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Micro-structured and Specialty Optical Fibres V
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Volume Number: 10232
Date Published: 11 July 2017

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Front Matter: Volume 10232
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Development and characterization of highly-nonlinear multicomponent glass photonic crystal fibers for mid-infrared applications
Author(s): Tomas Nemecek; Matej Komanec; Dmytro Suslov; Pavel Peterka; Dariusz Pysz; Ryszard Buczynski; Bryan Nelsen; Stanislav Zvanovec
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Spectral properties of thulium doped optical fibers for fiber lasers around 2 micrometers
Author(s): M. Kamrádek; J. Aubrecht; P. Peterka; O. Podrazký; P. Honzátko; J. Cajzl; J. Mrázek; V. Kubeček; I. Kašik
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Fiber Bragg filters For laser- and multicore fibers
Author(s): Martin Becker; Tino Elsmann; Adrian Lorenz; Manfred Rothhardt
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Reflectivity of superimposed transient gratings in self-swept fiber lasers (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Pavel Peterka; Pavel Koška; Jirí Ctyroký
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Bandpass transmission filters based on phase shifted fiber Bragg gratings in microstructured polymer optical fibers
Author(s): Beatriz Ortega; Rui Min; David Sáez-Rodríguez; Yang Mi; Kristian Nielsen; Ole Bang
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Impact of thermal pre-treatment on preforms for fast Bragg gratings inscription using undoped PMMA POFs
Author(s): Carlos A. F. Marques; Andreas Pospori; Pawel Mergo; Paulo André; David J. Webb
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Optically resilient 3D micro-optics on the tips of optical fibers
Author(s): Linas Jonušauskas
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Fabrication of long linear arrays of plastic optical fibers with squared ends for the use of code mark printing lithography
Author(s): Toshiyuki Horiuchi; Jun Watanabe; Yuta Suzuki; Jun-ya Iwasaki
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Enhancement of pump absorption efficiency by bending and twisting of double clad rare earth doped fibers (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Pavel Koška; Pavel Peterka; Valérie Doya; Jan Aubrecht; Ivan Kasik; Ondřej Podrazký
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An 8-channel wavelength demultiplexer based on photonic crystal fiber
Author(s): Dror Malka
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Moving chirped soliton under laser pulse interaction with gold nanorods
Author(s): Vyacheslav A. Trofimov; Tatiana M. Lysak
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Three-dimensional light bullets in anisotropic microdispersive media
Author(s): Sergey V. Sazonov; Aleksandr N. Bugay; Alexey A. Kalinovich; Maria V. Komissarova; Irina G. Zakharova
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Engineering ultra-flattened normal dispersion photonic crystal fiber with silica material
Author(s): Mohamed Lamine Ferhat; Lynda Cherbi; Lies Bahloul; Abdelhafid Hariz
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Spectroscopy of a heated Yb-doped optical fiber with high aluminum content
Author(s): C. Bacher; J. Scheuner; S. Pilz; A. El Sayed; M. Ryser; A. Heidt; V. Romano
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Comparative investigation of methods to determine the group velocity dispersion of an endlessly single-mode photonic crystal fiber
Author(s): Tobias Baselt; Tobias Popp; Bryan Nelsen; Andrés Fabián Lasagni; Peter Hartmann
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Unique method to determine the differential mode delay of specialty multimode fibers
Author(s): Marcus Wittig; Tobias Baselt; Bryan L. Nelsen; Peter Hartmann
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Toward investigation of Brillouin scattering in multimode polymer and silica optical fibers
Author(s): Aleksander Wosniok; Andy Schreier
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Chirped polymer optical fiber Bragg grating sensors
Author(s): Carlos A. F. Marques; L. Pereira; P. Antunes; P. Mergo; D. J. Webb; J. L. Pinto; P. André
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Analysis of optical properties of special fibers of polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) depending on the different methods of mixing PDMS and curing agent
Author(s): M. Novak; J. Nedoma; M. Fajkus; J. Jargus; V. Vasinek
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Measurement of spectral characteristics and CCT mixture of PDMS and the luminophore depending on the geometric parameters and the concentration of the samples of the special optical fibers
Author(s): Jan Jargus; Jan Nedoma; Marcel Fajkus; Martin Novak; Lukas Bednarek; Vladimir Vasinek
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Enhanced linear photonic nanojet generated by core-shell optical microfibers
Author(s): Cheng-Yang Liu; Tzu-Ping Yen; Chien-Wen Chen
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Realization of optical multimode TSV waveguides for Si-Interposer in 3D-chip-stacks
Author(s): S. Killge; S. Charania; K. Richter; N. Neumann; Z. Al-Husseini; D. Plettemeier; J. W. Bartha
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Anti-reflection and polarizing photonic structures for high-power fiber applications
Author(s): Martin Vanek; Jan Vanis; Yauhen Baravets; Filip Todorov; Jiri Ctyroky; Pavel Honzatko
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