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Optical Fibers and Sensors for Medical Diagnostics and Treatment Applications XVIII
Editor(s): Israel Gannot
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Volume Number: 10488
Date Published: 11 May 2018

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Front Matter: Volume 10488
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Analysis of molecular conformation using silicon electro-photonic biosensors (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): José Juan-Colás; Steven Johnson; Thomas Krauss
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Fiber-based 1150-nm femtosecond laser source for the label-free virtual optical biopsy (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Tzu-Ming Liu; Jing-Yu Huang; Lun-Zhang Guo; Jing-Zun Wang; Tse-Chung Li; Hsin-Jung Lee; Po-Kai Chiu; Lung-Han Peng
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Transmission properties of dielectric-coated hollow optical fibers based on stainless tube
Author(s): Katsumasa Iwai; Hiroyuki Takaku; Mitsunobu Miyagi; Yi-Wei Shi; Xiao-Song Zhu; Yuji Matsuura
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A new catheter design for combined radiofrequency ablation and optoacoustic treatment monitoring using copper-coated light-guides
Author(s): Johannes Rebling; Francisco Javier Oyaga Landa; Xosé Luis Deán-Ben; Daniel Razansky
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Polarization management to mitigate misalignment induced fringe fading in fiber-based optical coherence tomography (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Nanshuo Wang; Xinyu Liu Sr.; Qiaozhou Xiong; Linbo Liu
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Terahertz gas sensing based on time-domain-spectroscopy using a hollow-optical fiber gas cell
Author(s): T. Suzuki; T. Katagiri; Y. Matsuura
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Investigation of hydrogen sulfide gas using Pd/Pt material based fiber Bragg grating sensor
Author(s): Amna Bedi; Dusari Nageswara Rao; Santosh Kumar
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A combined glucose and pH sensor on a single optical fiber for continuous point-of-care testing (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Krister Hammarling; Harald I. Muri; Markus S. Wahl; Magnus Engholm; Dag R. Hjelme
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Bragg grating in micro-scaled optical fiber for cardiac biomarker sensing
Author(s): Tong Liu; Lili Liang; Peng Xiao; Yang Ran; Long Jin; Bai-Ou Guan
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Blood glucose measurement with multiple quantum cascade lasers using hollow-optical fiber-based ATR spectroscopy
Author(s): K. Yoshioka; S. Kino; Y. Matsuura
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Fibre-optic pressure and temperature measurements using phase-resolved low-coherence interferometry (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Joanna Coote; Sandy Mosse; Sacha Noimark; Erwin Alles; Callum Little; Chris D. Loder; Roby D. Rakhit; Malcolm C Finlay; Adrien E. Desjardins
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Noise characterization of a 512 x 16 SPAD line sensor for time-resolved spectroscopy applications
Author(s): Neil Finlayson; Andrea Usai; Ahmet T. Erdogan; Robert K. Henderson
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Biomedical and sensing applications of a multi-mode biodegradable phosphate-based optical fiber
Author(s): Ondřej Podrazky; Pavel Peterka; Soňa Vytykáčová; Jana Proboštová; Martin Kuneš; Oleksiy Lyutakov; Edoardo Ceci-Ginistrelli; Diego Pugliese; Nadia G. Boetti; Davide Janner; Daniel Milanese
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A novel liquid-filled microstructured polymer optical fiber as bio-sensing platform for Raman spectroscopy
Author(s): Mikel Azkune; Eneko Arrospide; Amaia Berganza; Iñaki Bikandi; Gotzon Aldabaldetreku; Gaizka Durana; Joseba Zubia
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Tunable vertical cavity surface emitting lasers for use in the near infrared biological window
Author(s): Vincent J. Kitsmiller; Matthew Dummer; Klein Johnson; Thomas D. O'Sullivan
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An all-optical fiber optic photoacoustic transducer
Author(s): Supriya V. Thathachary; Cameron Motameni; Shai Ashkenazi
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Temperature monitoring of retinal tissues during laser radiation by speckle variance optical coherence tomography (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Soohyun Lee; Changho Lee; Gyeongwoo Cheon; Jin U. Kang
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Integrated sensor biopsy device for real time tissue metabolism analysis
Author(s): Jesus Delgado Alonso ; Robert A. Lieberman; Paul M. DiCarmine; David Berry; Narciso Guzman; Sreekar B. Marpu
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Applications of tapered flat silver halide fiber elements for infrared biospectroscopy with aspects of optical stability and biocompatibility
Author(s): Sven Delbeck; Lukas Küpper IV; Sven Delbeck; Herbert M. Heise
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Fluorescence endoscopy using fiber speckle illumination
Author(s): Shuhei Nakano; Takashi Katagiri; Yuji Matsuura
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Mid-infrared chalcogenide fiber devices for medical applications
Author(s): Francois Chenard; Oseas Alvarez; Andrew Buff
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A portable thermal imaging device as a feedback system for breast cancer treatment
Author(s): Oshrit A. Hoffer; Merav A. Ben-David; Eyal Katz; Meny Sholomov; Itzhak Kelson; Israel Gannot
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High efficient bone ablation with diode pumped Erbium and Thulium lasers including different delivery fibers: a comparative in vitro study
Author(s): Karl Stock; Florian Hausladen; Thomas Stegmayer; Holger Wurm
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A multifunctional endoscope for imaging, fluid delivery and fluid extraction (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): James Stone; Tushar Choudhary; Helen Parker; Bethany Mills; Adam Marshall; Debaditya Choudhury; Michael Tanner; Harry A. Wood; Kerrianne Harrington; Jonathan Knight; Tim A. Birks; Kevin Dhaliwal M.D.; Mark Bradley
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Plasmon-enhanced Raman detection of body-fluid components
Author(s): Paolo Matteini; Martina Banchelli; Marella De Angelis; Cristiano D'Andrea; Roberto Pini
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Design and analysis of FBG based sensor for detection of damage in oil and gas pipelines for safety of marine life
Author(s): Amna Bedi; Vaishali Kothari; Santosh Kumar
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Photoacoustic imaging of hidden dental caries by using a bundle of hollow optical fibers
Author(s): Takuya Koyama; Satoko Kakino; Yuji Matsuura
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Improved fabrication techniques of extruded simplified hollow core optical fibers for Raman spectroscopy (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Erik P. Schartner; Georgios Tsiminis; Mustaf Bekteshi; Heike Ebendorff-Heidepriem
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25-gauge fibered-needle for label-free fluorescence analysis of breast masses: a first in vivo study
Author(s): Alexis Toullec; Marie-Christine Mathieu; Charlotte Benoit; René Farcy; Christophe Tourasse; Martine Boisserie-Lacroix; Marie-Pierre Fontaine-Aupart; Suzette Delaloge; Corinne Balleyguier
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Fabrication and analysis of cylindrical diffusing optical fiber probe for photodynamic therapy in cancer treatment
Author(s): Gaye Park; HyeYeon Lee; HyungSu Cho; DaeYoung Kim; JaeWan Han; ChiHwan Ouh; ChangHyun Jung
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Multilayer polymer dielectric films for hollow glass waveguides
Author(s): Wesley Kendall; James A. Harrington
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Optical fibre luminescence sensor for real-time LDR brachytherapy dosimetry
Author(s): P. Woulfe; S. O'Keeffe; F. J. Sullivan
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Resonant nanopillars as label-free optical biosensors
Author(s): Ana López-Hernandez; Rafael Casquel; Miguel Holgado ; Iñaki Cornago; Fátima Fernández; Paula Ciaurriz; Francisco J. Sanza; Beatriz Santamaría; Maria V. Maigler; María Fe Laguna
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Design of tapered optical fibers to achieve high spatial selectivity during infrared neural stimulation (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Nelson Salas Jr.; Suhrud Rajguru
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Refractive-index-sensing fiber comb using intracavity multi-mode interference fiber sensor
Author(s): Ryo Oe; Takeo Minamikawa; Shuji Taue; Hideki Fukano; Yoshiaki Nakajima; Kaoru Minoshima; Takeshi Yasui
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Balanced detection for spectral-domain optical coherence tomography with fiber-based phase shifter
Author(s): Seung Seok Lee; Ju Ha Kim; Hye Jun Ma; Eun Seo Choi
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SRS-sensor 13C/12C isotops measurements for detecting Helicobacter Pylori
Author(s): Aleksandr Grishkanich; Yan Chubchenko ; Valentin Elizarov; Aleksandr Zhevlakov; Leonid Konopelko
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