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Infrared Fiber Optics

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Volume Number: 1048
Date Published: 2 June 1989

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Critical Characteristics Of Crystalline IR-Fibers
Author(s): V. G. Artjushenko; V. V. Vojtsekhovsky; Y. G. Kolesnikov; V. I. Konov; A. A. Lerman; E. G. Litvinenko; S. M. Nikiforov; A. O. Nabatov; L. V. Zhukova
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Optical Properties Of Mixed Silver Halide Crystals And Polycrystalline Optical Fibers
Author(s): N. Barkay; A. Levite; F. Moser; D. Kowal; A. Katzir
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New Optical Materials And Fibers For Mid IR Region
Author(s): L. N. Butvina; E. M. Dianov; D. V. Drobot; Yu. G. Kolesnikov; N. V. Lichkova
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Intrinsic Losses In Mixed Silver Halide Fibers
Author(s): Amir Sa'ar; A. Katzir
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High Purity Single Crystal Silicon Fibers For Near Infrared Applications
Author(s): A. Ray Hilton Sr.; James McCord
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Growth And Optical Properties Of Single-Crystal Sapphire Fibers
Author(s): D. H. Jundt; M. M. Fejer; R. L. Byer
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Fabrication Of Heavy Metal Fluoride Glass Rods By Repetitive High-Speed Wetting
Author(s): M. M. Broer; A. J. Bruce
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Recent Progress On Tellurium Halide Glasses For I.R. Fibers
Author(s): Jacques Lucas; Isabelle Chiaruttini; Xiang Hua Zhang; Hong-Li Ma; Gilles Fonteneau
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Evaluation Of Heavy Metal Fluoride Glasses For Use With The Erbium (YAG) Laser
Author(s): Glenn Merberg; Mahmoud Shahriari; George Sigel Jr.
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Thermal Mismatch Stresses In Fluoride Glass Fibres
Author(s): Alexis G. Clare; John M. Parker
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High Purity Zirconium Tetrafluoride For Fluoride Glass Applications
Author(s): H. P. Withers Jr.; V. A. Monk; G. A. Cooper
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The Role Of Impurities In The Optical Losses Of Chalcogenide Glass Fibers
Author(s): G. G. Devyatykh; M. F. Churbanov; I. V. Scripachev; E. M. Dianov; V. G. Plotnichenko
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Production Of Far Infrared Glass Fiber
Author(s): A. Ray Hilton Sr.; A. Ray Hilton Jr.; James McCord
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Optical Properties Of Tellurium-Based Chalcogenide And Chalcohalide Glasses
Author(s): R. J. MacKinnon; G. H. Sigel Jr.
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Multimode And Single - Mode IR. Fiber Characterization
Author(s): A. Bornstein; P. Bichman
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Hollow Tubes For Transmitting IR Laser Energy For Surgery Applications
Author(s): J. Dror; I. Gannot; N. Croitoru
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Hollow Waveguides For CO[sub]2[/sub] Laser Delivery Systems
Author(s): James A. Harrington; Christopher C. Gregory; Rick Nubling
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Fluoride Fibre Lasers For Sources Over The Wavelength Range 1.0 To 3.0 um
Author(s): P. W. France; M. C. Brierley; S. F. Carter; M. W. Moore; J. R. Williams
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Rare Earth Doped IR Fiber Lasers For Medical Applications
Author(s): L. Esterowitz; R. Allen
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Fiber-Optic-Based Evanescent Field Infrared Spectroscopy Using Tunable Diode Lasers
Author(s): I. Schnitzer; A. Katzir; U. Schiessl; W. Riedel; M. Tacke
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Transmission Of 2.94µm Laser Radiation By Zirconium Fluoride Optical Fibres
Author(s): C. Whitehurst; M. R. Dickinson; A. Charlton; T. A. King; P. France
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Infrared Fiber Evanescent Wave Spectroscopy For In-Situ Monitoring Of Chemical Processes
Author(s): E. Margalit; H. Dodiuk; E. M. Kosower; A. Katzir
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The Use Of Mid-Infrared Optical Fibers For Analytical Applications
Author(s): Norman A. Wright; Raul Curbelo; David A. C. Compton; Stephen L. Hill
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Probe And Enhancement Of SBS Based Phonons In Infrared Fibers Using Waveguide Coupled External Radiation
Author(s): C. Yu; Yat C. Chong; C. K. Fong
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Polycrystalline Infrared Fibers - Obstacles: Encountered And Resolved
Author(s): Rami Arieli
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IR Optical Fiber-Based Noncontact Pyrometer For Drop Tube Instrumentation
Author(s): R. G. May; S. Moneyhun; W. Saleh; S. Sudeora; R. O. Claus; A. M. Buoncristiani
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Uncooled IR Detectors For High Power CO[sub]2[/sub] Lasers
Author(s): S. B. Trivedi; R. G. Rosemeier; P. Becla
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Lasers And Avalanche Photodiodes For IR Fiber Optics In The 2-2,5 µm Spectral Range
Author(s): A. N. Baranov; A. N. Imenkov; M. P. Mikhailova; A. A. Rogachev; Yu. P. Yakovlev
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