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Infrared Systems and Components III
Editor(s): Robert L. Caswell

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Volume Number: 1050
Date Published: 30 June 1989

Table of Contents
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Detection Of Closely-Spaced Objects Using Radial Variance
Author(s): R. Hall; R. Pilgrim; K. Noren
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Statistical Analysis Of Median Subtraction Filtering With Application To Point Target Detection In Infrared Backgrounds
Author(s): John Barnett
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Three Dimensional Matched Filtering
Author(s): Robert W. Fries
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Image Enhancement Of Infrared Uncooled Focal Plane Array Imagery
Author(s): Howard McCauley
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Scenario Adaptive Midcourse Discrimination
Author(s): Keith Noren; Rick Dill; Steve Pitts
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Army's FLIR/ATR Evolution Path
Author(s): Sen-te Chow; Terry Jones
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Classifiability Of Infrared Target Signatures
Author(s): A. B. Lucero; J. W. Bair; R. R. Ramroth; C. T. McAbee
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Minimum Edge Distance Classifier
Author(s): Anastasios S. Politopoulos
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Spectral Agility: Rationale And Concepts
Author(s): Joseph E. Carroll; C. Ray Smith; Richard Rodgers
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Pulse Shape Optimization: Initial Report
Author(s): Steven M. Burke; Charles F. Hester
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Bayesian Analysis Of Signals From Closely-Spaced Objects
Author(s): G. Larry Bretthorst; C. Ray Smith
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Field Portable HgCdTe MWIR Staring Array Imaging System
Author(s): Michael B. Gubala; J. Ralph Teague; James M. Burns; J. S. DiMarco
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Enhanced Atmospheric Models For IR Image Simulation
Author(s): J. Michael Cathcart; Albert D. Sheffer; Gregory L. Galloway; Wayne L. Wooten
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Development Of The Modular Infra-Red Target Imaging Model (MIRTIM)
Author(s): John S. DiMarco; James R. Teague; Michael B. Gubala
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Trends In Scene Generation Technology: Calibration To Functional Testing
Author(s): Donald E. Parker; Don G. Taylor; C. T. Wallace Jr.
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Electro-Optical Detector Laser Susceptibility Testing
Author(s): Dennis L. McCormack; Billy D. Heady; David L. Haavig
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Electro-Optical Sensor Laser Vulnerability And Survivability Testing
Author(s): David L. Haavig; Billy D. Heady; Dennis L. McCormack
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Performance Of A Thermal Scene Generator
Author(s): Don Stauffer; Bill Haas; Barry Cole
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Fabrication Of XLWIR Window Materials
Author(s): Hyoun-Ee Kim; A. J. Moorhead
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Optical Performance Of Replica Beryllium Mirrors
Author(s): Joel L. Shady; Charles M. Packer; Rao R. Nimmagadda
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Reflectivity Changes In Optical Baffle Materials Following Pulsed Electron Bombardment
Author(s): Mark M. Nordberg; Christopher J. Von Benken; Edward A. Johnson
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High Speed Video Data Acquisition System
Author(s): Roland B. Anderson; David A. Kalin
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Measurement Techniques For Optical Coatings
Author(s): John F. Blais Jr.
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Antireflection Coatings For Germanium Without Zinc
Author(s): Ronald R. Willey
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Grid And Mesh Patterned Electrically Conductive Coatings In IR Systems
Author(s): Clark I. Bright
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Hardness Of Amorphous Hard Carbon Films Determined By The Ultra-Low Load Microindentation Technique
Author(s): D. L. Joslin; M. E. O'Hern; C. J. McHargue; R. E. Clausing; W. C. Oliver
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