescence lifetime imaging of cells with bound and internalized fluorescent gold nanoclusters (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Marina Mutas; Christian Strelow; Tobias Kipp; Alf Mews
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Silver nanoparticles as optical clearing agent enhancers to improve caries diagnostic by optical coherence tomography
Author(s): Vanda S. M. Carneiro; Cláudia C. B. O. Mota; Alex F. Souza; Evair J. da Silva; Andrea F. da Silva; Marleny E. M. M. Gerbi; Anderson S. L. Gomes
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Potential of nano-silver fluoride for tooth enamel caries prevention
Author(s): Amitis V. C. Silva; Cláudia C. B. O. Mota; Joás A. Teixeira; Emery C. Lins; Anderson S. L. Gomes; Aronita Rosenblatt
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Nanoparticle-neural stem cells for targeted ovarian cancer treatment: optimization of silica nanoparticles for efficient drug loading
Author(s): Z. Patel; J. Berlin; W. Abidi
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