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Image Processing II
Editor(s): Peter J.S. Hutzler; Andre J. Oosterlinck

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Volume Number: 1027
Date Published: 2 March 1989

Table of Contents
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Overview Of Coherent Optics Applications In Metrology
Author(s): Jean Ebbeni
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Imaging Characteristics Of Electronic Imaging Systems
Author(s): Michael A. Kriss
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New High Resolution And High Sensitivity Image Sensor
Author(s): Uwe Feddern
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A Device For Non-Volatile Storage Of Image Information
Author(s): M. S. Shivaraman; Olof Engstrom
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Parameters Controlling The Design Of A Pyroelectric PVDF Matrix Array
Author(s): Vui V. Pham; Daniel Esteve; Essaid Bousbiat; Jean Farre; Rene Leguerre; Jean Simonne
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An Accurate Method For Measuring The Spatial Resolution Of Integrated Image Sensors
Author(s): J. Glasser; J. Vaillant; F. Chazallet
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Intelligent Microprogrammed Solid State Camera
Author(s): M. Brandenbusch; W. Heering
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Application Of The Thomson-CSF TH 7884 CCD Matrix Sensor For The Imaging Spectrometer ROSIS
Author(s): Robert Buschner; Dirk Viehmann
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Parallel Processing Of Attributes Of Digital Lines
Author(s): Jurgen Saedler
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Video-Rate Labeling Processor
Author(s): Masatoshi Komeichi; Yoshiyuki Ohta; Toshiyuki Gotoh; Toshiya Mima; Masumi Yoshida
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VME boards perform high speed spatial warping
Author(s): Shep Siegel; Bob Goetz-Greenwald
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A Real-Time Image Acquisition And Processing System For A RISC-Based Microcomputer
Author(s): Adrian J. Luckman; Nigel M. Allinson
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Parallel Image Processing On The SIMD-Type Associative Computer System
Author(s): Marian Vajtersic; Maria Lucka
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On-Line Fringe Analysis By Real-Time Phase-Shift-Processing
Author(s): Bernd Breuckmann; Peter Janke; Thomas Hermann
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Interactive Astrocamera For Space Manned Flights
Author(s): Lachezar G. Filipov; Peter v. Petrov; Christo D. Lukarsky; Parashkev A. Grancharov; Victor V. Christov; Iren I. Arshinkova; Nikita S. DiMitrov; Leonid N. Georgiev; I van S. Parov; Valery K. Golev
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An Iterative Halftone Process
Author(s): Manfred Broja; Frank Wyrowski; Olof Brvnadahl
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Quantitative Luminance And Colour Representation With CRT Displays
Author(s): Hans Brettel
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On Principles Of Motion Analysis In Real Time
Author(s): Erik Granum; Henrik I. Christensen
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Calculation Of Surface Position And Orientation From A Single Shaded Image
Author(s): Byungii Kim; Peter Burger
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Phase Introduction In Binary Image Encoding
Author(s): Ralf Mrusel; Dieter Just; Olof Bryngdahl
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Digital Processing Of Stereo Images And 3-D Reconstruction Techniques
Author(s): V. Cappellini; L Alparone; G. Capanni; R . Carla; G. Galli; P Lange; A Mecocci; L. Menichetti
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Pattern Recognition Using Statistical Properties Of Sectors Of An Image
Author(s): Dejan V. Pantelio; Zoran D. Janevski
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A Tentative Application Of Morphological Filters To Time-Varying Images
Author(s): D. Billard; B. Poquillon
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Curve Enhancement Using Rule-Based Relaxation
Author(s): Philipp W. Besslich; Henning Bassmann
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Karhunen-Loeve Algorithm For Time-Rescaled Gaussian Processes
Author(s): Claudio Maccone
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The Dynamic Range Of Individual Images Improved By Cross-Correlation
Author(s): J.Rainer Kramm; H.Uwe Keller; Nicolas Thomas
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An FFT Method To Optimize The Removal Of Coherent Noise In Small And Large Images
Author(s): J.Rainer Kramm; H.Uwe Keller
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Recognition Of Complex Graphical Objects
Author(s): P. Puliti; G. Tascini
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Improvement In Feature Interpretation By Means Of Polar Coding
Author(s): Vojislav Divljakovio; BoZidar Vojnovie; Davor Tornic
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Generalized Invariant Moment Theory And Image Recognition
Author(s): Zhan He; Ying Zhou; Zhen-pei Cheng
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The Interval Probability Density As A Tool For Image Classification
Author(s): M. P. Cagigal; C. Camara
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Merging Of Different Segmentation Techniques For Cell Image Recognition
Author(s): Sebastiano B. Serpico; Gianni Vernazza; Silvana Dellepiane
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Sar Image Processing For Classification Purposes
Author(s): D. D. Giusto; E. Parodi; G. Risaliti; G. Vernazza
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Nommiter Simulation Of Space Encounters With Dark Bodies
Author(s): G. Longo; L. Errico; L. Matticari
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X-Ray Absorption Analysis By Image Processing Techniques
Author(s): Wolfgang Trinkies; Bernd-H. Muller; Wolfgang Wiethaup
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Application Of 2-D Digital Image Processing Techniques In The Study Of Internal Structures Of The Polymers
Author(s): Ji-zong Wu; Wen-yao Liu; Han-lin Zhuang
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Photocarrier Image Processing Software System
Author(s): Du Bin; Wang Rupeng; Chen Shiming
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Coherent Optical Correlation For Defocused Images Recognition
Author(s): Paolo Sirotti; Ennio Tofful
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Shading Correction And The Accuracy Of Image Measurement
Author(s): Pekka V. Tuovinen
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Digital Image Reception Using Multifrequency / Multiphase Signals And Coherent Detection
Author(s): Daniel C. Bukofzer
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Real-Time Distortion Correction Of Digital X-Ray II/TV Systems: An Application Example
Author(s): P. Haaker; E. Klotz; R. Koppe; R. Linde
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A Portable Fingerprint Detection Apparatus By Using Laser Beam
Author(s): Akira Torao; Takayuki Yanagimoto; Susumu Moriya; Yuichiro Asano; Yoshihiro Kawai; Kunio Kurita
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