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Algorithms and Technologies for Multispectral, Hyperspectral, and Ultraspectral Imagery XXIII
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Volume Number: 10198
Date Published: 2 June 2017

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Front Matter: Volume 10198
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Fixed Pattern Noise pixel-wise linear correction for crime scene imaging CMOS sensor
Author(s): Jie Yang; David W. Messinger; Roger R. Dube; Emmett J. Ientilucci
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Designing manufacturable filters for a 16-band plenoptic camera using differential evolution
Author(s): Timothy Doster; Colin C. Olson; Erin Fleet; Michael Yetzbacher; Andrey Kanaev; Paul Lebow; Robert Leathers
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Fresnel zone plate light field spectral imaging simulation
Author(s): Francis D. Hallada; Anthony L. Franz; Michael R. Hawks
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Three-dimensional hyperspectral imaging technique
Author(s): Jörgen Ahlberg; Ingmar G. Renhorn; Tomas R. Chevalier; Joakim Rydell; David Bergström
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Spectrally resolved longitudinal spatial coherence inteferometry
Author(s): Ethan R. Woodard; Michael W. Kudenov
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Real-time hyperspectral image processing for UAV applications, using HySpex Mjolnir-1024
Author(s): Pesal Koirala; Trond Løke; Ivar Baarstad; Andrei Fridman; Julio Hernandez
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Intelligent detection algorithm of hazardous gases for FTIR-based hyperspectral imaging system using SVM classifier
Author(s): Hyeong-Geun Yu; Jae-Hoon Lee; Yong-Chan Kim; Dong-Jo Park
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Characterizing sensitivity of longwave infrared hyperspectral target detection with respect to signature mismatch and dimensionality reduction
Author(s): Joseph Meola
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Total electron count variability and stratospheric ozone effects on solar backscatter and LWIR emissions
Author(s): John S. Ross; Steven T. Fiorino
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Improved atmospheric characterization for hyperspectral exploitation
Author(s): Nathan P. Wurst; Joseph Meola; Steven T. Fiorino
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Mid-infrared hyperspectral simulator for laser-based detection of trace chemicals on surfaces
Author(s): Travis Myers; Derek Wood; Anish K. Goyal; David Kelley; Petros Kotidis; Gil Raz; Cara Murphy; Chelsea Georgan
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Novel trace chemical detection algorithms: a comparative study
Author(s): Gil Raz; Cara Murphy; Chelsea Georgan; Ross Greenwood; R. K. Prasanth; Travis Myers; Anish Goyal; David Kelley; Derek Wood; Petros Kotidis
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Deep learning over diurnal and other environmental effects
Author(s): Dalton Rosario; Patrick Rauss
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Experiments with Simplex ACE: dealing with highly variable targets
Author(s): Amanda Ziemann; James Theiler; Emmett Ientilucci
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Crop classification using temporal stacks of multispectral satellite imagery
Author(s): Daniela I. Moody; Steven P. Brumby; Rick Chartrand; Ryan Keisler; Nathan Longbotham; Carly Mertes; Samuel W. Skillman; Michael S. Warren
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Invariance concepts in spectral analysis
Author(s): Alan Schaum
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Spectral and spatial variability of undisturbed and disturbed grass under different view and illumination directions
Author(s): Christoph C. Borel-Donohue; Sarah Wells Shivers; Damon Conover
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Measurement of optical constants for spectral modeling: n and k values for ammonium sulfate via single-angle and ellipsometric methods
Author(s): Thomas A. Blake; Carolyn S. Brauer; Molly Rose Kelly-Gorham; Sarah D. Burton; Mary Bliss; Tanya L. Myers; Timothy J. Johnson; Thomas E. Tiwald
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Characterizing the temporal and spatial variability of longwave infrared spectral images of targets and backgrounds
Author(s): Nirmalan Jeganathan; John Kerekes; Dalton Rosario
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Spatial-spectral signature modeling for solid targets in hyperspectral imagery
Author(s): Jason R. Kaufman; Joseph Meola
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Contaminant mass estimation of powder contaminated surfaces
Author(s): Timothy J. Gibbs; David W. Messinger
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Improvements to an earth observing statistical performance model with applications to LWIR spectral variability
Author(s): Runchen Zhao; Emmett J. Ientilucci
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Piecewise flat embeddings for hyperspectral image analysis
Author(s): Tyler L. Hayes; Renee T. Meinhold; John F. Hamilton Jr.; Nathan D. Cahill
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Supervised non-negative tensor factorization for automatic hyperspectral feature extraction and target discrimination
Author(s): Dylan Anderson; Aleksander Bapst; Joshua Coon; Aaron Pung; Michael Kudenov
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Band selection for hyperspectral image classification using extreme learning machine
Author(s): Jiaojiao Li; Benjamin Kingsdorf; Qian Du
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A comparison of column subset selection methods for hyperspectral band subset selection (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Maher Aldeghlawi; Miguel Velez-Reyes
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Band selection for change detection from hyperspectral images
Author(s): Sicong Liu; Qian Du; Xiaohua Tong
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Method of sensitivity analysis in anomaly detection algorithms for hyperspectral images
Author(s): Adam J. Messer; Kenneth W. Bauer Jr.
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Local background estimation and the replacement target model
Author(s): James Theiler; Amanda Ziemann
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A study of anomaly detection performance as a function of relative spectral abundances for graph- and statistics-based detection algorithms
Author(s): C. C. Olson; M. Coyle; T. Doster
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Transformation for target detection in hyperspectral imaging
Author(s): Edisanter Lo; Emmett Ientilucci
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Terrestrial hyperspectral image shadow restoration through fusion with terrestrial lidar
Author(s): Preston J. Hartzell; Craig L. Glennie; David C. Finnegan; Darren L. Hauser
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Mutual information registration of multi-spectral and multi-resolution images of DigitalGlobe's WorldView-3 imaging satellite
Author(s): Grzegorz Miecznik; Jeff Shafer; William M. Baugh; Brett Bader; Milan Karspeck; Fabio Pacifici
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A reconstruction algorithm for three-dimensional object-space data using spatial-spectral multiplexing
Author(s): Zhejun Wu; Michael W. Kudenov
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Target-driven selection of lossy hyperspectral image compression ratios
Author(s): Jason R. Kaufman; Christopher D. McGuinness
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On the creation of high spatial resolution imaging spectroscopy data from multi-temporal low spatial resolution imagery
Author(s): Wei Yao; Jan van Aardt; David Messinger
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Globally scalable generation of high-resolution land cover from multispectral imagery
Author(s): S. Craig Stutts; Benjamin L. Raskob; Eric J. Wenger
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Genetic algorithm for flood detection and evacuation route planning
Author(s): Rahul Gomes; Jeremy Straub
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Application of a neural network for reflectance spectrum classification
Author(s): Gefei Yang; Michael Gartley
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Subsurface classification of objects under turbid waters by means of regularization techniques applied to real hyperspectral data
Author(s): Emmanuel Carpena; Luis O. Jiménez; Emmanuel Arzuaga; Sujeily Fonseca; Ernesto Reyes; Juan Figueroa
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Improving the detection of cocoa bean fermentation-related changes using image fusion
Author(s): Daniel Ochoa; Ronald Criollo; Wenzhi Liao; Juan Cevallos-Cevallos; Rodrigo Castro; Oswaldo Bayona
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A pigment analysis tool for hyperspectral images of cultural heritage artifacts
Author(s): Di Bai; David W. Messinger; David Howell
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Image denoising and deblurring using multispectral data
Author(s): E. A. Semenishchev; V. V. Voronin; V. I. Marchuk
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Dimensionality reduction using superpixel segmentation for hyperspectral unmixing using the cNMF
Author(s): Jiarui Yi; Miguel Velez-Reyes
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Ensemble learning and model averaging for material identification in hyperspectral imagery
Author(s): William F. Basener
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