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Optics and Photonics for Information Processing XI
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Volume Number: 10395
Date Published: 3 October 2017

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Front Matter: Volume 10395
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Adaptation of spatial resolution for high resolution imaging system
Author(s): Andreas Eckardt; Christian Williges; Ralf Reulke
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Ronchigrams of parabolic concave mirrors by inverse ray-tracing
Author(s): Rigoberto Juarez-Salazar; Carlos Robledo-Sanchez; Fermin Guerrero-Sanchez; Victor H. Diaz-Ramirez; Antonio Barcelata-Pinzon; Gerardo Diaz-Gonzalez
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Radiometric calibration of digital cameras using neural networks
Author(s): Michael Grunwald; Pascal Laube; Martin Schall; Georg Umlauf; Matthias O. Franz
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An optimized knife-edge method for on-orbit MTF estimation of optical sensors using powell parameter fitting
Author(s): Lu Han; Kun Gao; Chen Gong; Zhenyu Zhu; Yue Guo
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Complex wavefront modulation and holographic display using single spatial light modulator
Author(s): Dezhao Kong; Liangcai Cao; Xueju Shen; Hao Zhang; Song Zong; Guofan Jin
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SF-FDTD analysis of a predictive physical model for parallel aligned liquid crystal devices
Author(s): Andrés Márquez; Jorge Francés; Francisco J. Martínez; Sergi Gallego; Mariela L. Alvarez; Eva M. Calzado; Inmaculada Pascual; Augusto Beléndez
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Particle field diagnose using angular multiplexing volume holography
Author(s): Yu Zhao; Zeren Li; Zhenxiong Luo; Li Jun; Jie Zhong; Yan Ye; Shengfu Li; Jianhua Zhu
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On the use of video projectors for three-dimensional scanning
Author(s): Rigoberto Juarez-Salazar; Victor H. Diaz-Ramirez; Carlos Robledo-Sanchez; Gerardo Diaz-Gonzalez
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Light output enhancement for a plastic scintillator using nanofibers
Author(s): Zhangkai J. Cheng; Samuel J. Blake; Phil Vial; Ming Lu; Zdenka Kuncic; Shaghik Atakaramians
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Restoration of degraded images using stereo vision
Author(s): José Enrique Hernández-Beltrán; Victor H. Díaz-Ramírez; Rigoberto Juarez-Salazar
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Modeling apparent color for visual evaluation of camouflage fabrics
Author(s): S. Ramsey; T. Mayo; A. Shabaev; S. G. Lambrakos
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Restoration of motion blurred images
Author(s): Leopoldo N. Gaxiola; Rigoberto Juarez-Salazar; Victor H. Diaz-Ramirez
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Computational reduction of the image sets required in conventional phase shifting methods applied to digital photoelasticity
Author(s): Juan C. Briñez de León; Alejandro Restrepo M.; John W. Branch
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Template-matched filtering for automatic object segmentation in real-life scenes
Author(s): Kenia Picos; Adán Hirales-Carbajal; Victor H. Díaz-Ramírez
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Unassisted reduction and segmentation of large hyperspectral image datasets
Author(s): Leanna N. Ergin; Venkata N. K. Rao Bobba; John F. Turner II
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Visual environment recognition for robot path planning using template matched filters
Author(s): Ulises Orozco-Rosas; Kenia Picos; Víctor H. Díaz-Ramírez; Oscar Montiel; Roberto Sepúlveda
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Optical beam classification using deep learning: a comparison with rule- and feature-based classification
Author(s): Md. Zahangir Alom; Abdul A. S. Awwal; Roger Lowe-Webb; Tarek M. Taha
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Dynamic vehicle guidance by B-spline curves (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Rigoberto Juarez-Salazar; Victor H. Diaz-Ramirez; Edgar Hernandez-Garcia; Jose Ramiro-Ramiro; Marcos A. Alvarez-Trejo
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Road mark recognition using HOG-SVM and correlation
Author(s): Yousri Ouerhani; Ayman Alfalou; Christian Brosseau
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Cognitive approaches for patterns analysis and security applications
Author(s): Marek R. Ogiela; Lidia Ogiela
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Performance evaluation of the multiple-image optical compression and encryption method by increasing the number of target images
Author(s): M. Aldossari; A. Alfalou; C. Brosseau
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A low-light-level video recursive filtering technology based on the three-dimensional coefficients
Author(s): Rongguo Fu; Shu Feng; Tianyu Shen; Hao Luo; Yifang Wei; Qi Yang
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Adaptive noise filtering of sinusoidal signals with unknown nonlinear phase
Author(s): Rigoberto Juarez-Salazar; Victor H. Diaz-Ramirez
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Experimental demonstration of OFDM/OQAM transmission with DFT-based channel estimation for visible laser light communications
Author(s): Jing He; Jin Shi; Rui Deng; Lin Chen
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An improved silhouette for human pose estimation
Author(s): Anthony H. Hawes; Khan M. Iftekharuddin
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Influence of analyzed signals fiber-optic transmission system on spread function of the diffraction grating spectral device
Author(s): Vasily I. Kazakov; Oleg D. Moskaletz; Arthur S. Paraskun; Arseny Yu. Zhdanov
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Acousto-optic modulator as an element of signal processing systems of radio and optical range
Author(s): Vasiliy I. Kazakov; Dmitry O. Moskaletz; Oleg D. Moskaletz; Vasilisa B. Romashova
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An edge detection method with boundary reserved based on non-subsampled contourlet transform for remote sensing imagery
Author(s): Zizheng Hua; Chen Gong; Kun Gao; Su Chen; Yan Lu; Yanqin Jia
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Diffractive lenses in biocompatible photopolymers using LCoS
Author(s): Roberto Fernández; Sergi Gallego; Víctor Navarro-Fuster; Manuel Ortuño; Andrés Márquez; C. Neipp; Augusto Beléndez; Inmaculada Pascual
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Laser radiation scattering by the cement in the process of setting and hardening
Author(s): Peter P. Maksimyak; Mykhaylo P. Gorsky; Andrew P. Maksimyak
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Aerosol detection using lidar-based atmospheric profiling
Author(s): Mohamed I. Elbakary; Hossam M. Abdelghaffar; Kwasi Afrifa; Hesham A. Rakha; Mecit Cetin; Khan M. Iftekharuddin
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Phase demodulation for digital fringe projection profilometry: a review
Author(s): Juana Martinez-Laguna; Rigoberto Juarez-Salazar; Victor H. Diaz-Ramirez
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Polarimetric and diffractive evaluation of 3.74 micron pixel-size LCoS in the telecommunications C-band
Author(s): Mi Wang; Francisco J. Martínez; Andrés Márquez; Yabin Ye; Liangjia Zong; Inmaculada Pascual; Augusto Beléndez
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Classification of cognitive systems dedicated to data sharing
Author(s): Lidia Ogiela; Marek R. Ogiela
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