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Advances in X-ray Free-Electron Lasers Instrumentation IV
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Volume Number: 10237
Date Published: 11 July 2017

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Front Matter: Volume 10237
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Temporal diagnostics from photons: the experience with the PALM (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Pavle Juranic; Ishkhan Gorgisyan; Christian Erny; Rasmus Ischebeck; Luc Patthey; Claude Pradervand; Christopher J. Milne; H. Lemke; Andreas Dax; Milan Radovic; Christoph P. Hauri; Shigeki Owada; Tadashi Togashi; Tsukasa Katayama; Makina Yabashi
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Overview of optics, photon diagnostics and experimental instruments at SACLA: development, operation and scientific applications
Author(s): Kensuke Tono; Tadashi Togashi; Yuichi Inubushi; Tetsuo Katayama; Shigeki Owada; Toshinori Yabuuchi; Akira Kon; Ichiro Inoue; Taito Osaka; Hirokatsu Yumoto; Takahisa Koyama; Haruhiko Ohashi; Makina Yabashi
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Opportunities and challenges for photon diagnostics at the soft X-ray FEL FLASH in simultaneous operation mode (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Marion Kuhlmann; Rolf Treusch; Elke Plönjes-Palm; Bart Faatz; Kai Tiedtke; Markus Braune; Barbara Keitel
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Commissioning for the European XFEL facility
Author(s): D. Nölle
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Four-wave-mixing experiments and beyond: the TIMER/mini-TIMER setups at FERMI
Author(s): Laura Foglia; Filippo Bencivenga; Riccardo Mincigrucci; Alberto Simoncig; Andrea Calvi; Riccardo Cucini; Emiliano Principi; Marco Zangrando; Nicola Mahne; Michele Manfredda; Lorenzo Raimondi; Emanuele Pedersoli; Flavio Capotondi; Maya Kiskinova; Claudio Masciovecchio
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High quality electron beams for high quality FEL
Author(s): E. Allaria
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Innovative FEL schemes using variable-gap undulators
Author(s): E. A. Schneidmiller; M. V. Yurkov
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Statistical characterization of an x-ray FEL in the spectral domain
Author(s): Alberto Lutman; Zhirong Huang; Jacek Krzywinski; Juhao Wu; Diling Zhu; Yiping Feng
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Transverse coherence and pointing stability of the radiation from x-ray free electron lasers
Author(s): E. A. Schneidmiller; M. V. Yurkov
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Radiation properties of the SASE3 afterburner for European XFEL
Author(s): Tao Wei; Peng Li; Yuhui Li; Joachim Pflueger
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Development of a hard x-ray wavefront sensor for the EuXFEL
Author(s): Sebastien Berujon; Eric Ziegler; Ruxandra Cojocaru; Thierry Martin
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Laser power meters as x-ray intensity monitors for LCLS-II (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Philip A. Heimann; Stefan P. Moeller; Sergio Carbajo Garcia; Sanghoon Song; Yiping Feng; James M. Glownia; David M. Fritz
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Single-shot beam profile diagnostics for x-ray FEL's using gas fluorescence
Author(s): Yiping Feng; Diling Zhu; Clemens Weninger; Roberto Alonso-Mori; Matthieu Chollet; Daniel S. Damiani; James M. Glownia; Jerome B. Hastings; Silke Nelson; Sanghoon Song; Aymeric Robert
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Characterization of the LCLS “nanosecond two-bunch” mode for x-ray speckle visibility spectroscopy experiments
Author(s): Yanwen Sun; Diling Zhu; Sanghoon Song; Franz-Josef Decker; Mark Sutton; Karl Ludwig; Wojciech Roseker; Gerhard Grübel; Stephan Hruszkewycz; G. Brian Stephenson; Paul H. Fuoss; Aymeric Robert
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Ultrahigh performance mirrors for diffraction limited light sources
Author(s): M. Vannoni; I. Freijo-Martin
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Development of a hard x-ray split-delay system at the Linac Coherent Light Source
Author(s): Diling Zhu; Yanwen Sun; Donald W. Schafer; Hongliang Shi; Justin H. James; Karl L. Gumerlock; Ted O. Osier; Randy Whitney; Lin Zhang; Josep Nicolas; Brian Smith; Andrew H. Barada; Aymeric Robert
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Simulations of ultrafast x–ray laser experiments
Author(s): C. Fortmann-Grote; A. A. Andreev; K. Appel; J. Branco; R. Briggs; M. Bussmann; A. Buzmakov; M. Garten; A. Grund; A. Huebl; Z. Jurek; N. D. Loh; M. Nakatsutsumi; L. Samoylova; R. Santra; E. A. Schneidmiller; A. Sharma; K. Steiniger; S. Yakubov; C. H. Yoon; M. V. Yurkov; U. Zastrau; B. Ziaja-Motyka; A. P. Mancuso
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Design of compressors for FEL pulses using deformable gratings
Author(s): Stefano Bonora; Nicola Fabris; Fabio Frassetto; Ennio Giovine; Paolo Miotti; Martino Quintavalla; Luca Poletto
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Detector sustainability improvements at LCLS
Author(s): Michael C. Browne; Gabriella Carini; Daniel P DePonte; Eric C. Galtier; Philip A. Hart; J. D. Koralek; Ankush Mitra; Kazutaka Nakahara
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Bringing PW-class lasers to XFELs (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Hiromitsu Tomizawa
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Integrating high-repetition rate high-energy/high-intensity laser to FEL experiments (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Motoaki Nakatsutsumi; Gerd Priebe; Karen Appel; Carsten Baehtz; Thomas E. Cowan; Sebastian Goede; Zuzana Konopkova; Max J. Lederer; Alexander Pelka; Toma Toncian; Thomas Tschentscher; Ulf Zastrau; Bolun Chen
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Magnetic force study for the helical afterburner for the European XFEL
Author(s): Peng Li; Tao Wei; Yuhui Li; Joachim Pflueger
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Frequency doubler and two-color mode of operation at free electron laser FLASH2
Author(s): M. Kuhlmann; E. A. Schneidmiller; M. V. Yurkov
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Application of statistical techniques for characterization of SASE FEL radiation
Author(s): E. A. Schneidmiller; M. V. Yurkov
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A soft x-ray split-and-delay unit for FLASH II
Author(s): Sebastian Roling; Matthias Rollnik; Marion Kuhlmann; Elke Plönjes; Frank Wahlert; Helmut Zacharias
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A hard x-ray split-and-delay unit for the HED instrument at the European XFEL
Author(s): Sebastian Roling; Victor Kärcher; Liubov Samoylova; Karen Appel; Stefan Braun; Peter Gawlitza; Frank Siewert; Ulf Zastrau; Matthias Rollnik; Frank Wahlert; Helmut Zacharias
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Duty-cycle dependence of the filamentation effect in gas devices for high repetition rate pulsed x-ray FELs
Author(s): Yiping Feng; Tor O. Raubenheimer
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Grating monochromator with ultrafast response for FLASH2 at DESY
Author(s): Günter Brenner; Fabio Frassetto; Marion Kuhlmann; Elke Ploenjes; Luca Poletto
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