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X-ray Lasers and Coherent X-ray Sources: Development and Applications
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Volume Number: 10243
Date Published: 25 July 2017

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Front Matter: Volume 10243
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Toward compact and ultra-intense laser driven soft x-ray lasers (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Stéphane Sebban
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DAGON: a 3D Maxwell-Bloch code
Author(s): Eduardo Oliva; Manuel Cotelo; Juan Carlos Escudero; Agustín González-Fernández; Alberto Sanchís; Javier Vera; Sergio Vicéns; Pedro Velarde
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Thomson scattering laser-electron X-ray source for reduction of patient radiation dose in interventional coronary angiography
Author(s): I. A. Artyukov; N. V. Dyachkov; R. M. Feshchenko; A. V. Polunina; N. L. Popov; V. I. Shvedunov; A. V. Vinogradov
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Optimizing soft X-ray NEXAFS spectroscopy in the laboratory
Author(s): I. Mantouvalou; A. Jonas; K. Witte; R. Jung; H. Stiel; B. Kanngießer
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Soft x-ray nanoscale imaging using highly brilliant laboratory sources and new detector concepts
Author(s): H. Stiel; J. Braenzel; A. Dehlinger; R. Jung; A. Luebcke; M. Regehly; S. Ritter; J. Tuemmler; M. Schnuerer; C. Seim
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Development of ultrashort x-ray/gamma-ray sources using ultrahigh power lasers (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Hyung Taek Kim; Kazuhisa Nakajima; Calin Hojbota; Jong Ho Jeon; Yong-Joo Rhee; Kyung Hwan Lee; Seong Ku Lee; Jae Hee Sung; Hwang Woon Lee; Vishwa B. Pathak; Ki Hong Pae; Stéphane Sebban; Fabien Tissandier; Julien Gautier; Kim Ta Phuoc; Victor Malka; Chang Hee Nam
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Using the XFEL to drive gain in L-shell systems using photoionization processes
Author(s): Joseph Nilsen
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Amplified spontaneous and stimulated Mg L emissions from MgO pumped by FEL pulses
Author(s): Philippe Jonnard; Jean-Michel André; Karine Le Guen; Meiyi Wu; Emiliano Principi; Alberto Simoncig; Alessandro Gessini; Riccardo Mincigrucci; Claudio Masciovecchio; Olivier Peyrusse
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Progress in high repetition rate soft x-ray laser development and pump lasers at Colorado State University
Author(s): Jorge J. Rocca; Brendan A. Reagan; Cory Baumgarten; Yong Wang; Shoujun Wang; Michael Pedicone; Mark Berrill; Vyacheslav N. Shlyaptsev; C. N. Kyaw; Liang Yin; Hanchen Wang; Mario C. Marconi; Carmen S. Menoni
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Soft x-ray ablation mass spectrometry: high sensitivity elemental trace analysis
Author(s): I. Kuznetsov; T. Green; W. Chao; A. M. Duffin; J. J. Rocca; C. S. Menoni
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Table-top two-color soft x-ray laser from Ni-like Mo plasma
Author(s): Davide Bleiner
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X-ray absorption spectroscopy of warm dense matter with betatron x-ray radiation (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Felicie Albert
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Time-resolved x-ray spectroscopy for x-ray-induced phenomena
Author(s): Antonio Picón
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The EIS beamline at the seeded free-electron laser FERMI
Author(s): A. Simoncig; R. Mincigrucci; E. Principi; F. Bencivenga; A. Calvi; L. Foglia; G. Kurdi; L. Raimondi; M. Manfredda; N. Mahne; R. Gobessi; S. Gerusina; C. Fava; M. Zangrando; A. Matruglio; S. Dal Zilio; V. Masciotti; C. Masciovecchio
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Soft x-ray imaging with incoherent sources
Author(s): P. Wachulak; A. Torrisi; M. Ayele; A. Bartnik; J. Czwartos; Ł. Węgrzyński; T. Fok; T. Parkman; Š. Vondrová; J. Turnová; M. Odstrcil; H. Fiedorowicz
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X-ray absorption spectroscopy probing hydrogen in metals
Author(s): Olga Sambalova; Yunieski Arbelo Pena; Renaud Delmelle; Claudio Cirelli; Bruce Patterson; Francesco Barbato; Davide Bleiner; Andreas Borgschulte
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Laser plasma soft X-ray source based on cryogenic target
Author(s): Sho Amano
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Soft x-ray laser ablation of metals and dielectrics
Author(s): A. Faenov; T. Pikuz; M. Ishino; N. Inogamov; V. Zhakhovsky; I. Skobelev; N. Hasegawa; M. Nishikino; M. Kando; R. Kodama; T. Kawachi
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Ultrafast nanoscale imaging using high order harmonic generation (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Hamed Merdji
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Tunable orbital angular momentum beams in the extreme ultraviolet/soft x-ray regimes
Author(s): Alex Turpin; Laura Rego; Julio San Román; Antonio Picón; Luis Plaja; Carlos Hernández-García
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Laser driven plasmas based incoherent x-ray sources at PALS and ELI Beamlines (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Michaela Kozlová
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Resolution of x-ray parabolic compound refractive diamond lens defined at the home laboratory
Author(s): S. N. Polyakov; S. I. Zholudev; S. V. Gasilov; S. Yu. Martyushov; V. N. Denisov; S. A. Terentiev; V. D. Blank
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Evaluation of laser-electron x-ray source and related optics for x-ray diffractometry and topography
Author(s): S. N. Polyakov; I. A. Artyukov; V. D. Blank; S. I. Zholudev; R. M. Feshchenko; N. L. Popov; A. A. Yaroslavtsev; A. V. Vinogradov
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Radiation properties of Ni-like molybdenum x-ray laser at PALS
Author(s): M. Albrecht; M. Kozlova; J. Nejdl
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The approach to reflection x-ray microscopy below the critical angles
Author(s): Igor A. Artyukov; Alexander Busarov; Nikolay L. Popov; Alexander V. Vinogradov
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XUV generation from the interaction of pico- and nanosecond laser pulses with nanostructured targets
Author(s): Ellie Floyd Barte; Ragava Lokasani; Jan Proska; Lucie Stolcova; Oisin Maguire; Domagoj Kos; Paul Sheridan; Fergal O’Reilly; Emma Sokell; Tom McCormack; Gerry O’Sullivan; Padraig Dunne; Jiri Limpouch
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