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Target Diagnostics Physics and Engineering for Inertial Confinement Fusion VI
Editor(s): Jeffrey A. Koch; Gary P. Grim
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Volume Number: 10390
Date Published: 10 January 2018

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Front Matter: Volume 10390
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Design of a line-VISAR interferometer system for the Sandia Z Machine
Author(s): J. Galbraith; K. Austin; J. Baker; R. Bettencourt; E. Bliss; J. Celeste; T. Clancy; S. Cohen; M. Crosley; P. Datte; D. Fratanduono; G. Frieders; J. Hammer; J. Jackson; D. Johnson; M. Jones; D. Koen; J. Lusk; A. Martinez; W. Massey; T. McCarville; H. McLean; K. Raman; S. Rodriguez; D. Spencer; P. Springer; J. Wong
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An optically passive method that doubles the rate of 2-Ghz timing fiducials
Author(s): R. Boni; J. Kendrick; C. Sorce
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Signal de-embedding when standard two-port VNA measurements are not possible
Author(s): A. Wargo; B. V. Beeman; C. Brown; P. Bell
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Recording system upgrade for the Dante x-ray diagnostic on the National Ignition Facility
Author(s): B. V. Beeman; A. S. Moore; A. Wargo; P. Bell; W. Widmann; T. Clancy; F. Barbosa; B. Prat; V. Allouche
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Radiation effects on active camera electronics in the target chamber at the National Ignition Facility
Author(s): M. Dayton; P. Datte; A. Carpenter; M. Eckart; A. Manuel; H. Khater; D. Hargrove; P. Bell
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X-ray doppler velocimetry for diagnosis of fluid motion in ICF implosions
Author(s): J. A. Koch; J. A. King; E. Huffman; R. R. Freeman; E. C. Dutra; J. E. Field; J. D. Kilkenny; G. N. Hall; E. Harding; G. A. Rochau; J. L. Porter; A. M. Covington; F. N. Beg
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On the design of the NIF Continuum Spectrometer
Author(s): D. B. Thorn; A. MacPhee; J. Ayers; J. Galbraith; C. M. Hardy; N. Izumi; D. K. Bradley; L. A. Pickworth; B. Bachmann; B. Kozioziemski; O. Landen; D. Clark; M. B. Schneider; K. W. Hill; M. Bitter; S. Nagel; P. M. Bell; S. Person; H. Y. Khater; C. Smith; J. Kilkenny
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Design and characterization of an improved, 2 ns, multi-frame imager for the Ultra-Fast X-ray Imager (UXI) program at Sandia National Laboratories
Author(s): L. Claus; T. England; L. Fang; G. Robertson; M. Sanchez; D. Trotter; A. Carpenter; M. Dayton; P. Patel; J. L. Porter
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X-ray penumbral imaging diagnostic developments at the National Ignition Facility
Author(s): B. Bachmann; H. Abu-Shawareb; N. Alexander; J. Ayers; C. G. Bailey; P. Bell; L. R. Benedetti; D. Bradley; G. Collins; L. Divol; T. Döppner; S. Felker; J. Field; A. Forsman; J. D. Galbraith; C. M. Hardy; T. Hilsabeck; N. Izumi; C. Jarrot; J. Kilkenny; S. Kramer; O. L. Landen; T. Ma; A. MacPhee; N. Masters; S. R. Nagel; A. Pak; P. Patel; L. A. Pickworth; J. E. Ralph; C. Reed; J. R. Rygg; D. B. Thorn
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X-ray calibration and characterization at National Security Technologies, LLC Livermore Operations
Author(s): James A. King; Michael J. Haugh; Richard R. Freeman; Kenneth D. Jacoby; Gabe Torres; Peter Torres; Patrick Hillyard; Jeffrey A. Koch
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Pulsed x-ray sources for characterization of gated framing cameras
Author(s): Catalin V. Filip; Jeffrey A. Koch; Richard R. Freeman; James A. King
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System design of the NIF Neutron Imaging System North Pole
Author(s): V. E. Fatherley; S. H. Batha; C. R. Danly; L. A. Goodwin; H. W. Herrmann; H. J. Jorgenson; J. I. Martinez; F. E. Merrill; J. A. Oertel; D. W. Schmidt; P. L. Volegov; C. A. Wilde; D. N. Fittinghoff; M. J. Ayers; D. A. Barker; G. P. Grim; R. L. Hibbard; N. D. Shingleton; M. A. Vitalich
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Fielding the LANL Gas Cherenkov Detector (GCD-3) at the National Ignition Facility: The engineering challenges of designing, analyzing, fabricating, testing, and commissioning the next-generation GCD detector and WellDIM3.9m insertion manipulator for use at NIF
Author(s): Frank E. Lopez; Hans W. Herrmann; Ramon J. Leeper; Steve H. Batha; John A. Oertel; Jeffrey R. Griego; Brian C. Steinfeld; Paul J. Polk; Lynne A. Goodwin; Valerie E. Fatherley; Thomas N. Archuleta; Robert J. Aragonez; Benjamin J. Pederson; John R. Celeste; Robin L. Hibbard; Arthur C. Carpenter; Jose E. Hernandez; Jorge A. Carrera; Hesham Y. Khater; Eric L. Downing; Nicholas L. St. Hilaire; Shiva Sitaraman
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Large Area Solid Radiochemistry (LASR) collector at the National Ignition Facility
Author(s): Cory Waltz; Narek Gharibyan; Mike Hardy; Dawn Shaughnessy; Don Jedlovec; Cal Smith
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Development of the real-time neutron activation diagnostic system for NIF
Author(s): Jaben R. Root; Donald R. Jedlovec; Ellen R. Edwards; Charles B. Yeamans; Tony Golod; Jose Hernandez; Phil Adams; Gordon Brunton
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Implementation of the next-generation Gas Cherenkov Detector at the National Ignition Facility
Author(s): J. A. Carrera; H. W. Herrmann; H. Y. Khater; A. C. Carpenter; B. V. Beeman; J. E. Hernandez; S. Sitaraman; F. E. Lopez; A. B. Zylstra; J. R. Griego; Y. H. Kim; S. A. Gales; C. J. Horsfield; J. S. Milnes; J. D. Hares
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Solid state streak camera prototype electronic performance testing and characterization
Author(s): Y. P. Opachich; Q. Looker; L. MacNeil; A. Alarie; M. W. Kimmel; J. Long; D. Max; J. W. Stahoviak; V. Tran; C. Wolf; T. Waltman; J. L. Porter
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