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Fifth International Conference on Remote Sensing and Geoinformation of the Environment (RSCy2017)
Editor(s): Kyriacos Themistocleous; Silas Michaelides; Giorgos Papadavid; Vincent Ambrosia; Gunter Schreier; Diofantos G. Hadjimitsis
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Volume Number: 10444
Date Published: 18 September 2017

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Front Matter: Volume 10444
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Design of autonomous sensor nodes for remote soil monitoring in tropical banana plantation
Author(s): Francis Jerome G. Tiausas; Jerelyn Co; Marc Joseph M. Macalinao; Maria Leonora Guico; Jose Claro Monje; Carlos Oppus
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Land cover mapping using lidar data and aerial image and soil fertility degradation assessment for rice production area in Quezon, Nueva Ecija, Philippines
Author(s): R. T. Alberto; G. B. Damian; E. E. Camaso; M. F. Isip
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Comparative analysis of tree classification models for detecting fusarium oxysporum f. sp cubense (TR4) based on multi soil sensor parameters
Author(s): Maria Regina Justina Estuar; John Noel Victorino; Andrei Coronel; Jerelyn Co; Francis Tiausas; Chiara Veronica Señires
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Development of an asynchronous communication channel between wireless sensor nodes, smartphone devices, and web applications using RESTful Web Services for intelligent farming
Author(s): Marlene M. De Leon; Maria Regina E. Estuar; Hadrian Paulo Lim; John Noel C. Victorino; Jerelyn Co; Ivan Lester Saddi; Sharlene Mae Paelmo; Bon Lemuel Dela Cruz
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Extraction of inland Nypa fruticans (Nipa Palm) using Support Vector Machine
Author(s): R. T. Alberto; S. C. Serrano; G. B. Damian; E. E. Camaso; A. R. Biagtan; N. Z. Panuyas; J. S. Quibuyen
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Streamlining machine learning in mobile devices for remote sensing
Author(s): Andrei D. Coronel; Ma. Regina E. Estuar; Kyle Kristopher P. Garcia; Bon Lemuel T. Dela Cruz; Jose Emmanuel Torrijos; Hadrian Paulo M. Lim; Patricia Angela R. Abu; John Noel C. Victorino
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Evaluating ALOS AW3D30 data
Author(s): Konstantinos G. Nikolakopoulos
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Commercial vs professional UAVs for mapping
Author(s): Konstantinos G. Nikolakopoulos; Ioannis Koukouvelas
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Studying the dynamics of mountain ecosystems in the context of climate change employing remotely sensed data
Author(s): V. Muradyan; G. Tepanosyan; Sh. Asmaryan ; A. Saghatelyan
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Photogrammetry and remote sensing education subjects
Author(s): Maria A. Lazaridou; Aikaterini Ch. Karagianni
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Terrestrial laser scanning for biomass assessment and tree reconstruction: improved processing efficiency
Author(s): Ahmed Alboabidallah; John Martin; Samantha Lavender; Victor Abbott
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Ubiquitous UAVs: a cloud based framework for storing, accessing and processing huge amount of video footage in an efficient way
Author(s): Nectarios Efstathiou; Michael Skitsas; Chrysostomos Psaroudakis; Nikolaos Koutras
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A discussion for integrating INSPIRE with volunteered geographic information (VGI) and the vision for a global spatial-based platform
Author(s): Demetris Demetriou; Michele Campagna; Ivana Racetin; Milan Konecny
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Implementing GIS in real estate price prediction and mass valuation: the case study of Nicosia District
Author(s): Charalambos Yiorkas; Thomas Dimopoulos
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Including granulometric sediment coastal data composition into the Black Sea GIS
Author(s): Elena Zhuk; Alexey Khaliulin; Marina Krylenko; Viacheslav Krylenko; George Zodiatis; Marios Nikolaidis; Andreas Nikolaidis
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On-line applications of numerical models in the Black Sea GIS
Author(s): E. Zhuk; A. Khaliulin; G. Zodiatis; A. Nikolaidis; M. Nikolaidis; Stavros Stylianou
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PERSEUS QC: preparing statistic data sets
Author(s): Vladimir Belokopytov; Alexey Khaliulin; Andrey Ingerov; Elena Zhuk; Isaac Gertman; George Zodiatis; Marios Nikolaidis; Andreas Nikolaidis; Stavros Stylianou
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Ground subsidence phenomena in Frakadona, West Thessaly, Greece
Author(s): Paraskevas Tsangaratos; Constantinos Loupasakis; Ioanna Ilia
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TIR time series satellite and field data for seismic anomalies monitoring
Author(s): M. A. Zoran; R. S. Savastru; D. M. Savastru
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Using remote sensing to predict earthquake impacts
Author(s): Asimakis Fylaktos; Anastasia Yfantidou
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Exposure and vulnerability assessment of buildings extracted from lidar derived datasets in Bucao River floodplains, Zambales, Philippines
Author(s): Annie Melinda Paz-Alberto; Gloria N. Ramos; Jo Adrianne Espiritu; Kathrina M. Mapanao; Ranilo B. Lao
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Hydrologic modeling of Guinale River Basin using HEC-HMS and synthetic aperture radar
Author(s): Ferdinand E. Bien; Joanaviva C. Plopenio
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Detection and assessment of flood susceptible irrigation networks in Licab, Nueva Ecija, Philippines using LiDAR DTM
Author(s): R. T. Alberto; P. J. C. Hernando; R. C. Tagaca; A. B. Celestino; G. C. Palado; E. E. Camaso; G. B. Damian
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Mid-term fire danger index based on satellite imagery and ancillary geographic data
Author(s): A. Stefanidou; E. Dragozi; M. Tompoulidou; L. Stepanidou; D. Grigoriadis; T. Katagis; D. Stavrakoudis; I. Gitas
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Remote sensing techniques in monitoring areas affected by forest fire
Author(s): Aikaterini Ch. Karagianni; Maria A. Lazaridou
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Non-supervised method for early forest fire detection and rapid mapping
Author(s): Tomàs Artés; Roberto Boca; Giorgio Liberta; Jesús San-Miguel
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IMPRESS: medical location-aware decision making during emergencies
Author(s): I. Gkotsis; G. Eftychidis; G. Leventakis; M. Mountzouris; D. Diagourtas; A. Kostaridis; R. Hedel; A. Olunczek; S. Hahmann
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VHR satellite imagery for humanitarian crisis management: a case study
Author(s): Gabriele Bitelli; Magdalena Eleias; Francesca Franci; Emanuele Mandanici
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Evaluating horizontal positional accuracy of low-cost UAV orthomosaics over forest terrain using ground control points extracted from different sources
Author(s): Petros Patias; Fotis Giagkas; Charalampos Georgiadis; Giorgos Mallinis; Dimitris Kaimaris; Vassileios Tsioukas
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Analysis of the urban green areas of Nicosia: the case study of Linear Park of Pedieos River
Author(s): Pavlos Zanos; Julia Georgi
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The use of UAS in disaster response operations
Author(s): I. Gkotsis; G. Eftychidis; P. Kolios
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Qualitative assessment of the medieval fortifications condition with the use of remote sensing data (Republic of Tatarstan)
Author(s): Iskander I. Gainullin; Petr V. Khomyakov; Airat G. Sitdikov; Bulat M. Usmanov
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Methodology for heritage conservation in Belgium based on multi-temporal interferometry
Author(s): L. Bejarano-Urrego; E. Verstrynge; M. Shimoni; J. Lopez; J. Walstra; P.-Y. Declercq; D. Derauw; R. Hayen; K. Van Balen
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Endangerment of cultural heritage sites by strong rain
Author(s): Thomas Krauß; Peter Fischer
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Tracing dynamics of relative volumetric soil moisture content using SAR data
Author(s): Daniela Avetisyan; Emiliya Velizarova; Roumen Nedkov
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Predicting heavy metal concentrations in soils and plants using field spectrophotometry
Author(s): V. Muradyan; G. Tepanosyan; Sh. Asmaryan ; L. Sahakyan ; A. Saghatelyan ; T. A. Warner
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Soil spectral measurements in the field: problems and solutions in light of the GEO-CARDEL project
Author(s): E. Ben Dor; Amihai Granot
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Evaluation and intercomparison of GPM-IMERG and TRMM 3B42 daily precipitation products over Greece
Author(s): A. P. Kazamias; M. Sapountzis; K. Lagouvardos
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Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) application to the structural health assessment of large civil engineering structures
Author(s): Carlo A. Castiglioni; Angelo S. Rabuffetti; Gian P. Chiarelli; Giovanni Brambilla; Julia Georgi
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Reflectance and thermal properties of the urban fabric studied with aerial spectral imaging
Author(s): Ingunn Burud; Thomas Thiis; Niki Gaitani
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Geospatial data for assessment of extreme climate impacts on urban environment
Author(s): Dan M. Savastru; Maria A. Zoran; Roxana S. Savastru
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Coastal habitat mapping in the Aegean Sea using high resolution orthophoto maps
Author(s): Konstantinos Topouzelis; Apostolos Papakonstantinou; Michaela Doukari; Panagiotis Stamatis; Despina Makri; Stelios Katsanevakis
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UAS close range remote sensing for mapping coastal environments
Author(s): Apostolos Papakonstantinou; Kostantinos Topouzelis; Michaela Doukari
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Operational use of open satellite data for marine water quality monitoring
Author(s): Panagiotis Symeonidis; Theodoros Vakkas
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Creation of a digital elevation model of the bottom according to echosounding
Author(s): Elena Fedorova
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Estimation of the particle size distribution slope with three methods: implications for the optical backscattering ratio and the bulk refractive index
Author(s): A. P. Karageorgis; P. G. Drakopoulos; S. Chaikalis; N. Spyridakis; S. Psarra
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Remote sensing in detection of geophysical changes in Talisay River, Bataan, Philippines
Author(s): Annie Melinda Paz-Alberto; Edmark P. Bulaong; Ranilo B. Lao; Nicasio C. Salvador; Eleazar V. Raneses
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Assessment of the vulnerability to erosion for the Arctic coast
Author(s): Wojciech Sulisz; Lechoslaw Suszka; Duje Veic; Claudia Wolff; Maciej Paprota; Dawid Majewski
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Development of web-based GIS services for sustainable soil resource management at farm level
Author(s): Antonis Papadopoulos; Chronis Kolovos; Yerasimos Troyanos; Maria Doula
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Predicting soil properties for sustainable agriculture using vis-NIR spectroscopy: a case study in northern Greece
Author(s): Nikolaos L. Tsakiridis; Nikolaos Tziolas; Agathoklis Dimitrakos; Georgios Galanis; Eleftheria Ntonou; Anastasia Tsirika; Evangelia Terzopoulou; Eleni Kalopesa; George C. Zalidis
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Measuring the environmental awareness of young farmers
Author(s): G. Kountios; A. Ragkos; G. Padadavid; D. Hadjimitsis
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Analysis of Joss-Waldvogel disdrometer measurements in rainfall events
Author(s): Elissavet Feloni; Konstantinos Kotsifakis; Nikolaos Dervos; George Giavis; Evangelos Baltas
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The use of UAVs to monitor archeological sites: the case study of Choirokoitia within the PROTHEGO project
Author(s): K. Themistocleous
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Integration of multispectral and SAR data for monitoring forest ecosystems recovery after fire
Author(s): Nataliya Stankova; Roumen Nedkov; Iva Ivanova; Daniela Avetisyan
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Land subsidence phenomena in urbanized areas of Attica observed by applying advanced DinSAR techniques
Author(s): A. Kaitantzian; I. Parcharidis; C. Loupasakis
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Land subsidence susceptibility and hazard mapping: the case of Amyntaio Basin, Greece
Author(s): P. Tzampoglou; C. Loupasakis
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Investigation on the thermographic detection of corrosion in RC structures
Author(s): Elia A. Tantele; Renos A. Votsis; Nicholas Kyriakides; Panagiota G. Georgiou; Fotia G. Ioannou
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Quality enhancement of satellite images and its application for identification of surroundings of waste disposal sites
Author(s): Andrey Richter; Maretta Kazaryan; Mihail Shakhramanyan; Roumen Nedkov; Denitsa Borisova; Nataliya Stankova; Iva Ivanova; Mariana Zaharinova
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Optical hyperspectral measurements of rocks and soils in Central Srednogorie, Bulgaria
Author(s): Denitsa Borisova; Banush Banushev; Doyno Petkov; Roumen Nedkov; Daniela Avetisyan
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Satellite data based approach for the estimation of anthropogenic heat flux over urban areas
Author(s): Theodoros Nitis; George Tsegas; Nicolas Moussiopoulos; Dimitrios Gounaridis; Dimitrios Bliziotis
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Ten years research activities in Earth observation at the Cyprus University of Technology
Author(s): Diofantos G. Hadjimitsis; Kyriacos Themistocleous; Athos Agapiou; Rodanthi Mamouri ; Argyro Nisantzi; Christiana Papoutsa; Marios Tzouvaras; Kyriacos Neoclous; Christodoulos Mettas; Silas Michaelides
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Comparison of MODIS-derived land surface temperature with air temperature measurements
Author(s): Andreas Georgiou; Nuhcan Akçit
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Assessment of modern smartphone sensors performance on vehicle localization in urban environments
Author(s): Theodoros Lazarou; Chris Danezis
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