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Degraded Environments: Sensing, Processing, and Display 2017
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Volume Number: 10197
Date Published: 20 June 2017

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Front Matter: Volume 10197
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Color vision in the twilight zone: an unsolved problem
Author(s): Leonard A. Temme; Paul St. Onge; Kevin O'Brien
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Human variation in dark adaptation facility
Author(s): Morris R. Lattimore; Aaron M. McAtee
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Optical characterization of the Sandia fog facility
Author(s): Jeremy B. Wright; John D. van der Laan; Andres Sanchez; Shanalyn A. Kemme; David A. Scrymgeour
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Particle distribution variation on linear and circular polarization persistence in fog environments
Author(s): John D. van der Laan; Jeremy B. Wright; David A. Scrymgeour; Shanalyn A. Kemme
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Engineered micro-spheres for optical filtering
Author(s): M. Zablocki; T. Creazzo; L. Zaman; N. Hudak; B. Garrett; J. Murray; W. Maslin; M. Mirotznik; A. Sharkawy
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Synthetic vision display with integral sonic boom predictions
Author(s): Laura M. Smith-Velazquez; Erik Theunissen; Tim Etherington
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Best practices for cross-platform virtual reality development
Author(s): Jonathan Schlueter; Holly Baiotto; Melynda Hoover; Vijay Kalivarapu; Gabriel Evans; Eliot Winer
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Safely enhanced low visibility taxi
Author(s): Matthew Carrico; Felix Turcios; Patrick McCusker
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Simulation test of a head-worn display with ambient vision display for unusual attitude recovery
Author(s): Jarvis (Trey) J. Arthur III; Stephanie N. Nicholas; Kevin J. Shelton; Kathryn Ballard; Lawrence J. Prinzel III; Kyle E. Ellis; Randall E. Bailey; Steven P. Williams
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A mmW image-based algorithm on wire recognition for DVE applications
Author(s): Darren S. Goshi; Ming-Ting Sun; John Kirk Jr.
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Visibility enhancement of multi-waveband infrared images from degraded visual environment
Author(s): Qin Jiang; Yuri Owechko; Brendan Blanton
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Image quality metrics for degraded visual environments
Author(s): W. Brendan Blanton; Robert C. Allen; Erich Schramm; Rajib Mitra
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UK met office capabilities in defense meteorology, oceanography and tactical decision aids (Neon and MONIM)
Author(s): Gerald Wong; Francis Colledge; Stephan Havemann; Warren Lewis
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Block match denoising for the Integrated Digital Vision System (IDVS)
Author(s): Mokhtar M. Sadok; John S. Alexander; Andrew J. LeVake
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Semantic image segmentation for information presentation in enhanced vision
Author(s): Oleg V. Vygolov; Vladimir S. Gorbatsevich; Nikita A. Kostromov; Maxim A. Lebedev; Yury V. Vizilter; Vladimir A. Knyaz; Sergey Y. Zheltov
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Pilot cueing synergies for degraded visual environments
Author(s): Aaron McAtee; Kathryn Feltman; Donald Swanberg; Deborah Russell; Jonathan Statz; John Ramiccio; Thomas Harding
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Integrating DVE, cueing technologies, and pilot performance metrics into a research grade helicopter simulator
Author(s): Donald E. Swanberg; John G. Ramiccio; Deborah Russell; Kathryn A. Feltman; Aaron M. McAtee; Rolf Beutler; Angus H. Rupert; Ian P. Curry; Michael Wilson; Thomas H. Harding
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Fusion for degraded visual environment pilotage
Author(s): Jason Seely; James T. Murray; Jeffrey Plath; Bill Ryder; Eric Lindquist; Samson Chu; Matthew Graham; Neil Van Lieu
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Multi-aperture approach to digital color night vision
Author(s): Eric M. Gallo; Jessica M. Lindle; Michael A. Strauss; William P. Parker
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Strategies for reducing SWAP-C and complexity in DVE sensor systems
Author(s): Robert C. Allen; W. Brendan Blanton; Erich Schramm; Rajib Mitra
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Usage of LiDAR in a brownout pilotage system: flight test results on a single ship and chalk 2 scenarios
Author(s): T. Münsterer; P. Rannik; M. Wegner; P. Tanin; C. Samuelis
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Evaluation of a steerable 3D laser scanner using a double Risley prism pair
Author(s): Philip Church; Justin Matheson; Xiaoying Cao; Gilles Roy
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How much is enough? the human factors of field of view in head-mounted displays
Author(s): Jim Melzer
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HMD daylight symbology: color choice and luminance considerations
Author(s): Thomas H. Harding; Jeffery K. Hovis; Michael K. Smolek; Leonard A. Temme; Morris R. Lattimore; Clarence E. Rash
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Review of colored conformal symbology in head-worn displays
Author(s): David L. da Silva Rosa; Niklas Peinecke; Johannes M. Ernst
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HMD distortion characterization and alignment toolset for precision-critical applications
Author(s): Mitchell Bauer; Logan Williams; Georges Nehmetallah; Alexander Van Atta; James Gaska; Marc Winterbottom; Steven Hadley
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Optimization of display viewing distance for human observers in the noise-limited case
Author(s): Kimberly Kolb; Bradley Preece; Jeffrey Olson; Joseph Reynolds
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Holographic imageguide display for situational awareness
Author(s): William Parker; Julie Parker; Eric M. Gallo
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Evaluating the Microsoft HoloLens through an augmented reality assembly application
Author(s): Gabriel Evans; Jack Miller; Mariangely Iglesias Pena; Anastacia MacAllister; Eliot Winer
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VR and AR environments for virtual cockpit enhancements
Author(s): Niklas Peinecke; Johannes Ernst
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Advanced architectures for high bandwidth video transport (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Paul Grunwald
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Sensor data/cueing continuum for rotorcraft degraded visual environment operations
Author(s): Joe Minor; Zachariah Morford; Walter Harrington
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Designing a virtual cockpit for helicopter offshore operations
Author(s): Johannes M. Ernst; Sven Schmerwitz; Thomas Lueken; Lars Ebrecht
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