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UV/Optical/IR Space Telescopes and Instruments: Innovative Technologies and Concepts VIII
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Volume Number: 10398
Date Published: 30 October 2017

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Front Matter: Volume 10398
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Habitable exoplanet imaging mission (HabEx): initial flight system design
Author(s): Farah Alibay; Gary M. Kuan; Keith R. Warfield
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HabEx yield modeling with for systems engineering (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Rhonda M. Morgan; Michael Bottom; Michael Turmon; Bertrand P. Mennesson; Keith Warfield; Dmitry Savransky; Christian Delacroix
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HabEx space telescope optical system
Author(s): Stefan Martin; Mayer Rud; Paul Scowen; Daniel Stern; Joel Nissen; John Krist
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Habitable exoplanet imager optical telescope concept design
Author(s): H. Philip Stahl
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Science and architecture drivers for the HabEx Ultraviolet Spectrograph (UVS)
Author(s): Paul A. Scowen; Daniel Stern; Rachel Somerville; Mayer Rud; Stefan Martin; Matthew Beasley
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Design trade study for a 4-meter off-axis primary mirror substrate and mount for the Habitable-zone Exoplanet Direct Imaging Mission
Author(s): William R. Arnold Sr.; H. Philip Stahl
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The Large UV/Optical/Infrared Surveyor (LUVOIR): Decadal Mission concept design update
Author(s): Matthew R. Bolcar; Steve Aloezos; Vincent T. Bly; Christine Collins; Julie Crooke; Courtney D. Dressing; Lou Fantano; Lee D. Feinberg; Kevin France; Gene Gochar; Qian Gong; Jason E. Hylan; Andrew Jones; Irving Linares; Marc Postman; Laurent Pueyo; Aki Roberge; Lia Sacks; Steven Tompkins; Garrett West
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The Large UV/Optical/Infrared Surveyor (LUVOIR): Decadal Mission concept technology development overview
Author(s): Matthew R. Bolcar
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Dynamic stability with the disturbance-free payload architecture as applied to the Large UV/Optical/Infrared (LUVOIR) Mission
Author(s): Larry D. Dewell; Kiarash Tajdaran; Raymond M. Bell; Kuo-Chia Liu; Matthew R. Bolcar; Lia W. Sacks; Julie A. Crooke; Carl Blaurock
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First-order error budgeting for LUVOIR mission
Author(s): Paul A. Lightsey; J. Scott Knight; Lee D. Feinberg; Matthew R. Bolcar; Stuart B. Shaklan
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LUVOIR backplane thermal architecture development through the composite CTE sensitivity study
Author(s): Sang C. Park; Michael J. Eisenhower; Marcel Bluth; Matthew R. Bolcar; Lee D. Feinberg; J. Scott Knight; David C. Redding
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Ultra-stable segmented telescope sensing and control architecture
Author(s): Lee Feinberg; Matthew Bolcar; Scott Knight; David Redding
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The LUVOIR architecture "A" coronagraph instrument
Author(s): L. Pueyo; N. Zimmerman; M. Bolcar; T. Groff; C. Stark; G. Ruane; J. Jewell; R. Soummer; K. St. Laurent; J. Wang; D. Redding; J. Mazoyer; K. Fogarty; Roser Juanola-Parramon; S. Domagal-Goldman; A. Roberge; O. Guyon; A. Mandell
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The effects of space telescope primary mirror segment errors on coronagraph instrument performance
Author(s): Bijan Nemati; Mark T. Stahl; H. Philip Stahl; Stuart B. Shaklan
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Space technology for directly imaging and characterizing exo-Earths
Author(s): Brendan P. Crill; Nicholas Siegler
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Laser metrology for ultra-stable space-based coronagraphs
Author(s): Joel A. Nissen; Alireza Azizi; Feng Zhao; Shannon Kian G. Zareh; Shanti R. Rao; Jeffrey B. Jewell; Dustin Moore
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Technology advancements for future astronomical missions
Author(s): Arnold A. Barnes III; J. Scott Knight; Paul A. Lightsey; Alex Harwit; Laura Coyle
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Stray light field dependence for large astronomical space telescopes
Author(s): Paul A. Lightsey; Charles W. Bowers
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Cryogenic system for the Origins Space Telescope: cooling a large space telescope to 4K with today's technology
Author(s): M. DiPirro; L. Fantano; E. Canavan; D. Leisawitz; R. Carter; A. Florez; E. Amatucci
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APERTURE, a precise extremely-large reflective telescope using re-configurable element: a progress report
Author(s): R. Coppejans; M. P. Ulmer; D. B. Buchholz; X. Wang; J. Cao; V. L. Coverstone; T. B. Baturalp; K. S. Condron; A. E. O'Donnell; B. E. Harpt; W. H. Reinhardt; M. E. Johnson
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Revolutionary astrophysics using an incoherent synthetic optical aperture
Author(s): Gerard L. Rafanelli; Christopher M Cosner; Susan B. Spencer; Douglas Wolfe; Arthur Newman; Ronald Polidan; Supriya Chakrabarti
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A 4-m evolvable space telescope configured for NASA's HabEx Mission: the initial stage of LUVOIR
Author(s): Charles F. Lillie; Howard A. MacEwen; Ronald S. Polidan; James B. Breckinridge
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Active optics for next generation space telescopes
Author(s): V. Costes; L. Perret; D. Laubier; J. M. Delvit; C. Imbert; L. Cadiergues; C. Faure
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Recent developments in next-generation UV-visible space telescope planning and design
Author(s): Paul A. Scowen; Kevin France; Jason Tumlinson; Stephan McCandliss; Todd Tripp; Jay C. Howk
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The NASA probe-class mission concept, CETUS (Cosmic Evolution Through Ultraviolet Spectroscopy)
Author(s): Sara Heap; William Danchi; James Burge; Kelly Dodson; Anthony Hull; Steven Kendrick; Stephan McCandliss; Gregory Mehle; Lloyd Purves; David Sheikh; Martin Valente; Robert A. Woodruff
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Medium UV/Optical/IR (MUVOIR) observatory concept
Author(s): Gary Matthews
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SYNERGY: an Explorer mission concept for a next-generation ultraviolet survey
Author(s): John W. MacKenty; Jason Tumlinson; Jonathan W. Arenberg; Craig Elder; Adam Gunderson; Steven Warwick; Terri O'Connell; Carlton Wong
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Mirror coatings for large aperture UV optical infrared telescope optics
Author(s): Kunjithapatham Balasubramanian; John Hennessy; Nasrat Raouf; Shouleh Nikzad; Javier Del Hoyo; Manuel Quijada
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Adding EUV reflectance to aluminum-coated mirrors for space-based observation
Author(s): David D. Allred; R. Steven Turley; Stephanie M. Thomas; Spencer G. Willett; Michael J. Greenburg; Spencer B. Perry
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Improved mirror coatings for use in the Lyman Ultraviolet to enhance astronomical instrument capabilities
Author(s): Manuel A. Quijada; Javier del Hoyo; David R. Boris; Scott G. Walton
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Human space flight and future major space astrophysics missions: servicing and assembly
Author(s): Harley Thronson; Bradley M. Peterson; Matthew Greenhouse; Howard MacEwen; Rudranarayan Mukherjee; Ronald Polidan; Benjamin Reed; Nicholas Siegler; Hsiao Smith
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James Webb Space Telescope optical simulation testbed IV: linear control alignment of the primary segmented mirror
Author(s): Sylvain Egron; Rémi Soummer; Charles-Philippe Lajoie; Aurélie Bonnefois; Joseph Long; Vincent Michau; Elodie Choquet; Marc Ferrari; Lucie Leboulleux; Olivier Levecq; Johan Mazoyer; Mamadou N'Diaye; Marshall Perrin; Peter Petrone; Laurent Pueyo; Anand Sivaramakrishnan
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The afocal telescope of the ESA ARIEL mission: analysis of the layout
Author(s): Vania Da Deppo; Kevin Middleton; Mauro Focardi; Gianluca Morgante; Alain Jody Corso; Emanuele Pace; Riccardo Claudi; Giuseppina Micela
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Predictive thermal control applied to HabEx
Author(s): Thomas E. Brooks
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ACCESS: integration and pre-flight performance
Author(s): Mary Elizabeth Kaiser; Matthew J. Morris; Lauren N. Aldoroty; Russell Pelton; Robert Kurucz; Grant O. Peacock; Jason Hansen; Stephan R. McCandliss; Bernard J. Rauscher; Randy A. Kimble; Jeffrey W. Kruk; Edward L. Wright; Joseph D. Orndorff; Paul D. Feldman; H. Warren Moos; Adam G. Riess; Jonathan P. Gardner; Ralph Bohlin; Susana E. Deustua; W. V. Dixon; David J. Sahnow; Saul Perlmutter
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Monitoring solar irradiance from L2 with Gaia
Author(s): E. Serpell
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