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Developments in X-Ray Tomography XI
Editor(s): Bert Müller; Ge Wang
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Volume Number: 10391
Date Published: 21 November 2017

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Front Matter: Volume 10391
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Recent trends in high-resolution x-ray tomography
Author(s): Bert Müller
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A comparison study: image-based vs signal-based retrospective gating on microCT
Author(s): Xuan Liu; Phil L. Salmon; Kjell Laperre; Alexander Sasov
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Improving material identification by combining x-ray and neutron tomography
Author(s): Jacob M. LaManna; Daniel S. Hussey; Eli Baltic; David L. Jacobson
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Nanoscale holographic tomography of heart tissue with x-ray waveguide optics
Author(s): M. Reichardt; J. Frohn; M. Töpperwien; J.-D. Nicolas; A. Markus; F. Alves; T. Salditt
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High energy near- and far-field ptychographic tomography at the ESRF
Author(s): Julio C. da Silva; Jan Haubrich; Guillermo Requena; Maxime Hubert; Alexandra Pacureanu; Leonid Bloch; Yang Yang; Peter Cloetens
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Fast and low-dose phase contrast CT with non-microfocal laboratory x-ray sources (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Alessandro Olivo; Paul C. Diemoz; Marco Endrizzi; Charlotte K. Hagen; Fabio A. Vittoria; Alberto Astolfo; Peter R. T. Munro; Peter Modregger; Gibril K. N. Kallon; Dario Basta; Ian Buchanan; Charlotte Maughan Jones; Anna Zamir
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High-resolution grating interferometer for phase-contrast imaging at PETRA III
Author(s): A. Hipp; J. Moosmann; J. Herzen; J. U. Hammel; A. Schreyer; F. Beckmann
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Quantitative phase contrast and X-ray scattering micro-tomography with the 9.2 keV liquid metal jet anode: applications on materials and life science
Author(s): Andreas Balles; Jonas Dittmann; Christian Fella; Randolf Hanke; Simon Zabler
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Tomography with energy dispersive diffraction
Author(s): S. R. Stock; J. S. Okasinski; R. Woods; J. Baldwin; T. Madden; O. Quaranta; A. Rumaiz; T. Kuczewski; J. Mead; T. Krings; P. Siddons; A. Miceli; J. D. Almer
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Microanatomy of the cochlear hook
Author(s): Changyow Claire Kwan; Xiaodong Tan; Stuart R. Stock; Carmen Soriano; Xianghui Xiao; Claus-Peter Richter
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In-situ observation of polymer blend phase separation by x-ray Talbot-Lau interferometer
Author(s): Yanlin Wu; Hidekazu Takano; Atsushi Momose
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Numerical study on simultaneous emission and transmission tomography in the MRI framework
Author(s): Lars Gjesteby; Wenxiang Cong; Ge Wang
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A spectral CT denoising algorithm based on weighted block matching 3D filtering
Author(s): Morteza Salehjahromi; Yanbo Zhang; Hengyong Yu
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Applications of compressed sensing image reconstruction to sparse view phase tomography
Author(s): Ryosuke Ueda; Hiroyuki Kudo; Jian Dong
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Deep learning for low-dose CT
Author(s): Hu Chen; Yi Zhang; Jiliu Zhou; Ge Wang
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Machine learning for micro-tomography
Author(s): Dilworth Y. Parkinson; Daniël M. Pelt; Talita Perciano; Daniela Ushizima; Harinarayan Krishnan; Harold S. Barnard; Alastair A. MacDowell; James Sethian
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Imaging cellular and subcellular structure of human brain tissue using micro computed tomography
Author(s): Anna Khimchenko; Christos Bikis; Gabriel Schweighauser; Jürgen Hench; Alexandra-Teodora Joita-Pacureanu; Peter Thalmann; Hans Deyhle; Bekim Osmani; Natalia Chicherova; Simone E. Hieber; Peter Cloetens; Magdalena Müller-Gerbl ; Georg Schulz; Bert Müller
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Assessment of imaging quality in magnified phase CT of human bone tissue at the nanoscale
Author(s): Boliang Yu; Max Langer; Alexandra Pacureanu; Remy Gauthier; Helene Follet; David Mitton; Cecile Olivier; Peter Cloetens; Francoise Peyrin
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Micro-CT in situ study of carbonate rock microstructural evolution for geologic CO2 storage
Author(s): Y. Zheng; Y. Yang; M. Rogowska; C. Gundlach
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Establishment of metrological traceability in porosity measurements by x-ray computed tomography
Author(s): Petr Hermanek; Simone Carmignato
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Biodegradable magnesium-based implants in bone studied by synchrotron radiation microtomography
Author(s): Julian Moosmann; Berit Zeller-Plumhoff; D. C. Florian Wieland; Silvia Galli; Diana Krüger; Thomas Dose; Hilmar Burmester; Fabian Wilde; Martin Bech; Niccolò Peruzzi; Björn Wiese; Alexander Hipp; Felix Beckmann; Jörg Hammel; Regine Willumeit-Römer
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The NOVA project: maximizing beam time efficiency through synergistic analyses of SRμCT data
Author(s): Sebastian Schmelzle; Michael Heethoff; Vincent Heuveline; Philipp Lösel; Jürgen Becker; Felix Beckmann; Frank Schluenzen; Jörg U. Hammel; Andreas Kopmann; Wolfgang Mexner; Matthias Vogelgesang; Nicholas Tan Jerome; Oliver Betz; Rolf Beutel; Benjamin Wipfler; Alexander Blanke; Steffen Harzsch; Marie Hörnig; Tilo Baumbach; Thomas van de Kamp
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Detector response artefacts in spectral reconstruction
Author(s): Ulrik L. Olsen; Erik D. Christensen; Mohamad Khalil; Yun Gu; Jan Kehres
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Comparison of data processing techniques for single-grating x-ray Talbot interferometer data
Author(s): Shashidhara Marathe; Marie-Christine Zdora; Irene Zanette; Silvia Cipiccia; Christoph Rau
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Micro- and nano-tomography at the DIAMOND beamline I13L imaging and coherence
Author(s): C. Rau; A. Bodey; M. Storm; S. Cipiccia; S. Marathe; M.-C. Zdora; I. Zanette; U. Wagner; D. Batey; X. Shi
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Design of 4D x-ray tomography experiments for reconstruction using regularized iterative algorithms
Author(s): K. Aditya Mohan
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Reduction of metal artifacts in x-ray CT images using a convolutional neural network
Author(s): Yanbo Zhang; Ying Chu; Hengyong Yu
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Deep learning methods for CT image-domain metal artifact reduction
Author(s): Lars Gjesteby; Qingsong Yang; Yan Xi; Hongming Shan; Bernhard Claus; Yannan Jin; Bruno De Man; Ge Wang
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Recent advance in grating-based x-ray phase tomography
Author(s): Atsushi Momose; Hidekazu Takano; Masato Hoshino; Yanlin Wu; Karol Vegso
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Thomson scattering x-ray source: a novel tool for monochromatic computed tomography
Author(s): Zhijun Chi; Yingchao Du; Lixin Yan; Zheng Zhou; Zhen Zhang; Dong Wang; Qili Tian; Hongze Zhang; Jianfei Hua; Jiaru Shi; Wenhui Huang; Huaibi Chen; Chuanxiang Tang
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Development of full-field x-ray phase-tomographic microscope based on laboratory x-ray source
Author(s): H. Takano; Y. Wu; A. Momose
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Sparse reconstruction methods in x-ray CT
Author(s): J. F. P. J. Abascal; M. Abella; C. Mory; N. Ducros; C. de Molina; E. Marinetto; F. Peyrin; M. Desco
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Multispectral x-ray CT: multivariate statistical analysis for efficient reconstruction
Author(s): Mina Kheirabadi; Wail Mustafa; Mark Lyksborg; Ulrik Lund Olsen; Anders Bjorholm Dahl
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Removing ring artefacts from synchrotron radiation-based hard x-ray tomography data
Author(s): Peter Thalmann; Christos Bikis; Georg Schulz; Pierre Paleo; Alessandro Mirone; Alexander Rack; Stefan Siegrist; Emre Cörek; Jörg Huwyler; Bert Müller
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Comparison of different phase retrieval algorithms
Author(s): Rolf Kaufmann; Mathieu Plamondon; Jürgen Hofmann; Antonia Neels
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Nonlinear problems in fast tomography
Author(s): William R. B. Lionheart; Sophia B. Coban
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Grating-based tomography applications in biomedical engineering
Author(s): Georg Schulz; Peter Thalmann; Anna Khimchenko; Bert Müller
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Using SRuCT to define water transport capacity in Picea abies
Author(s): Silke Lautner; Claudia Lenz; Jörg Hammel; Julian Moosmann; Michael Kühn; Michele Caselle; Matthias Vogelgesang; Andreas Kopmann; Felix Beckmann
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High-contrast x-ray microtomography in dental research
Author(s): Graham Davis; David Mills
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Imaging of the human tooth cementum ultrastructure of archeological teeth, using hard x-ray microtomography to determine age-at-death and stress periods
Author(s): Gabriela Mani-Caplazi; Georg Schulz; Hans Deyhle; Gerhard Hotz; Werner Vach; Ursula Wittwer-Backofen; Bert Müller
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Development of high energy micro-tomography system at SPring-8
Author(s): Kentaro Uesugi; Masato Hoshino
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A Kullback-Leibler approach for 3D reconstruction of spectral CT data corrupted by Poisson noise
Author(s): Tom Hohweiller; Nicolas Ducros; Françoise Peyrin; Bruno Sixou
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Characterization of a spectroscopic detector for application in x-ray computed tomography
Author(s): Alex A. Dooraghi; Brian J. Fix; Jerel A. Smith; William D. Brown; Stephen G. Azevedo; Harry E. Martz
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Integrated control system environment for high-throughput tomography
Author(s): Igor Khokhriakov; Lars Lottermoser; Felix Beckmann
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Innervation of the cow’s inner ear derived from micro-computed tomography
Author(s): Loic Costeur; Bastien Mennecart; Anna Khimchenko; Bert Müller; Georg Schulz
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