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Anomaly Detection and Imaging with X-Rays (ADIX) II
Editor(s): Amit Ashok; Edward D. Franco; Michael E. Gehm; Mark A. Neifeld
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Volume Number: 10187
Date Published: 22 June 2017

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Front Matter: Volume 10187
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Lessons learned in the execution of advanced x-ray material discrimination (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Sharene Young; Amit Ashok
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Simulations of phase imaging with polycapillary optics (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Jonathan C. Petruccelli; Bushra Kanwal; Carolyn A. MacDonald
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X-ray coherent scattering tomography of textured material (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Zheyuan Zhu; Shuo Pang
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Monte Carlo simulations of a novel coherent scatter materials discrimination system
Author(s): Laila Hassan; Sean Starr-Baier; C. A. MacDonald; Jonathan C. Petruccelli
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Sparse view Compton scatter tomography with energy resolved data: experimental and simulation results
Author(s): Abdulla Desmal; Brian H. Tracey; Hamideh Rezaee; Eric L. Miller; Jeffrey R. Schubert; Jeff Denker; Aaron Couture
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Design and implementation of a fan beam coded aperture x-ray diffraction tomography system for checkpoint baggage scanning
Author(s): Joel A. Greenberg; Mehadi Hassan; Brandon Regnerus; Scott Wolter
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Creating an experimental testbed for information-theoretic analysis of architectures for x-ray anomaly detection
Author(s): David Coccarelli; Joel A. Greenberg; Sagar Mandava; Qian Gong; Liang-Chih Huang; Amit Ashok; Michael E. Gehm
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Adaptive x-ray threat detection using sequential hypotheses testing with fan-beam experimental data (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Ratchaneekorn Thamvichai; Liang-Chih Huang; Amit Ashok; Qian Gong; David Coccarelli; Joel A. Greenberg; Michael E. Gehm; Mark A. Neifeld
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Interior tomographic imaging for x-ray coherent scattering (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Sean Pang; Zheyuan Zhu
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Multi-energy penalized maximum-likelihood reconstruction for x-ray security imaging
Author(s): David G. Politte; Jingwei Lu; Joseph A. O'Sullivan; Eric Johnson; Carl Bosch
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Representation-learning for anomaly detection in complex x-ray cargo imagery
Author(s): Jerone T. A. Andrews; Nicolas Jaccard; Thomas W. Rogers; Lewis D. Griffin
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Image reconstruction for view-limited x-ray CT in baggage scanning
Author(s): Sagar Mandava; David Coccarelli; Joel A. Greenberg; Michael E. Gehm; Amit Ashok; Ali Bilgin
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Towards brilliant, compact x-ray sources: a new x-ray photonic device
Author(s): Brian Scherer; Sudeep Mandal; Joshua Salisbury; Peter Edic; Forrest Hopkins; Susanne M. Lee
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Multi-energy x-ray detectors to improve air-cargo security
Author(s): Caroline Paulus; Vincent Moulin; Didier Perion; Patrick Radisson; Loïck Verger
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Impact of sub-pixelation within CdZnTe detectors for x-ray diffraction imaging systems
Author(s): J. Tabary; C. Paulus; G. Montémont; L. Verger
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Classification-free threat detection based on material-science-informed clustering
Author(s): Siyang Yuan; Scott D. Wolter; Joel A. Greenberg
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A deep learning framework for the automated inspection of complex dual-energy x-ray cargo imagery
Author(s): Thomas W. Rogers; Nicolas Jaccard; Lewis D. Griffin
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Performance estimation for threat detection in CT systems
Author(s): Trent Montgomery; W. Clem Karl; David A. Castañón
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