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Ocean Sensing and Monitoring IX
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Volume Number: 10186
Date Published: 20 June 2017

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Front Matter: Volume 10186
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
The detection of objects in a turbid underwater medium using orbital angular momentum (OAM)
Author(s): Brandon Cochenour; Lila Rodgers; Alan Laux; Linda Mullen; Kaitlyn Morgan; Jerome K. Miller; Eric G. Johnson
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Beam wander due to optical turbulence in water (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Gero A. Nootz; Silvia C. Matt; Andrey V. Kanaev; Ewa Jarosz; Weilin W. Hou
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Undersea narrow-beam optical communications field demonstration
Author(s): Scott A. Hamilton; Cathy E. DeVoe; Andrew S. Fletcher; Igor D. Gaschits; Farhad Hakimi; Nicholas D. Hardy; Thomas Howe; Nathan Mittleman; Hemonth G. Rao; Marvin S. Scheinbart; Timothy M. Yarnall
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Deployable wavelength optimizer for multi-laser sensing and communication undersea
Author(s): Burton Neuner III; Alexandru Hening; B. Melvin Pascoguin; Brian Dick; Martin Miller; Nghia Tran; Michael Pfetsch
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Environmental effects on underwater optical transmission
Author(s): Peter C. Chu; Brian F. Breshears; Alexander J. Cullen; Ross F. Hammerer; Ramon P. Martinez; Thai Q. Phung; Tetyana Margolina; Chenwu Fan
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Biomimetric sentinel reef structures for optical sensing and communications
Author(s): David Fries; Tim Hutcheson; Noam Josef; David Millie; Connor Tate
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Workbench for the computer simulation of underwater gated viewing systems
Author(s): K. Braesicke; D. Wegner; E. Repasi
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In situ particle characterization and evidence of ubiquitous particle orientation in the ocean using a submersible holographic imaging system (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Aditya R. Nayak; Malcolm N. McFarland; Nicole D. Stockley; Michael S. Twardowski; James M. Sullivan
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Statistical signal processing technique to reduce effects of forward scatter on underwater modulated pulse lidar
Author(s): David W. Illig; Robert W. Lee; Linda J. Mullen
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Optimizing the performance of modulated pulse laser systems for imaging and ranging applications
Author(s): L. Mullen; R. Lee; D. Illig
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Adaptive underwater channel estimation for hybrid lidar/radar
Author(s): Robert W. Lee; David W. Illig; Linda J. Mullen
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The development of an underwater pulsed compressive line sensing imaging system
Author(s): Bing Ouyang; Sue Gong; Weilin Hou; Fraser R. Dalgleish; Frank M. Caimi; Anni K. Vuorenkoski
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Laboratory observations of sediment transport using combined particle image and tracking velocimetry (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Donya Frank; Joseph Calantoni
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The impact of optical turbulence on particle image velocimetry
Author(s): Silvia Matt; Gero Nootz; Samuel Hellman; Weilin Hou
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Temporal monitoring of vessels activity using day/night band in Suomi NPP on South China Sea
Author(s): Takashi Yamaguchi; Ichio Asanuma; Jong Geol Park; Kenneth J. Mackin; John Mittleman
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Neural network retrievals of phytoplankton absorption and Karenia brevis harmful algal blooms in the West Florida Shelf
Author(s): Sam Ahmed; Ahmed El-Habashi; Vincent Lovko
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A study on bulk and skin temperature difference using observations from Atlantic and Pacific Coastal regions of United States
Author(s): Denny P. Alappattu; Qing Wang; Ryan Yamaguchi; Richard Lind; Mike Reynolds; Adam Christman
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Mueller matrices of hydrosols and their impact on the polarized light fields from the ocean water
Author(s): Robert Foster; Anna McGilloway; Alex Gilerson
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Monitoring abnormal bio-optical and physical properties in the Gulf of Mexico
Author(s): Robert Arnone; Brooke Jones
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Assessment of lidar remote sensing capability of Raman water temperature from laboratory and field experiments (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Damien B. Josset; Weilin W. Hou; Wesley Goode; Silvia C. Matt; Yongxiang Hu
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Simulating biogeo-optical dynamics in the bottom boundary layer: northern Gulf of Mexico test case
Author(s): Jason K. Jolliff; Sherwin Ladner; Travis Smith; Allison Penko; Ewa Jarosz; Todd Lovitt
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Recent warming in the San Francisco Bay and the California coastal ocean
Author(s): Yi Chao; John Farrara; Carrie Zhang
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Effect of inter- and intra-annual thermohaline variability on acoustic propagation
Author(s): Peter C. Chu; Colleen M. McDonald; Murat Kucukosmanoglu; Albert Judono; Tetyana Margolina; Chenwu Fan
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Regularized learning of linear ordered-statistic constant false alarm rate filters (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Timothy C. Havens; Ian Cummings; Jonathan Botts; Jason E. Summers
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Three-dimensional model of hydro acoustic channel for research MIMO systems
Author(s): V. P. Fedosov; A. V. Lomakina; A. A. Legin; V. V. Voronin
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