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Scanning Imaging
Editor(s): Tony Wilson

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Volume Number: 1028
Date Published: 9 February 1989

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Overview Of Coherent Oiptics Aulications In Metrology
Author(s): Jean Ebbeni
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Pupil Filters In Confocal Imaging
Author(s): Zoltan S. Hegedus
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Axial Resolution Of A Confocal Scanning Optical Microscope
Author(s): Marlo J. Offside; Chung Wah See; Michael G. Somekh
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Spherical Aberration In Confocal Microscopy
Author(s): T. Hellmuth; P. Seidel; A. Siegel
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Inverse Problems In Fluorescence Confocal Scanning Microscopy
Author(s): M. Bertero; P. Boccacci; E. R. Pike
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Modelling Of 3-D Confocal Imaging At High Numerical Aperture In Fluorescence
Author(s): H. T. M. van der Voort; G. J. Brakenhoff
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Theoretical And Experimental Research On Super-Resolution Of Microscopes I. Partially Coherent Illumination And Resolving Power
Author(s): Chang-ming Ma; Robin W. Smith
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A Scanning Differential Optical System For Simultaneous Phase And Amplitude Measurement
Author(s): Roland K. Appel; Chun Wah See; Michael G. Somekh
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Excentration Errors Combined With Wavefront Aberration In A Coherent Scanning Microscope
Author(s): A. M. Hamed
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Optimization Of Recording Conditions In Laser Scanning Microscopy
Author(s): Tobias Damm; Michael Kaschke; Uwe Stamm
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Phase-Shifting And Fourier Transforming For Sub-Micron Linewidth Measurement
Author(s): Yiping Xu; Evelyn Hu; Glen Wade
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Measurement Of The Degree Of Coherence In Conventional Microscopes
Author(s): Andreas Glindemann
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Confocal Interference Microscopy
Author(s): Colin J.R Sheppard; Douglas K. Hamilton; Hubert J. Matthews
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Confocal And Conventional Modes In Tandem Scanning Reflected Light Microscopy
Author(s): Alan Boyde
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Imaging Theory For The Scanning Optical Microscope
Author(s): G. S. Kino; C-H. Chou; G. Q. Xiao
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Phase Imaging In Scanning Optical Microscopes
Author(s): T. R. Cork; G. S. Kino
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In Vivo Confocal Imaging Of The Eye Using Tandem Scanning Confocal Microscopy (TSCM):
Author(s): James V. Jester; H. Dwight Cavanagh; Michael A. Lemp
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Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy For Ophthalmology
Author(s): G . Zinser; R W . Wijnaendts-van-Resandt; C Ihriq
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Scanning Microscope For Optically Sectioning The Living Cornea
Author(s): Barry R. Masters
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Confocal Fluorescence Microscopes For Biological Research
Author(s): Ernst H.K. Stelzer; Reiner Stricker; Reinhard Pick; Clemens Storz; Pekka Hanninen
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An Apparatus For Laser Scanning Microscopy And Dynamic Testing Of Muscle Cells
Author(s): Ian Hunter; Serge Lafontaine; Poul Nielsen; Peter Hunter
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Laser Scanning Microscopy To Study Molecular Transport In Single Cells
Author(s): Manfred Scholz; Heinrich Sauer; Hans-Peter Rihs; Reiner Peters
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Confocal Fluorescence Microscopy Of Epithelial Cells
Author(s): Ernst H. K. Stelzer; Robert Bacallao
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Inverted Confocal Microscopy For Biological And Material Applications
Author(s): G. J. Brakenhoff; R W. Wijnaendts-van-Resandt; J. Engelhardt; W. Knebel; H. T. M. van der Voort
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Applications Of The Microscope System LSM
Author(s): Hans-Georg Kapitza; Volker Wilke
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Photoluminescence And Optical Beam Induced Current Imaging Of Defects
Author(s): P. D. Pester; T. Wilson
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Minority Carrier Lifetime Mapping In Gallium Arsenide By Time-Resolved Photoluminescence Scanning Microscopy
Author(s): Thomas A. Louis
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Topography Of GaAs/AlgaAs Heterostructures Using The Lateral Photo Effect
Author(s): P. F. Fontein; P. Hendriks; J. Wolter; A. Kucernak; R. Peat; D. E. Williams
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Scanning Laser Photocurrent Spectroscopy Of Electrochemically Grown Bismuth Sulphide Films
Author(s): Anthony R. Kucernaki; Robert Peat; David E. Williams
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Circuit Analysis In ICS Using The Scanning Laser Microscope
Author(s): J. Quincke; E. Plies; J. Otto
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An Automated Latch-Up Measurement System Using A Laser Scanning Microscope
Author(s): J. Fritz; R. Lackmann; B. Rix
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Infrared Laser Scan Microscope
Author(s): Eberhard Ziegler; Hans Peter Feuerbaum
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Computerized Surface Plasmon Microscopy
Author(s): Eric M. Yeatman; Eric A. Ash
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Computerized analysis Of high resolution images by scanning acoustic microscopy
Author(s): Daniele D. Giusto; Bruno Bianco; Andrea Cambiaso; Massimo Grattarola; Mariateresa Tedesco
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Semiconductor Laser Digital Scanner
Author(s): H. Sekii; A. Fujimoto; T. Takagi; K. Imanaka; M. Shimura
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Measurements Of Optical Waveguides By A Near-Field Scanning Technique
Author(s): Jerzy Helsztynski; Tadeusz W. Kozek
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Reflectance And Optical Contrast Of Old Manuscripts: Wavelength Dependence
Author(s): Julian Bescos; Francisco Jaque; Luis Montoto
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A Novel Opto-Electronic Method Of Position Measurement.
Author(s): Stephen Gergely; Andrew J. Syson
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