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Thermosense: Thermal Infrared Applications XXXIX
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Volume Number: 10214
Date Published: 7 July 2017

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Front Matter: Volume 10214
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
A 2016 update on standards and guidelines relevant to thermographers
Author(s): Gregory B. McIntosh; Roy Huff
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Fire testing and infrared thermography of oak barrels filled with distilled spirits (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Jaap de Vries
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Flame filtering and perimeter localization of wildfires using aerial thermal imagery
Author(s): Mario M. Valero; Steven Verstockt; Oriol Rios; Elsa Pastor; Florian Vandecasteele; Eulàlia Planas
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Object localization in handheld thermal images for fireground understanding
Author(s): Florian Vandecasteele; Bart Merci; Azarakhsh Jalalvand; Steven Verstockt
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Measurement of process dynamics through coaxially aligned high speed near-infrared imaging in laser powder bed fusion additive manufacturing
Author(s): Jason C. Fox; Brandon M. Lane; Ho Yeung
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Micro-scale thermal imaging of CO2 absorption in the thermochemical energy storage of Li metal oxides at high temperature
Author(s): Junko Morikawa; Hiroki Takasu; Massimiliano Zamengo; Yukitaka Kato
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Thermal analysis of fused deposition modeling process using infrared thermography imaging and finite element modeling
Author(s): Xunfei Zhou; Sheng-Jen Hsieh
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Life cycle monitoring of lithium-ion polymer batteries using cost-effective thermal infrared sensors with applications for lifetime prediction
Author(s): Xunfei Zhou; Anav Malik; Sheng-Jen Hsieh
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Thermographic image analysis for classification of ACL rupture disease, bone cancer, and feline hyperthyroid, with Gabor filters
Author(s): Mehrdad Alvandipour; Scott E. Umbaugh; Deependra K. Mishra; Rohini Dahal; Norsang Lama; Dominic J. Marino; Joseph Sackman
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Non-invasive characterization of normal and pathological tissues through dynamic infrared imaging in the hamster cheek pouch oral cancer model
Author(s): María S. Herrera; Andrea Monti Hughes; Natalia Salva; Claudio Padra; Amanda Schwint; Gustavo A. Santa Cruz
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About possibility of temperature trace observing on a human skin through clothes by using computer processing of IR image
Author(s): Vyacheslav A. Trofimov; Vladislav V. Trofimov; Ivan L. Shestakov; Roman G. Blednov
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Pulse compression favourable aperiodic infrared imaging approach for non-destructive testing and evaluation of bio-materials
Author(s): Ravibabu Mulaveesala; Geetika Dua; Vanita Arora; Juned A. Siddiqui; Amarnath Muniyappa
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Thermal inspection of a composite fuselage section using a fixed eigenvector principal component analysis method
Author(s): Joseph N. Zalameda; Sean Bolduc; Rebecca Harman
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Numerical and experimental analyses for natural and non-natural impacted composites via thermographic inspection, ultrasonic C-scan and terahertz imaging
Author(s): Hai Zhang; Stefano Sfarra; Marc Genest; Fabrizio Sarasini; Stefano Perilli; Henrique Fernandes; Julien Fleuret; Xavier Maldague
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Characterizing open and non-uniform vertical heat sources: towards the identification of real vertical cracks in vibrothermography experiments
Author(s): A. Castelo; A. Mendioroz; R. Celorrio; A. Salazar; P. López de Uralde; I. Gorosmendi; E. Gorostegui-Colinas
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Fatigue damage evaluation of short fiber CFRP based on phase information of thermoelastic temperature change
Author(s): Takahide Sakagami; Daiki Shiozawa; Yu Nakamura; Shinichi Nonaka; Kenichi Hamada
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Highly efficient ultrasonic vibrothermography for detecting impact damage in hybrid composites
Author(s): D. A. Derusova; V. P. Vavilov; S. Sfarra; F. Sarasini; N. V. Druzhinin; V. O. Nekhoroshev
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High-speed and high-definition infrared imaging for material characterization in experimental mechanics
Author(s): Marc-André Gagnon; Frédérick Marcotte; Philippe Lagueux; Vincent Farley; Éric Guyot; Vince Morton
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Non-destructive thermo-mechanical behavior assessment of glass-ceramics for dental applications
Author(s): E. Z. Kordatos; Z. Abdulkadhim; A. M. Feteira
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Energetic approach based on IRT to assess plastic behaviour in CT specimens
Author(s): Rosa De Finis; Davide Palumbo; Francesco Ancona; Umberto Galietti
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Thermographic investigations of metal inclusions in 3D printed samples
Author(s): Beata Oswald-Tranta; Roland Schmidt; Christoph Tuschl
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Liquid nitrogen cooling in IR thermography applied to steel specimen
Author(s): L. Lei; G. Ferrarini; A. Bortolin; G. Cadelano; P. Bison; X. Maldague
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Quantitative evaluation of water content in composite honeycomb structures by using one-sided IR thermography: is there any promise?
Author(s): A. O. Chulkov; V. P. Vavilov; A. I. Moskovchenko; Y.-Y. Pan
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Surface crack detection in different materials with inductive thermography
Author(s): Beata Oswald-Tranta
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Coating defect evaluation based on stimulated thermography
Author(s): Davide Palumbo; Rosanna Tamborrino; Umberto Galietti
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Application of the quadrupole method for simulation of passive thermography
Author(s): William P. Winfree; Joseph N. Zalameda; Elizabeth D. Gregory
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Thermal diffusivity measurement of ring specimens by infrared thermography
Author(s): G. Ferrarini; P. Bison; A. Bortolin; G. Cadelano; S. Rossi
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IR thermography for the assessment of the thermal conductivity of aluminum alloys
Author(s): S. Nazarov; S. Rossi; P. Bison; I. Calliari
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Analysis of pulse thermography using similarities between wave and diffusion propagation
Author(s): M. Gershenson
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Infrared thermography applied to transport infrastructures monitoring: outcomes and perspectives
Author(s): J. Dumoulin; A. Crinière
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Infrared thermography applied to the study of heated and solar pavement: from numerical modeling to small scale laboratory experiments
Author(s): N. Le Touz; T. Toullier; J. Dumoulin
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Direct comparison of two pyrometers and a low-cost thermographic camera for time resolved LWIR temperature measurements
Author(s): Rainer Krankenhagen; Simon J. Altenburg
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Coaxial visible and FIR camera system with accurate geometric calibration
Author(s): Yuka Ogino; Takashi Shibata; Masayuki Tanaka; Masatoshi Okutomi
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Radiometric calibration of an ultra-compact microbolometer thermal imaging module
Author(s): David W. Riesland; Paul W. Nugent; Seth Laurie; Joseph A. Shaw
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Investigation of the influence of spatial degrees of freedom on thermal infrared measurement
Author(s): Julien R. Fleuret; Bardia Yousefi; Lei Lei; Frank Billy Djupkep Dizeu; Hai Zhang; Stefano Sfarra; Denis Ouellet; Xavier P. V. Maldague
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Thermography based prescreening software tool for veterinary clinics
Author(s): Rohini Dahal; Scott E. Umbaugh; Deependra Mishra; Norsang Lama; Mehrdad Alvandipour; David Umbaugh; Dominic J. Marino; Joseph Sackman
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Thermal conductivity characterization of polyaniline doped material for thermoelectric applications
Author(s): A. Famengo; S. Rossi; P. Bison; S. Boldrini
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Infrared image correction for the reduction of background reflection
Author(s): N. Ogasawara; C. Kobayashi; H. Yamada
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High-performance interfaces for the implementation of various cooled IR detectors
Author(s): Marian Wachs; Matthias Vettermann; Birgit Vollheim; Matthias Krauß
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Modified algorithm for mineral identification in LWIR hyperspectral imagery
Author(s): Bardia Yousefi; Saeed Sojasi; Kévin Liaigre; Clemente Ibarra Castanedo; Georges Beaudoin; François Huot; Xavier P. V. Maldague; Martin Chamberland
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Thermal NDT applying Candid Covariance-Free Incremental Principal Component Thermography (CCIPCT)
Author(s): Bardia Yousefi; Stefano Sfarra; Clemente Ibarra Castanedo; Xavier P. V. Maldague
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Fatigue limit estimation of titanium alloy Ti-6Al-4V with infrared thermography
Author(s): Atsushi Akai; Daiki Shiozawa; Takahide Sakagami
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The role of the continuous wavelet transform in mineral identification using hyperspectral imaging in the long-wave infrared by using SVM classifier
Author(s): Saeed Sojasi; Bardia Yousefi; Kévin Liaigre; Clemente Ibarra-Castanedo; Georges Beaudoin; Xavier P. V. Maldague; François Huot; Martin Chamberland
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Satellite image fusion by using a combination of IHS and HPM methods
Author(s): Saeed Sojasi; Xavier Maldague
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