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12th Conference on Integrated Optics: Sensors, Sensing Structures, and Methods
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Volume Number: 10455
Date Published: 1 September 2017

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Front Matter: Volume 10455
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Cross spectral, active and passive approach to face recognition for improved performance
Author(s): A. Grudzien; M. Kowalski; M. Szustakowski
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Optical sensor in planar configuration based on multimode interference
Author(s): Marek Blahut
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A study of MIR photoluminescence from Pr3+ doped chalcogenide fibers pumped at near-infrared wavelengths
Author(s): S. Sujecki; L. Sojka; E. Beres-Pawlik; R. Piramidowicz; H. Sakr; Z. Tang; E. Barney; D. Furniss; T. M. Benson; A. B. Seddon
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Dark current simulation in interband cascade photodetectors operating in room temperature
Author(s): K. Hackiewicz; P. Martyniuk; J. Rutkowski; A. Kowalewski
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Modulators for MWIR detectors with liquid crystals
Author(s): U. Chodorow; A. Kowalewski; J. Herman; R. Mazur; P. Morawiak; W. Piecek; P. Kula; W. Gawron; P. Martyniuk
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Raman and photoluminescence investigation of InAs/GaSb and InAs/InAsSb superlattices
Author(s): K. Murawski; K. Grodecki; A. Henig; K. Michalczewski; Ł. Kubiszyn; D. Benyahia; B. Jankiewicz; B. Budner; A. Wysmolek; P. Martyniuk
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Integrated optical sensor for individual protection of artwork
Author(s): Krzysztof Murawski; Monika Murawska
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Research to improve the accuracy of determining the stroke volume of an artificial ventricle using the wavelet transform
Author(s): Leszek Grad; Krzysztof Murawski; Wojciech Sulej
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Method of laser beam coding for control systems
Author(s): Tomasz Pałys; Artur Arciuch; Andrzej Walczak; Krzysztof Murawski
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The technique of accuracy measurement of membrane shape mapping of an artificial ventricle
Author(s): Wojciech Sulej; Leszek Grad; Krzysztof Murawski
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Simple thermal to thermal face verification method based on local texture descriptors
Author(s): A. Grudzien; Norbert Palka; M. Kowalski
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Theoretical simulation of the long-wave HgCdTe detector for ultra fast response-operating under zero bias condition and room temperature
Author(s): Piotr Martyniuk; Paweł Madejczyk; Jarosław Rutkowski
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Preparation of fluorescent nanodiamond suspensions using bead-assisted ultrasonic disintegration
Author(s): Maciej J. Głowacki; Mateusz Gardas; Mateusz Ficek; Mirosław Sawczak; Robert Bogdanowicz
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InAs/GaSb superlattice quality investigation
Author(s): Aleksandra Henig; Kacper Grodecki; Krzysztof Murawski; Krystian Michalczewski; Łukasz Kubiszyn; Djalal Benyahia; Bartłomiej Jankiewicz; Bogusław Budner; Piotr Martyniuk
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Optoelectronics technologies for Virtual Reality systems
Author(s): Marek Piszczek; Marcin Maciejewski; Mateusz Pomianek; Mieczysław Szustakowski
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Modeling of light propagation in canine gingiva
Author(s): Marcin Mrotek
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Straight and bended high refractive index rib waveguides – theoretical analysis
Author(s): Cuma Tyszkiewicz
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Measurement of luminance and color uniformity of displays using the large-format scanner
Author(s): Adam Mazikowski
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ZnO semiconductor for applications in optoelectronics sensors structures
Author(s): Przemyslaw Struk; Tadeusz Pustelny
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Non-invasive assessment of thromboembolism in rotary blood pumps: case study
Author(s): Maciej Gawlikowski; Roman Kustosz; Maciej Głowacki; Paweł Pydziński; Krzysztof Kubacki; Michał Zakliczyński; Izabela Copik; Jerzy Pacholewicz
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Theoretical analysis of a spectrometric interferometer based on silicon-on insulator (SOI) waveguide layers
Author(s): Kazimierz Gut
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Study of the impact of UV radiation on NO2 sensing properties of graft comb copolymers of poly(3-hexylthiophene) at room temperature
Author(s): Marcin Procek; Agnieszka Stolarczyk; Erwin Maciak
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Optoelectronics sensors of hydrocarbons based on NDIR technique
Author(s): Artur Prokopiuk
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High birefringent microstructured polymer optical fiber with frozen stresses
Author(s): G. Wójcik; M. Gil; L. Czyżewska; P. Mergo
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Stability of thin film diamond mirror for applications in interferometers under the short-time exposure on selected aggressive chemicals
Author(s): Daria Majchrowicz; Marzena Hirsch
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Optical fiber current sensor with external conversion for measurements of low AC electric currents
Author(s): Kamil Barczak; Krzysztof Maźniewski
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Detection of optical signals in selected sensing applications
Author(s): J. Mikołajczyk; J. Wojtas; Z. Bielecki; B. Rutecka; D. Szabra; K. Kłos
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Mobility spectrum analysis of HgCdTe epitaxial layers grown by metalorganic chemical vapour deposition
Author(s): Jarosław Wróbel; Kinga Gorczyca; Gilberto A. Umana-Membreno; Artur Kębłowski; Jacek Boguski; Piotr Martyniuk; Paweł Madejczyk
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Study of blended conductive graft copolymer with graphite oxide thin films deposited using spin coating method for gas sensing and photovoltaic applications
Author(s): P. Kałużyński; M. Procek; Agnieszka Stolarczyk; E. Maciak
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Experimental determination of leakage current occurring in HgCdTe infrared detectors operating in the mid-infrared
Author(s): Olga Markowska; Małgorzata Kopytko; Jarosław Rutkowski; Andrzej Kowalewski; Piotr Martyniuk
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Fiber optic sensor for H2 gas detection in the presence of methane based on Pd/WO3 low-coherence interferometric structure
Author(s): Erwin Maciak
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Voltage- and temperature- controlled LC:PDMS waveguide channels
Author(s): Katarzyna A. Rutkowska; Rita Asquini; Antonio d'Alessandro
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Network of photonic sensors for CO2 exchange rate measurement in forests
Author(s): Piotr Sobotka; Marcin S. Bieda; Piotr Lesiak; Tomasz R. Woliński
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