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Ground/Air Multisensor Interoperability, Integration, and Networking for Persistent ISR VIII
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Volume Number: 10190
Date Published: 7 June 2017

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Front Matter: Volume 10190
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Integrated vision: UK's approach to coalition ISTAR interoperability (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Paul A. Thomas
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ISA for the internet of tactical things
Author(s): Christine L. Moulton; John M. Harrell; Jared J. Hepp
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Interoperability at the tactical edge: Lessons learned from Enterprise Challenge 2016
Author(s): Susan Toth; Damon Conover; William Hughes Sr.
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Performing data analytics on information obtained from various sensors on an OSUS compliant system
Author(s): Kelly Cashion; Darian Landoll; Kevin Klawon; Nilesh Powar
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Dynamic and adaptive policy models for coalition operations
Author(s): Dinesh Verma; Seraphin Calo; Supriyo Chakraborty; Elisa Bertino; Chris Williams; Jeremy Tucker; Brian Rivera; Geeth R. de Mel
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Aligning vocabulary for interoperability of ISR assets using authoritative sources
Author(s): Steve Hookway; Terry Patten; Joe Gorman
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Instinctive analytics for coalition operations (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Geeth R. de Mel; Thomas La Porta; Tien Pham; Gavin Pearson
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Coalitions of things: supporting ISR tasks via internet of things approaches
Author(s): Alun Preece; Ian Taylor; Andrew Dawson; Dave Braines; Nick O'Leary; Anna Thomas; Richard Tomsett; Tom La Porta; Jonathan Z. Bakdash; Erin Zaroukian
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Using OSUS and node red to integrate IoT devices based on events
Author(s): Kevin Klawon; Pat Ryan; Joshua Gold
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Tractable policy management framework for IoT
Author(s): Emre Goynugur; Geeth de Mel; Murat Sensoy; Seraphin Calo
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Deep learning on temporal-spectral data for anomaly detection
Author(s): King Ma; Henry Leung; Ehsan Jalilian; Daniel Huang
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A generative model for predicting terrorist incidents
Author(s): Dinesh C. Verma; Archit Verma; Diane Felmlee; Gavin Pearson; Roger Whitaker
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Discovering anomalous events from urban informatics data
Author(s): Kasthuri Jayarajah; Vigneshwaran Subbaraju; Dulanga Weerakoon; Archan Misra; La Thanh Tam; Noel Athaide
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Deep learning for anomaly detection in maritime vessels using AIS-cued camera imagery
Author(s): Yi Zang; Abir Mukherjee; Chuhong Fei; Ting Liu; George Lampropoulos
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Framework for behavioral analytics in anomaly identification
Author(s): Maroun Touma; Elisa Bertino; Brian Rivera; Dinesh Verma; Seraphin Calo
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The need for separate operational and engineering user interfaces for command and control of airborne synthetic aperture radar systems
Author(s): Laura M. Klein; Laura A. McNamara
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Using machine learning to emulate human hearing for predictive maintenance of equipment
Author(s): Dinesh Verma; Graham Bent
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In-context query reformulation for failing SPARQL queries
Author(s): Amar Viswanathan; James R. Michaelis; Taylor Cassidy; Geeth de Mel; James Hendler
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Interface cloning and sharing: Interaction designs for conserving labor and maintaining state across 24X7 sensor operations teams
Author(s): John H. Ganter; Paul C. Reeves
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Does this interface make my sensor look bad? Basic principles for designing usable, useful interfaces for sensor technology operators
Author(s): Laura A. McNamara; Leif Berg; Karin Butler; Laura Klein
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Persistent maritime traffic monitoring for the Canadian Arctic
Author(s): M. Ulmke; G. Battistello; J. Biermann; C. Mohrdieck; R. Pelot; W. Koch
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Detection and localization of multiple wideband intermittent acoustic sources
Author(s): R. E. Hudson; K. Yao; R. Hedley; C. E. Taylor
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Track classification within wireless sensor network
Author(s): Robin Doumerc; Benjamin Pannetier; Julien Moras; Jean Dezert; Loic Canevet
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Sensor data fusion for automated threat recognition in manned-unmanned infantry platoons
Author(s): J. Wildt; M. Varela; M. Ulmke; B. Brüggermann
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Dynamic network based learning systems for sensor information fusion
Author(s): Dinesh Verma; Simon Julier
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Invocation oriented architecture for agile code and agile data
Author(s): Dinesh Verma; Kevin Chan; Kin Leung; Athanasios Gkelias
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Heterogeneous information sharing of sensor information in contested environments
Author(s): Jason A. Wampler; Chien Hsieh; Andrew Toth; Ryan Sheatsley
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A block chain based architecture for asset management in coalition operations
Author(s): Dinesh Verma; Nirmit Desai; Alun Preece; Ian Taylor
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Evaluating the integration of operations tasks while optimizing ISR activities
Author(s): Katie McConky; Hector Ortiz-Peña; Chad Poe; Moises Sudit
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Mission informed needed information: discoverable, available sensing sources (MINI-DASS): the operators and process flows the magic rabbits must negotiate
Author(s): Michael A. Kolodny
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Query generation and recommendation via mission plan interpretation (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): James R. Michaelis
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Modeling of signal propagation and sensor performance for infrasound and blast noise
Author(s): Danney R. Glaser; D. Keith Wilson; Lauren E. Waldrop; Carl R. Hart; Michael J. White; Edward T. Nykaza; Michelle E. Swearingen
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Photogrammetric point cloud compression for tactical networks
Author(s): Andrew C. Madison; Richard D. Massaro; Clayton D. Wayant; John E. Anderson; Clint B. Smith
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An overview of the U.S. Army Research Laboratory's Sensor Information Testbed for Collaborative Research Environment (SITCORE) and Automated Online Data Repository (AODR) capabilities
Author(s): Dennis W. Ward; Kelly W. Bennett
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Distributed subterranean exploration and mapping with teams of UAVs
Author(s): John G. Rogers III; Ryan E. Sherrill; Arthur Schang; Shava L. Meadows; Eric P. Cox; Brendan Byrne; David G. Baran; J. Willard Curtis III; Kevin M. Brink
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Robust drone detection for day/night counter-UAV with static VIS and SWIR cameras
Author(s): Thomas Müller
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Tree detection in urban regions from aerial imagery and DSM based on local maxima points
Author(s): Özgür Korkmaz; Yasemin Yardımcı Çetin; Erdal Yilmaz
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Improved hyperspectral vegetation detection using neural networks with spectral angle mapper
Author(s): Okan Bilge Özdemir; Yasemin Yardımcı Çetin
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Piezo-based, high dynamic range, wide bandwidth steering system for optical applications
Author(s): Nir Karasikov; Gal Peled; Roman Yasinov; Alan Feinstein
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The image-interpretation-workstation of the future: lessons learned
Author(s): S. Maier; F. van de Camp; J. Hafermann; B. Wagner; E. Peinsipp-Byma; J. Beyerer
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