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Fiber Optic Sensors and Applications XIV
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Volume Number: 10208
Date Published: 12 June 2017

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Front Matter: Volume 10208
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Mars or bust! 40 years of fiber optic sensor development
Author(s): Eric Udd; Ingrid Udd Scheel
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Optical frequency domain reflectometry for aerospace applications
Author(s): Stephen T. Kreger; Osgar John Ohanian III; Naman Garg; Matthew A. Castellucci; Dan Kominski; Nur Aida Abdul Rahim; Matthew A. Davis; Noah B. Beaty; James W. Jeans; Emily H. Templeton; J. R. Pedrazzani
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Improvement of the extinction ratio performance of a fiber laser based rangefinder by using successive real-time statistical algorithms
Author(s): F. Chiquet; G. Pallier; A. Portalis; P. Auffray; N. Bertaux; G. Canat; M. Le Flohic
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Modeling of thermal sensitivity of a fiber optic gyroscope coil with practical quadrupole winding
Author(s): Serdar Ogut; Berk Osunluk; Ekmel Ozbay
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Fiber optic gyroscope coils: performance characterization
Author(s): Jan Amir Khan; Lilja Gudmundsdottir; Mansoor Alam
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An interferometric sensor based on visibility modulation
Author(s): Liang Zhang; Yuanfu Lu; Yuming Dong; Guohua Jiao; Wei Chen; Jiancheng Lv
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Improvement of light confinement in nanostructured sapphire optical fibers
Author(s): Hui Chen; Zsolt L. Poole; Paul Ohodnicki; Henry Du
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Mechanical properties of nanostructured sapphire optical fiber (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Kai Liu; Padmalatha Kakanuru; Kishore Pochiraju; Henry Du
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Modified single crystal fibers for distributed sensing applications
Author(s): M. Buric; B. Liu; S. Huang; M. Wang; K. Chen; P. Lu; P. Ohodnicki
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Simultaneous transmission of the high-power phase sensitive OTDR, 100Gbps dual polarisation QPSK, accurate time/frequency, and their mutual interferences
Author(s): P. Munster; J. Radil; J. Vojtech; O. Havlis; T. Horvath; V. Smotlacha; E. Skaljo
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SNR improvement in a Raman based distributed temperature sensing system using a stimulated Raman scattering filter
Author(s): Xiaoguang Sun; Jie Li; Mike Hines
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Deep learning based multi-threat classification for phase-OTDR fiber optic distributed acoustic sensing applications
Author(s): Metin Aktas; Toygar Akgun; Mehmet Umut Demircin; Duygu Buyukaydin
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Fiber optic sensors for distributed monitoring of soil and groundwater during in-situ thermal remediation
Author(s): Hamid Alemohammad; Amir Azhari; Richard Liang
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Adapting optical technology to dynamic energy prices: fiber-optic sensing in the contemporary oil field
Author(s): Daniel J. Stark; John L. Maida Jr.; Neal G. Skinner
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The evolution of optical fiber cable design for sensor applications
Author(s): Dean J. Yamasaki
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In-situ Raman investigation of optical fiber glass structural changes at high temperature
Author(s): B. Bastola; B. Fischer; J. Roths; A. Ruediger
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Relative acoustic sensitivity of standard telecom and specialty optical fiber cables for distributed sensing
Author(s): Riley S. Freeland; Bruce Chow; John Williams; Alastair Godfrey
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Applications of fiber optic sensors for heavy oil production
Author(s): Chris Baldwin
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Ultrafast photonic systems for FBG sensing in detonation and shock wave experiments
Author(s): George Rodriguez
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Optimization of fiber Bragg grating parameters for sensing applications
Author(s): Selwan K. Ibrahim; John A. O'Dowd; Vivian Bessler; Devrez M. Karabacak; Johannes M. Singer
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Force and pressure sensing using fiber grating sensors
Author(s): Ingrid Scheel; Eric Udd
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Performance assessment of a fiber Bragg grating sensor network inside a hydro power dam using optical backscatter reflectometry
Author(s): Christoph Monsberger; Ferdinand Klug; Werner Lienhart
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In-situ study of pH-responsiveness of polyelectrolytes using long-period fiber gratings (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Fan Yang; Svetlana A. Sukhishvili; Henry Du; Fei Tian
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Design, implementation, and characterization of an FBG-emulator for a scanning laser-based fiber-optic interrogator
Author(s): Nader Kuhenuri; Youlin Gao; Alexander W. Koch
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Influence of different encapsulation types and shapes of polydimethylsiloxane on the temperature sensitivity of the FBG
Author(s): J. Nedoma; M. Fajkus; R. Martinek; M. Novak; O. Zboril; J. Jargus; K. Witas; F. Perecar; V. Vasinek
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Impact of fixing materials on the frequency range and sensitivity of the fiber-optic interferometer
Author(s): Jan Nedoma; Marcel Fajkus; Radek Martinek; Lukas Bednarek; Stanislav Zabka; David Hruby; Jakub Jaros; Vladimir Vasinek
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Fiber optic sensor encapsulated in polydimethylsiloxane for heart rate monitoring
Author(s): M. Fajkus; J. Nedoma; R. Martinek; M. Novak; J. Jargus; V. Vasinek
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Analysis of the impact of the deposition optical fibers on the deformation measurement with a distributed system BOTDR
Author(s): M. Fajkus; J. Nedoma; R. Martinek; L. Bednarek; J. Jaros; D. Hruby; F. Perecar; V. Vasinek
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Research on an optimized optical fiber accelerometer for well logging
Author(s): Duo Yi; Xiaokang Qiu; Lijuan Gu; Min Zhang
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Real-time phase demodulation and data administration of distributed optical fiber vibration sensing system
Author(s): Mengzhe Qin; Xiangge He; Fei Liu; Xiaoping Zheng; Min Zhang
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Numerical analysis of a new sensing composite structure embedding optical fiber
Author(s): Duo Yi; Min Zhang; Jianming Yang; Wenhui Yu
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The influence of temperature loading on the optical fiber passive components
Author(s): Frantisek Perecar; Lukas Bednarek; Lukas Hajek; Jakub Jaros; Marcel Fajkus; Ales Vanderka; Jan Nedoma; Vladimir Vasinek
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Various optical fibers fixing methods for mechanical stress measurements
Author(s): Jakub Jaros; David Hruby; Vladimir Vasinek; Frantisek Perecar; Marcel Fajkus; Jan Nedoma; Tomas Kajnar
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Masonry moisture measurement using the distributed temperature sensing system
Author(s): David Hruby; Tomas Kajnar; Stanislav Kepak; Jakub Jaros; Jan Nedoma; Marcel Fajkus; Frantisek Perecar; Vladimir Vasinek
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