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Semiconductor Lasers
Editor(s): Gerard A. Acket

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Volume Number: 1025
Date Published: 5 April 1989

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Trends In Materials Processing With Laser Radiation
Author(s): G. Herziger; E. W. Kreutz
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Optics For Diode Lasers
Author(s): Dick C. van Eck
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Design Of Bragg-Reflector Surface-Emitting Lasers
Author(s): Roel Baets; Lu Zu Kang
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Irregular Spectral Behavior Measured With DFB-Lasers
Author(s): R. Ries; F. Sporleder
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Ridge Waveguidc DFB Laser Operating At = 1.5 µm Fabricated In A Single Step Epitaxial Growth
Author(s): Luuk F. Tiemeyer; Hans J. Binsma; Harry A. van Zantvoort; Ingrid A. Baele; Teus van Dongen; Geert L. van der Hofstad
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Influence of Broadening and Barrier Recombination on the Operation of Short-Wavelength GaAs/AlGaAs Quantum Well Lasers
Author(s): Alicia I. Kucharska; Peter Blood; E. Dennis Fletcher
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Index-guided GaAs/AlGaAs quantum well lasers grown by MOVPE
Author(s): Henk F. J. van't Blik; Jolein H. J. M. Boerrigter-Lammers; Ad Valster; Gerard A. Acket
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Experimental Comparison Of Planar Buried-Ridge-Structure (PBRS) Laser Diodes With Bridge-Contacted PBRS Laser Diodes
Author(s): Wolfgang Thulke; Anton Zach
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Phase-Locked Index-Guided Semiconductor Laser Arrays
Author(s): Ronald R. Drenten; Jan Opschoor; Carel J. van der Poel; Cornelis J. Reinhoudt; Adriaan Valster; Gerard A. Acket
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Numerical Analysis Of Transverse Mode Competition In Ridge Waveguide Semiconductor Lasers
Author(s): Ivan A. Maio
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Analysis And Simulation Of The Dynamic Behaviour Of A Sc Optical Amplifier In Switching
Author(s): S. Ruiz-Moreno; R. Jane; A. Calzada
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Asymmetric Behavior Of Counterpropagating Beams In Semiconductor Lasers With A Phase-Conjugate Mirror
Author(s): Nathalie McCarthy; Yves Champagne; Real Tremblay
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A Microscopic Approach To Amplitude Modulation With Small Signal Of Current
Author(s): G . Chiaretti; M . Brambilla; M. Milani
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Structural And Compositional Characterization Of Semiconductor Multilayers By Modulation Spectroscopies.
Author(s): Chris Van Hoof; Douglas J. Arent; Jo De Boeck; Kristin Deneffe; Gustaaf Borghs
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