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Metal Vapor Laser Technology and Applications
Editor(s): Jin J. Kim; Randy Kimball; P. Jeffrey Wisoff

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Volume Number: 1041
Date Published: 1 June 1989

Table of Contents
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Metal Vapor Lasers
Author(s): William T. Silfvast
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Measurement Of Ground State Copper Density Using Hook Spectroscopy
Author(s): William A. Molander
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Density Measurements Of The Lower Level Of A Copper Vapor Laser
Author(s): Y. Izawa; T. Shimotsu; Ch. Yamanaka; N. Nakashima; E. Fujiwara; T. Yamanaka; S. Nakai; S. Kuruma; T. Takedi; Y. Ojima
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Radial Excited-State Density Effects In A Small-Bore Copper Vapour Laser
Author(s): Daniel J.W. Brown; R. Kunnemeyer; A. I. McIntosh
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Ground State Depletion In CVL
Author(s): I. Smilanski; S. Gabay; Z. Karni
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Atomic Levels Population And Depopulation Kinetics In Cu-Vapor Laser
Author(s): A. A . Isaev; V. T. Mihkelsoo; G. G. Petrash; V. E. Peet; I V. Ponomarev; A. B. Treshchalov
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Characterization Of Sputtering-Based Unheated Cu[i]I[/i] And Au[i]I[/i] Lasers
Author(s): Rod C. Tobin; Alfred K. Anders; Erol C. Harvey; Stuart C. Rae
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Copper Vapor Lasers: Recent Advances
Author(s): R R. Lewis; G. Maldonado; C. E. Webb
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Parametric Study On The Second Harmonic Generation Of A Copper Vapor Laser
Author(s): K. Kuroda; T Omatsu; T. Shimura; M. Chihara; I. Ogura
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Active Projection Of LCD-TVs With A Copper Vapor Laser Brightness Amplifier
Author(s): T. Shimura; K. Kuroda; T. Omatsu; M. Chihara; I. Ogura; M. Muro
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Copper Bromide Vapors - Image Brightness Amplifier
Author(s): D. N. Astadjov; N. K. Vuchkov; K. Zemskov; A. A. Isaev; M. Kazaryan; G. G. Petrash; N. V. Sabotinov
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Brightness Amplifiers In Optical Systems
Author(s): K. Zemskov; M. Kazaryan; G. G. Petrash
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New Medical Applications Of Metal Vapor Lasers
Author(s): Robert S. Anderson; Alexander I. McIntosh
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Application Of Metal Vapor Lasers For Selective Effect To Pathological Tissues
Author(s): K. Zemskov; A. V. Ivanov; M. Kazaryan; A.Ya. Faenov; V. V. Chvykov
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Wavelength Extension Of Copper Vapour Lasers
Author(s): Mark D. Ainsworth; David W. Coutts; James A. Piper
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The Gain Of The Optically Pumped Copper-Vapor Laser
Author(s): Nackchin Sung; Jin Joong Kim
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High Power And High Efficiency Copper Bromide Lasers
Author(s): N. V. Sabotinov; N. K. Vuchkov; D. N. Astadjov
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A Compact And Efficient He-CdII White Light Laser
Author(s): Wakao Sasaki; Iwao Ebina; Tatehisa Ohta
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A 10-cm Discharge-Length He-ZnII White Light Laser
Author(s): Wakao Sasaki; Kimihiko Itani; Tatehisa Ohta
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Measurement Of A Large Isotope Shift In The Absorption Spectra Of CdI (10p3P° [sub]o/1/2[/sub]-16s[sup]3[/sup]S[sub]1[/sub]) Line Using A 780 Nm Band Algaas Laser Diode
Author(s): Wakao Sasaki; Katsuya Sakata; Hideshi Maruo; Tatehisa Ohta
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Ultraviolet Waveguide Lasers
Author(s): C.Paul Christensen
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Scaling Demonstration Of The XeF (C->A) Laser
Author(s): G. J. Hirst; C. B. Dane; R. Sauerbrey; W. L. Wilson; F. K. Tittel; W. L. Nighan
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Ultraviolet High Power Near Fundamental Mode Output From An Argon Ion Laser With Applications As A Ring Dye Laser Pump Source For Blue And Near UV Dyes
Author(s): Timothy J Johnston
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A New Class Of Ultraviolet Femtosecond Sources
Author(s): M. C. Downer; Glenn Focht; Paul Williams; T. R. Zhang
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High-Power Violet Sr[sup]+[/sup] Recombination Lasers
Author(s): Chris E. Little; James A. Piper
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Review Of Long-Pulse Laser Development
Author(s): Robert C. Sze
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Excimer Lasers: Current Trends And Future Directions
Author(s): J. Reid; G. Bishop; S. Hastie; B. Norris; R. Weeks; E. Williams; T. Znotins
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Excimer Laser In The Kilowatt Range
Author(s): D. Basting; P. Oesterlin; W. Muckenheim; H.J. Kahlert; U. Brinkmann
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Long Optical Pulse Excimer Lasers For Fiber Optic Delivery
Author(s): Rod S. Taylor; Kurt E. Leopold; Robert K. Brimacombe
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Performance Characteristics Of A High PRF And High Power XeCl Discharge Laser
Author(s): M. L. Sentis; P. Delaporte; B. M. Forestier; B. L. Fontaine
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Bipolar Transistor Fabrication Using Gas Immersion Laser Doping
Author(s): Kurt H. Weiner; Thomas W. Sigmon
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Excimer Lasers In Medicine
Author(s): F. K. Tittel; I. S. Saidi; G. H. Pettit; P. J. Wisoff; R. Sauerbrey
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Solid State Excimer Lasers
Author(s): Greg Warwar; Roland Sauerbrey
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Electron Beam Induced Emission From Carbon Plasmas
Author(s): S. Whetstone; T. Kammash
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Deep Blue And Ultraviolet E-Beam Pumped Semiconductor Lasers
Author(s): A. Nasibov; V. Kozlovaky; Ya. Skasyraky
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