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Laser Diode Technology and Applications
Editor(s): Luis Figueroa

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Volume Number: 1043
Date Published: 22 June 1989

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Recent Advances In High Power Semiconductor Lasers
Author(s): Don Scifres; William Streifer; David Welch; Masamichi Sakamoto; Gary
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Extremely Low Threshold Ingaasp DFB Laser Diode By The MOCVD/LPE
Author(s): S. Kakimoto; K. Ikeda; H. Namizaki; W. Susaki; K. Shibayama
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Monolithic Four-Beam Semiconductor Laser Array With Built-In Monitoring Photodiodes
Author(s): T. Yamaguchi; K. Yodoshi; K. Minakuchi; Y. Inoue; N. Tabuchi; K. Komeda; H. Hamada; T. Niina
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Focused-Ion-Beam Micromachined Diode Laser Mirrors
Author(s): R. K. DeFreez; J. Puretz; R. A. Elliott; G. A. Crow; H. Ximen; D. J. Bossert; G. A. Wilson; J. Orloff
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Laser-Patterned Desorption Of GaAs In An Inverted Metalorganic Chemical Vapor Deposition Reactor
Author(s): J. E. Epler; D. W. Treat; H. F. Chung; T. L. Paoli
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Monolithically Integrated Two-Dimensional Arrays Of Optoelectronic Threshold Devices For Neural Network Applications
Author(s): J. H. Kim; S. H. Lin; J. Katz; D. Psaltis
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High Power Single Mode Laser Diodes
Author(s): David F. Welch; W. Streifer; D. R. Scifres
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Quantum Well Ridgelayeguidelasersatimised For High Power Single Spatial Mode Applications.
Author(s): D. R. Daniel; D. Buckley; B. Garrett
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Monolithic Two-Dimensional Arrays Of Diode Lasers
Author(s): W. W. Simmons; E. Anderson; L. Eaton; L. Heflinger; J. Huang; M. Jansen; S. S. Ou; M. Sergant; J. Z. Wilcox; J. J. Yang
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Long-Life GaAlAs High-Power Lasers With Nonabsorbing Mirrors
Author(s): Hirokazu Shimizu
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Transverse Mode Controlled Wide-Single-Stripe Lasers By Loading Modal Filters
Author(s): K. Ikeda; K. Shigihara; T. Aoyagi; S. Hinata; Y. Nagai; N. Kaneno; Y. Mihashi; Y. Seiwa; W. Susaki
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Fundamental Lateral-mode Operation in Broad-area Lasers Having Built-in Lens-like Refractive Index Distributions
Author(s): Shin'ichi Nakatsuka; Kimio Tatsuno
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Two-Dimensional Surface-Emitting Arrays Of GaAs/AlgaAs Diode Lasers
Author(s): J. P. Donnelly; K. Rauschenbach; C. A. Wang; W. D. Goodhue; R. J. Bailey
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Mode Control Of An Array Of Algaas Lasers Using A Spatial Filter In A Talbot Cavity
Author(s): F. X. D'Amato; E. T. Siebert; C. Roychoudhuri
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High Power AlgaAs Broad Area Laser Diodes For Light Triggered Thyristor Valve System
Author(s): Shinichi Nakatsuka; Ryuuji Iyotani; Chikara Tanaka
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Optical Cavity Design For Wavelength-Resonant Surface-Emitting Semiconductor Lasers
Author(s): S. R.J. Brueck; M. Y.A. Raja; M. Osinski; C. F. Schaus; M. Mahbobzadeh; J. G. McInerney; K. J. Dahlhauser
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Scanning Single-Slit And Double-Slit Phase Measurements Of Grating Surface Emitter Diode Laser Arrays
Author(s): Stanley L. Reinhold; J. Michael Finlan; John G. Lehman; Scott M. Hamilton
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Phase Control Of Coherent Diode Laser Arrays Using Liquid Crystals
Author(s): Bill Cassarly; J. Michael FinIan; Michael DeJule; Charles Stein
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Coupling Of Index-Guided Lateral Modes In Three-Stripe Gain-Guided Laser Diode Arrays
Author(s): Donald G. Heflinger; Wayne R. Fenner
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Computer Modeling Of GRIN-SCH-SQW Diode Lasers
Author(s): S. R. Chinn; P. S. Zory; A. R. Reisinger
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Semiconductor Laser Stabilization By External Optical Feedback
Author(s): D. R. Hjelme; A. R. Mickelson; R. G. Beausoleil; J. A. McGarvey; R. L. Hagman
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Measurement Of Semiconductor Laser Linewidth Enhancement Factor Using Coherent Optical Feedback
Author(s): Ki-Hyun Chung; John G. McInerney; Marek Osinski
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The Effects Of Fabricational Variations On Quantum Wire Laser Gain Spectra And Performance
Author(s): Hal Zarem; Kerry Vahala; Amnon Yariv
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Design Of Multi Quantum Well Lasers For Surface Emitting Arrays
Author(s): J. Z. Wilcox; W. W. Simmons; G. P. Peterson; J. J. Yang; M. Jansen; S. S. Ou
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Leaky-Guided Channeled Substrate Planar (LCSP) Laser With Reduced Substrate Radiation And Heating
Author(s): S. J. Lee; R. V. Ramaswamy; L. Figueroa
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Short Pulse and High Frequency Signal Generation in Semiconductor Lasers
Author(s): K. Y. Lau
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Laser Based Optoelectronic Integrated Circuits For Communications.
Author(s): R. M. Ash; R. C. Goodfellow; A. C. Carter
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High Performance 1.3 pm Buried Crescent Lasers And LEDs For Fiber Optic Links
Author(s): R. J. Fu; E. Y. Chan; C. S. Hong
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Diode Laser Radar System Analysis And Design For High Precision Ranging
Author(s): Michael de La Chapelle; J. Doyle McClure; Edward J. Vertatschitsch; Raymond G. Beausoleil; James G. Bull; John A. McGarvey
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Compound-Cavity Lasers For Medium Range Lidar Applications
Author(s): D. A. Cohen; Z. M. Chuang; E. M. Strzelecki; L. A. Coldren; K. Y. Liou; C. A. Burrus
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Utilizing GaalAs Laser Diodes As A Source For Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) Coherent Laser Radars
Author(s): Anthony R. Slotwinski; Francis E. Goodwin; Dana L.. Simonson
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Novel Device Functions And Applications Of Two-Electrode Distributed Feedback Lasers
Author(s): K. Y. Liou
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Semiconductor Laser-Based Multi-Channel Analog Video Transmission Using FDM And WDM Over Single Mode Fiber
Author(s): P S Natarajan; P S Venkatesani; C W Lundgren; Chinlonl Lin
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High Stability Frequency And Timing Distribution Using Semiconductor Lasers And Fiber Optic Links
Author(s): George Lutes
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Applications And Requirements Of Laser Diodes For Free-Space Laser Communications
Author(s): David L. Begley
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An All Fibre Laser Low Cost "Rangefinder" For Small Vibration Measurements.
Author(s): Y. N. Ning; B. T. Meggitt; K. T.V. Grattan; A. W. Palmer
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Radiation Pattern Of A Laser Diode Collimator As A Function Of Driving Current And Frequency
Author(s): J. Cabrita Freitas; F. Carvalho Rodrigues; V. M. Silvestre; Rogerio D. Prina; L. Cadete; Mateus Da silva
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High Frequency Characteristics Of 1.3 µm Lasers
Author(s): D. Renner; W. H. Cheng; J. Pooladdej; A.. Appelbaum; K. L. Hess; S. W. Zehr
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The Influence Of In On The Performance Of (Al)GaAs Single Quantum Well Lasers
Author(s): R G Waters; C M Harding; B A Soltz; P K York; J N Baillargeon; J J Coleman; S E Fischer; D Fekete; J M Ballantyne
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Reliability Of Single-Element Diode Lasers For High-Performance Optical Data Storage Applications
Author(s): M. K. Benedict; C. B. Morrison; A. J. Tzou; A. D. Gleckler; D. W. Fried; K. J. Giewont
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Packaging Considerations For Semiconductor Laser Diodes
Author(s): Alan J. Perryman; James D. Regan; Ross T. Elliott
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Opto-Mechanical Packaging For Extended Temperature Performance
Author(s): Scott Enochs
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Self Consistent Heat Load Evaluation Of Laser Diode Modules For High Temperature Operation
Author(s): Eric Y. Chan; C. C. Chen
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Laser Diode Cooling For High Average Power Applications
Author(s): D. Mundinger; R Beach; W Benett; R Sol arz; V Sperry
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Wafer Thin Coolers For Continuous Wave (CW) Aluminum Gallium Arsenide/Gallium Arsenide (A1GaAs/GaAs) Monolithic Linear Diode Laser Arrays
Author(s): S. M.Stazak Kastigar; R. E. Hendron; J. R. Lapinski; G. R. Hertzler
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Screening Test Procedure For Long Life Single Mode Step Index Separate Confinement Heterostructure Single Quantum Well (Sinsch-Sqw) Laser Diodes
Author(s): William Fritz
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