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Smart Sensors, Actuators, and MEMS VIII
Editor(s): Luis Fonseca; Mika Prunnila; Erwin Peiner
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Volume Number: 10246
Date Published: 11 July 2017

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Front Matter: Volume 10246
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
MEMS microphone innovations towards high signal to noise ratios (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Alfons Dehé
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Multiscale numerical study on ferroelectric nonlinear response of PZT thin films (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Hiroki Wakabayashi; Yasutomo Uetsuji; Kazuyoshi Tsuchiya
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Fluid-structure interaction modelling of the roof tile-shaped modes in piezoelectric plate microresonators
Author(s): V. Ruiz-Díez; J. Toledo; J. Hernando-García; G. Pfusterschmied; U. Schmid; J. L. Sánchez-Rojas
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Optimal design of a microgripper-type actuator based on AlN/Si heterogeneous bimorph
Author(s): D. Ruiz; A. Díaz-Molina; O. Sigmund; A. Donoso; J. C. Bellido; J. L. Sánchez-Rojas
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Topologically optimised flexure hinge based XY stage
Author(s): Adil Han Orta; Evren Samur; Cetin Yilmaz
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Modeling high signal-to-noise ratio in a novel silicon MEMS microphone with comb readout
Author(s): Johannes Manz; Alfons Dehe; Gabriele Schrag
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An FE model of a cellular polypropylene: exploring mechanical properties
Author(s): Pavlos Sgardelis; Michele Pozzi
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Efficient fluid transport by a bionically inspired micro-flapper: fluidic investigations using fully coupled finite element simulation
Author(s): R. Behlert; G. Schrag; G. Wachutka
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Development of a lab-on-chip electrochemical immunosensor for detection of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) in environmental water
Author(s): Shifa Felemban; Patricia Vazquez; Jan Dehnert; Vadim Goridko; Maria Tijero; Eric Moore
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Gravimetric humidity sensor based on ZnO nanorods covered piezoresistive Si microcantilever
Author(s): Jiushuai Xu; Maik Bertke; Xiaojing Li; Alaaeldin Gad; Hao Zhou; Hutomo Suryo Wasisto; Erwin Peiner
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MEMS-based array for hydrogen sulfide detection employing a phase transition
Author(s): B. Bierer; C. Dinc; H. Gao; J. Wöllenstein; S. Palzer
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Direct measurement for organic solvents diffusion using ultra-sensitive optical resonator
Author(s): Amir R. Ali; Catherine M. Elias
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Inkjet-printed dissolved oxygen and pH sensors on flexible plastic substrates
Author(s): A. Moya; M. Zea; E. Sowade; R. Villa; E. Ramon; R. R. Baumann; G. Gabriel
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Wax microfluidics light-addressable valve with multiple actuation
Author(s): M. Díaz-González; G. Boix; C. Fernández-Sánchez; A. Baldi
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Development of biosensors for non-invasive measurements of heart failure biomarkers in saliva
Author(s): Albert Alcacer; Angelos Streklas; Abdoullatif Baraket; Nadia Zine; Abdelhamid Errachid; Joan Bausells
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MEMS direction finding acoustic sensor
Author(s): Gamani Karunasiri; Fabio Alves; William Swan
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A multi-functional MEMS-SPM for quantitative characterization of nano-objects
Author(s): Zhi Li; Sai Gao; Uwe Brand; Karla Hiller; Nicole Wollschläger; Xianghui Zhang
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Asymmetric resonance response analysis of a thermally excited silicon microcantilever for mass-sensitive nanoparticle detection
Author(s): Maik Bertke; Gerry Hamdana; Wenze Wu; Hutomo Suryo Wasisto; Erwin Peiner
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Thermoelectric bolometers based on silicon membranes
Author(s): Aapo Varpula; Andrey V. Timofeev; Andrey Shchepetov; Kestutis Grigoras; Jouni Ahopelto; Mika Prunnila
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Oscillator circuit for monitoring the gas damping effect of piezoelectric microresonators
Author(s): J. Toledo; V. Ruiz-Díez; P. Schwarz; H. Seidel; J. L. Sánchez-Rojas
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Comparative assessment of PVDF and PVDF-TrFE piezoelectric polymers for flexible actuators applications
Author(s): G. Gutiérrez-Sánchez; J. Hernando-García; Victor Ruiz-Diez; O. J. Dura; M. A. López de la Torre; J. L. Sánchez-Rojas
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Thin film system with integrated load and temperature sensors for the technical application in deep drawing process
Author(s): Saskia Biehl; Nancy Paetsch; Eike Meyer-Kornblum
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Low cost nanomechanical surfaces stress based sensors fabricated by hybrid materials
Author(s): P. Escudero; J. Yeste; R. Villa; M. Alvarez
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Zirconium diboride thin films for use in high temperature sensors and MEMS devices
Author(s): David M. Stewart; George P. Bernhardt; Robert J. Lad
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FT-IR analysis of high temperature annealing effects in a-SiC:H thin films
Author(s): Tobias Frischmuth; Michael Schneider; Thomas Grille; U. Schmid
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Micro solid oxide fuel cells: a new generation of micro-power sources for portable applications
Author(s): Francesco Chiabrera; Iñigo Garbayo; Nerea Alayo; Albert Tarancón
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Alkaline fuel cell with nitride membrane
Author(s): Shen-Huei Sun; Moritz Pilaski; Jens Wartmann; Florian Letzkus; Benedikt Funke; Georg Dura; Angelika Heinzel
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Parameter identification from frequency response of MEMS energy harvesters
Author(s): Binh Duc Truong; Cuong Phu Le; Einar Halvorsen
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Powering a leadless pacemaker using a PiezoMEMS energy harvester
Author(s): Nathan Jackson; Oskar Olszewski; Cian O'Murchu; Alan Mathewson
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Designing, modelling and testing of vibration energy harvester with nonlinear stiffness
Author(s): Ondrej Rubes; Zdenek Hadas
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Comparison of methods for static charge energy harvesting on aircraft
Author(s): M. E. Kiziroglou; Th. Becker; E. M. Yeatman; U. Schmid; J. W. Evans; P. K. Wright
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Improved thermal and electrical design for an all-Si thermoelectric micropower source
Author(s): I. Donmez; M. Salleras; C. Calaza; G. Gadea; A. Morata; A. Tarancón; L. Fonseca
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Integrated TiN coated porous silicon supercapacitor with large capacitance per foot print
Author(s): Kestutis Grigoras; Leif Grönberg; Jouni Ahopelto; Mika Prunnila
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Programmable differential capacitance-to-voltage converter for MEMS accelerometers
Author(s): G. Royo; C. Sánchez-Azqueta; C. Gimeno; C. Aldea; S. Celma
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Robust design of an inkjet-printed capacitive sensor for position tracking of a MOEMS-mirror in a Michelson interferometer setup
Author(s): Lisa-Marie Faller; Hubert Zangl
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Universal and inductorless DC/DC converter for multi-output power supplies in sensor and actuator networks
Author(s): Sergio Saponara; Gabriele Ciarpi
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Anti-collision radio-frequency identification system using passive SAW tags
Author(s): A. V. Sorokin; A. P. Shepeta
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Mini- and microgenerators applicable in the MEMS technology
Author(s): P. Fiala; Z. Szabo; P. Marcon; Z. Roubal
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Modeling the microstructure of surface by applying BRDF function
Author(s): Kamil Plachta
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Actuation control of a PiezoMEMS biomimetic robotic jellyfish
Author(s): Alvaro Alejandre; Oskar Olszewski; Nathan Jackson
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MEMS-based seed generator applied to a chaotic stream cipher
Author(s): M. Garcia-Bosque; A. Pérez; C. Sánchez-Azqueta; G. Royo; S. Celma
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Analyses of electromagnetic and piezoelectric systems for efficient vibration energy harvesting
Author(s): Z. Hadas; J. Smilek; O. Rubes
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Gold/polypyrrole nanorods for gas sensing application
Author(s): Milena Šetka; Jana Drbohlavová; Stella Vallejos; Marian Márik; Eduard Llobet Sr.; Jaromír Hubálek
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Four segment piezo based micropump
Author(s): Rakesh Kumar Haldkar; Tanuja Sheorey; Vijay Kumar Gupta; M. Zahid Ansari
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Computational model and simulation for the whispering gallery modes inside micro-optical cavity
Author(s): Amir R. Ali; Abanoub M. Erian; Kirelloss Shokry
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Influence of binding material of PZT coating on microresonator's electrical and mechanical properties
Author(s): Giedrius Janusas; Asta Guobiene; Arvydas Palevicius; Alfredas Brunius; Elingas Cekas; Valentinas Baltrusaitis; Rokas Sakalys
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Colorimetric sensor for bad odor detection using automated color correction
Author(s): K. Schmitt; K. Tarantik; C. Pannek; I. Benito-Altamirano; O. Casals; C. Fàbrega; A. Romano-Rodríguez; J. Wöllenstein; J. D. Prades
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Temperature simulation at ZnO surface processed by laser interference lithography
Author(s): L. Parellada-Monreal; M. Martinez-Calderón; I. Castro-Hurtado; A. Rodríguez; S. M. Olaizola; M. Gomez-Aranzadi; I. Ayerdi; E. Castaño; G. G. Mandayo
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Innovative metal thermo-compression wafer bonding for microelectronics and MEMS devices
Author(s): B. Rebhan; V. Dragoi
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Characterization of oscillator circuits for monitoring the density-viscosity of liquids by means of piezoelectric MEMS microresonators
Author(s): J. Toledo; V. Ruiz-Díez; G. Pfusterschmied; U. Schmid; J. L. Sánchez-Rojas
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Radio link design framework for WSN deployment and performance prediction
Author(s): Sergio Saponara; Filippo Giannetti
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User centered integration of Internet of Things devices
Author(s): Roberto Manione
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Identification of squid species by melting temperature shifts on fluorescence melting curve analysis (FMCA) using single dual-labeled probe
Author(s): Eunjung Koh; Ha Jeong Song; Na Young Kwon; Gi Won Kim; Kwang Ho Lee; Soyeon Jo; Sujin Park; Jihyun Park; Eun Kyeong Park; Seung Yong Hwang
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