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Infrared Remote Sensing and Instrumentation XXV
Editor(s): Marija Strojnik; Maureen S. Kirk
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Volume Number: 10403
Date Published: 17 November 2017

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Front Matter: Volume 10403
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Research on active imaging information transmission technology of satellite borne quantum remote sensing
Author(s): Siwen Bi; Ming Zhen; Song Yang; Xuling Lin; Zhiqiang Wu
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Long wavelength interband cascade lasers on GaSb substrates
Author(s): Anne Schade; Sven Höfling
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Antimonide-based resonant tunneling photodetectors for mid infrared wavelength light detection
Author(s): Fabian Hartmann; Andreas Pfenning; Georg Knebl; Robert Weih; Andreas Bader; Monika Emmerling; Martin Kamp; Sven Höfling; Lukas Worschech
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Trace gas spectroscopy using state-of-the- art mid-infrared semiconductor laser sources: progress, status, and applications
Author(s): F. K. Tittel; R. J. Griffin; N. P. Sanchez; W. Ye; Q. He; H. Zheng; M. Giglio; P. Patimisco; A. Sampaolo; V. Spagnolo
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Mid infrared DFB interband cascade lasers
Author(s): J. Koeth; R. Weih; J. Scheuermann; M. Fischer; A. Schade; M. Kamp; S. Höfling
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A GaAs-based up-converter for mid-infrared detection utilizing quantum cascade transport
Author(s): Zhibiao Hao; Lili Xie; Chao Wang; Yaqi Liu; Lai Wang; Jian Wang; Bing Xiong; Changzheng Sun; Yanjun Han; Hongtao Li; Yi Luo
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High bit depth infrared image compression via low bit depth codecs
Author(s): Evgeny Belyaev; Claire Mantel; Søren Forchhammer
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Observation and analysis of modulation and noise in visible and near infrared diffuse ambient daylight
Author(s): John Kielkopf; Elijah Jensen; Frank O. Clark; Jeffrey R. Hay
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Flexible thermistors: MCNO films with low resistivity and high TCR deposited on flexible organic sheets by RF magnetron sputtering
Author(s): Jing Wu; Zhiming Huang; Lin Jiang; Yanqing Gao; Wei Zhou; Junhao Chu
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Nanoantenna integrated thermomechanical infrared pixels
Author(s): Fei Yi; Ao Yang; Kecheng Yang; Xiaochao Tan; Junyu Li; Huan Liu
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Assessing the GOES-16 ABI solar channels calibration using deep convective clouds
Author(s): Hyelim Yoo; Fangfang Yu; Xiangqian Wu; Haifeng Qian; Robert Iacovazzi
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Preliminary study of the on-orbit radiometric traceability and artifacts for the VIIRS longwave infrared channels during blackbody temperature changes
Author(s): Changyong Cao; Wenhui Wang; Slawomir Blonski; Bin Zhang
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Millikelvin thermal dynamics of infrared scenes: sensitivity limits on optical detection of gas leaks
Author(s): Nathan Hagen
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Utilizing the precessing orbit of TRMM to produce hourly corrections of geostationary infrared imager data with the VIRS sensor
Author(s): Benjamin Scarino; David R. Doelling; Conor Haney; Kristopher Bedka; Patrick Minnis; Arun Gopalan; Rajendra Bhatt
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Rosetta's studies of comet 67P's surface: a review after the end of the mission
Author(s): Gabriele E. Arnold
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The Venus Emissivity Mapper concept
Author(s): Joern Helbert; Ingo Walter; Dennis Wendler; Thomas Widemann; Emmanuel Marcq; Gabriel Guignan; Sabrina Ferrari; Alessandro Maturilli; Nils Mueller; David Kappel; Judit Jaenchen; Mario D'Amore; Anko Boerner; Darby Dyar; Gabriele E. Arnold; Suzanne Smrekar
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Fourier spectrometer TIRVIM/ACS aboard ExoMars 16 orbiter (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Alexei V. Grigoriev; Alexey Shakun; Boris E. Moshkin; Dmitry V. Patsaev; Alexander V. Zharkov; Victor Shashkin; Andrey S. Kungurov; Alexander Santos-Skripko; Fedor G. Martynovich; Igor A. Stupin; Dmitry Merzlyakov; Vladislav Makarov; Oleg Sazonov; Yuryi Nikolskyi; Nikolai I. Ignatiev; Igor A. Maslov; Dmitry Gorinov; Elena Efremenkova; Alexander Terentiev; Oleg Korablev
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Directional ringlet intensity feature transform (DRIFT) based object tracking in IR imagery
Author(s): Evan Krieger; Theus Aspiras; Vijayan K. Asari
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Automatic building change detection through linear feature fusion and difference of Gaussian classification (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Daniel Prince; Vijayan K. Asari
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Spectrum modeling of mid-infrared flare considering realistic measurement environment (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Kiwook Han; Wondong Lee; Jae W. Hahn
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Object parameters optimization on pure and mixed pixels in thermal hyperspectral imagery
Author(s): Xinyuan Miao; Ye Zhang; Junping Zhang; Shengwei Zhong
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Sentinel-5: the new generation European operational atmospheric chemistry mission in polar orbit
Author(s): Abelardo Pérez Albiñana; Matthias Erdmann; Norrie Wright; Didier Martin; Markus Melf; Peter Bartsch; Wolfgang Seefelder
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Tissue characterization by trans-illumination interferometry
Author(s): Brenda Guzman; Marija Strojnik; Guillermo Garcia-Torales; Jorge Flores
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Design and characterization of a low cost CubeSat multi-band optical receiver to map water ice on the lunar surface for the Lunar Flashlight mission
Author(s): Quentin Vinckier; Karlton Crabtree; Christopher G. Paine; Paul O. Hayne; Glenn R. Sellar
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Millimeter-wave/terahertz detection and photonic double-mixing by transistors
Author(s): A. Satou; T. Otsuji
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Generation of ultra-stable signal twins and idler twins by coupled optical parametric oscillators: applications in remote sensing
Author(s): Pengda Hong; Yujie J. Ding
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Thermal pulse propagation in the search of subcutaneous masses
Author(s): Marija Strojnik; Tomaz Kranjc; Michelle K. Scholl
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Noncoding sequence classification based on wavelet transform analysis: part I
Author(s): O. Paredes; M. Strojnik; R. Romo-Vázquez; H. Vélez Pérez; R. Ranta; G. Garcia-Torales; M. K. Scholl; J. A. Morales
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Optical spectral characterization of leaves for endemic species from La Primavera forest
Author(s): R. C. Barragán; Marija Strojnik; Antonio Rodríguez-Rivas; G. Garcia-Torales; Francisco Javier González
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High precision phase-shifter modulator in a shearing interferometric system
Author(s): A. Reynoso-Alvarez; M. Strojnik; G. García-Torales; J. L. Flores-Nuñez
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Differential shearing interferometer
Author(s): Beethoven Bravo-Medina; Guillermo Garcia-Torales; Marija Strojnik; Azael Mora-Nuñez; Eduardo de la Fuente
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Forward and inverse solutions for Risley prism based on the Denavit-Hartenberg methodology
Author(s): A. Beltran-Gonzalez; G. Garcia-Torales; M. Strojnik; J. L. Flores; J. L. Garcia-Luna
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Three-dimensional shape profiling by projection of binary patterns: generated by a deterministic optimization approach
Author(s): Adriana Silva; Antonio Muñoz; Jorge L. Flores; Jesús Villa
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Online 3D measurement by an efficient iterative algorithm
Author(s): Jorge L. Flores; Antonio Muñoz; Marija Strojnik; Sotero Ordoñes; Adan Cruz; G. Garcia-Torales
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Piezoresistive method for a laser induced shock wave detection on solids
Author(s): R. Gonzalez-Romero; G. Garcia-Torales; G. Gomez Rosas; M. Strojnik
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Noncoding sequence classification based on wavelet transform analysis: part II
Author(s): O. Paredes; M. Strojnik; R. Romo-Vázquez; H. Vélez-Pérez; R. Ranta; G. Garcia-Torales; M. K. Scholl; J. A. Morales
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