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Unmanned Systems Technology XIX
Editor(s): Robert E. Karlsen; Douglas W. Gage; Charles M. Shoemaker; Hoa G. Nguyen
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Volume Number: 10195
Date Published: 28 June 2017

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Front Matter: Volume 10195
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Assessment of RCTA research
Author(s): Craig Lennon; Marshal Childers; Rick Camden; Lenny Sapronov; Michael Martin; Andrew Dornbush; Ed Weller; Mary Anne Fields; Christian Lebiere
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Using deep learning to bridge the gap between perception and intelligence
Author(s): Arne J. Suppé; Martial Hebert
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Gait design and optimization for efficient running of a direct-drive quadrupedal robot
Author(s): Max Austin; Jason Brown; Kaylee Geidel; Wenxuan Wang; Jonathan Clark
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Ground-based self-righting using inertial appendage methods
Author(s): Chad C. Kessens; James Dotterweich
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Experimental verification of distance and energy optimal motion planning on a skid-steered platform
Author(s): James Pace; Mario Harper; Camilo Ordonez; Nikhil Gupta; Aneesh Sharma; Emmanuel G. Collins Jr.
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Kinematic modeling of a RHex-type robot using a neural network
Author(s): Mario Harper; James Pace; Nikhil Gupta; Camilo Ordonez; Emmanuel G. Collins Jr.
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Autonomous UAV search planning with possibilistic inputs
Author(s): Emily Grayson; Paul Elmore; Don Sofge; Fred Petry
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Online location recognition for drift-free trajectory estimation and efficient autonomous navigation
Author(s): Deepak Khosla; Jiejun Xu; Kyungnam Kim; Yang Chen
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Development of a small satellite primarily inertial autonomous self-correcting attitude determination and control system (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Mark McDonald; Jeremy Straub
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Rapid abstract perception to enable tactical unmanned system operations
Author(s): Stephen P. Buerger; Anup Parikh; Steven J. Spencer; Mark W. Koch
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Biologically-inspired approach to automatic processing fly eye radar antenna array patterns with convolutional neural networks
Author(s): Iryna Dzieciuch
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ONR 30 autonomous ground system program overview
Author(s): Michael Bruch; Leah Kelley; Chris J. Scrapper
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A perception pipeline for expeditionary autonomous ground vehicles
Author(s): Josh Zapf; Gaurav Ahuja; Jeremie Papon; Daren Lee; Jeremy Nash; Arturo Rankin
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Adaptive terrain traversability estimation using passive sensing
Author(s): Mark Allmen; Mark Hassman
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Wheel placement reasoning in complex terrain
Author(s): Andrew Capodieci; Jimmy S. Gill; Mark D. Ollis
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Augmenting autonomous vehicle sensor processing with prior data
Author(s): Elliot R. Johnson; Marc C. Alban; Richard D. Garcia; Kristopher C. Kozak
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Mission modeling, planning, and execution module for teams of unmanned vehicles
Author(s): Jean-Pierre de la Croix; Grace Lim; Joshua Vander Hook; Amir Rahmani; Greg Droge; Alexander Xydes; Chris Scrapper Jr.
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Adaptive formation control for route-following ground vehicles
Author(s): Greg Droge; Alexander Xydes; Amir Rahmani; Chris Scrapper
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Designing an operator control unit for cooperative autonomous unmanned systems
Author(s): Paul Candela; Alexander Xydes; Adam Nans
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A systematic approach to autonomous unmanned system experimentation
Author(s): Ryan Halterman; Chris Scrapper
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Best practices for autonomous vehicle configuration management
Author(s): Thomas Denewiler; Mark Tjersland
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CARACaS multi-agent maritime autonomy for unmanned surface vehicles in the Swarm II harbor patrol demonstration
Author(s): Michael T. Wolf; Amir Rahmani; Jean-Pierre de la Croix; Gail Woodward; Joshua Vander Hook; David Brown; Steve Schaffer; Christopher Lim; Philip Bailey; Scott Tepsuporn; Marc Pomerantz; Viet Nguyen; Cristina Sorice; Michael Sandoval
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Joint Communications Architecture for Unmanned Systems (JCAUS)
Author(s): Shad M. Reese; William Y. Chang
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Development of an advanced cybersecure radio for small unmanned ground vehicles
Author(s): Hoa G. Nguyen; Narek Pezeshkian; John Yen; Abraham Hart
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Cybersecurity for unmanned systems
Author(s): John Yen; John Smigal; Daljit Singh; Jason Ricks; Don Brower; Phil Barlow
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Multi-modal interaction for robotics mules
Author(s): Glenn Taylor; Michael Quist; Matthew Lanting; Cory Dunham; Paul Muench
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Head-worn display for control of unmanned vehicles
Author(s): Mikhail Belenkii; Lawrence Sverdrup Jr.; Larry DiRuscio; Yoshi Taketomi
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Safeguarding autonomy through intelligent shared control
Author(s): Jared Giesbrecht; Ho-Kong Ng; Mingfeng Zhang; John Tang; Michel Bondy; Piotr Jasiobedzki
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Unobtrusive and assistive obstacle avoidance for tele-operation of ground vehicles
Author(s): Mingfeng Zhang; Piotr Jasiobedzki
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Assessing autonomy vulnerabilities in military vehicles
Author(s): Craig T. Lennon; Marshal A. Childers
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The 25th Annual Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition (IGVC): building engineering students into roboticists
Author(s): Andrew Kosinski; Bernie Theisen; Gerald Lane; KaC Cheok; Jane Tarakhovsky
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A class of polarized cavity orientation sensors
Author(s): H. Dhadwal; J. Rastegar; P. Kwok; C. Pereira
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Deep-learning trust estimation in multi-agent systems
Author(s): Cristian Balas; Robert Karlsen; Paul Muench; Dariusz Mikulski; Nizar Al-Holou
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Fast reinforcement learning based distributed optimal flocking control and network co-design for uncertain networked multi-UAV system
Author(s): Hao Xu; L. R. G. Carrillo
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Model-free adaptive controller for autonomous aerial transportation of suspended loads with unknown characteristics
Author(s): Ricardo A. Barron-Gomez; Luis E. Ramos-Velasco; Eduardo S. Espinoza-Quesada; Hao Xu; Luis Rodolfo Garcia Carrillo
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Wireless energy and data transfer to munitions using high power laser diodes
Author(s): Harbans S. Dhadwal; Jahangir Rastegar; Philip Kwok
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Development of an app-on-demand capability for unmanned systems
Author(s): Brandon Rudisel; Jeremy Straub
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A testing and demonstration mission for an automated spacecraft repair system
Author(s): Alex D. Wiitamaki; Jeremy Straub
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UAV path planning in absence of GPS signals
Author(s): Hassan El-Sallabi; Abdulaziz Aldosari; Saad Alkaabi
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Size and rotation invariant alphabet recognition
Author(s): Junho Rim; Chulhee Lee
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UAVs: on development of fuzzy model for categorization of countermeasures during threat assessment
Author(s): Shashank Kamthan; Harpreet Singh; Thomas Meitzler
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