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Nonlinear Optical Materials
Editor(s): Gerald Roosen

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Volume Number: 1017
Date Published: 8 March 1989

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"Nonlinear Optical Effects In Organic Molecules And Polymers-Theory, Measurements And Devices"
Author(s): Paras N. Prasad
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Nonlinear Optical Effects At The Room-Temperature Absorption Edge Of CdS And Related Compounds
Author(s): F. Henneberger; J. Puls; Ch. Spiegelberg; M. Kretzschmar
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Carrier Recombination And Quantum Size Effects In The Nonlinear Optical Properties Of Semiconductor Microcrystallites
Author(s): P. Roussignol; D. Ricard; C. Flytzanis; N. Neuroth
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Thin Film Optical Nonlinear Waveguic With CdS Mi
Author(s): Francois Chenard; Hubert Jerominek; Sophie La Rochelle; Real Tremblay; Claude Delisle
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Photo-Electronic Optical Nonlinearities In Three- And Quasi Two-Dimensional Semiconductors
Author(s): C. Klingshirn; Ch. Weber; H.E. Swoboda; R. Renner; F. A. Majumder; M. Kunz; M. Rinker; H. Schwab; M. Wegener; D. S. Chemla
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Application Of Nonlinear Effects In Semiconductor-Laser Optical Amplifiers
Author(s): Gerd Grobkopf; Reinhold Ludwig; Hans Georg Weber
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Nonlinear Optical Absorption In InGaAs/InP And InGaAs/InAlAs Multiple Quantum Well Structures
Author(s): D. A. H. Mace; M. A. Fisher; M. G. Burt; E. G. Scott; J. N. Tothill; K J. Monserrat; M J. Adams
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Analysis Of Degenerate Four-Wave Mixing At Large Pump Signals
Author(s): Michel Piche; Claude Pare; Pierre-Andre Belanger
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Dynamic Band Filling In GaAs/AlAs Multiple Quantum Wells For Efficient Reflection Modulation
Author(s): Wolfgang Kowalsky; Thomas Hackbarth; Karl J. Ebeling
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Picosecond NOR Gates Using II-VI And III-V Bulk Semiconductors
Author(s): M. Pugnet; J. H. Collet
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Optical Switching And Self-Limiting With Near. Bandgap Guided Light In Silicon Waveguides
Author(s): R. Normandin; D. C. Houghton; Zhang Youfang
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Bistable Switching Elements Prepared By Thermal Evaporation
Author(s): Hans J. Eichler; Veronika Glaw; Andreas Kummrow; Volker Penschke; Sabine Broede
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Optical Bistability In Titanium-Diffused Lithium Niobate Optical Waveguides With Liquid Crystalline Nonlinear Prism Coupler
Author(s): Tomasz R. Wolinski; Miroslaw A. Karpierz
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Picosecond Coherent Analysis Of Transient Response Of Nonlinear FABRY-PEROT Interferometer
Author(s): G. Martinelli; B. Colombeau; H. W. Li; A. Lacourt
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Optical Pulse Shaping With A Semiconductor Optical Amplifier
Author(s): S. Ruiz-Moreno; M. J . Soneira; M. A. Garcia-Sempere
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A Full Optical Characterisation Of The Organic Non-Linear Optical Material (-) 2-( 9( -Methylbenzylamino)-5-Nitropyridine (MBA-NP)
Author(s): R. T. Bailey; F. R. Cruickshank; S. M. G. Guthrie; B. J . McArdle; G. W. McGillivray; H. Morrison; D. Pugh; E. A. Shepherd; J. N. Sherwood; C. S . Yoon
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Linear And Nonlinear Optical Properties Of 2-(N-Prolinol)-5-Nitropyridine (PNP)
Author(s): K. Sutter; Ch. Bosshard; P. Gunter
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New Organic Second-Order Nonlinear Optical Materials Developed By Using The Molecular Design Method
Author(s): Yuzo Itoh; Kayo Oono; Masato Isogai; Atsusi Kakuta
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Efficient Second Harmonic Generation From 2-(N,N-Dimethylamino)-5-Nitroacetanilide (DAN) Crystal Cored Fibres.
Author(s): James D. Rush; Geoffrey E. Holdcroft; Peter L Dunn
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Linear And Nonlinear Optical Properties Of Y-type Langmuir-Blodgett Films Of 2-Docosylamino-5-Nitropyridine
Author(s): Ch. Bosshard; G. Decher; B. Tieke; P. Gunter
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UV Generation By Frequency Conversion In BBO
Author(s): P. Lokai; B. Burghardt; D. Basting; W. Muckenheim
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Phase-Matching In Non-Linear Waveguides: The Use Of Periodic Structures
Author(s): R. Kashyap
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Intracavity Frequency Doubling Of A Diode Pumped Nd:YAG Laser Using A KNbO3 Crystal
Author(s): Ivan Biaggio; Herbert Looser; Peter Gunter
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Cw-Intracavity Frequency Doubling With Different Crystals
Author(s): Wolfgang Rupp; Peter Greve
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Beam Amplification By Transient Energy Transfer In GaAs And Si
Author(s): J. Dubard; A. L. Smirl; A. G. Cui; G. C. Valley; T. F. Boggess
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Hologram Stabilization In Photorefractive Crystals
Author(s): Hans C. Kulich; Eckhard Kratzig; Romano A. Rupp
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Application Of An Interferometer Containing A Self-Pumped Phase-Conjugating Mirror
Author(s): Maria Serwe; Andreas Herder; Theo Tschudi
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Effect Of Compensation On The Amplification Of Photorefractive Two Beam Coupling By Alternating Electric Field
Author(s): C. Besson; J. M .C. Jonathan; A. Villing; G. Roosen
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Optical Nonlinearity And Holographic Recording Of Stable Periodic Structures In Polymeric Photorefractive Media
Author(s): Tatiana N. Smirnova; Evgenij A. Tikhonov; Eduard S. Gulnazarov
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"Non-Lagrangian" Parametric Interaction Of Light Waves
Author(s): Nelson V. Tabiryan; Boris Ya. Zel'dovich
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Time Resolved Study Of A Bistable Silicon SEED Operating As A Logical AND-Gate
Author(s): T. Brand; H. J. Eichler; B. Smandek
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Linear And Nonlinear Optical Properties Of 2-Cyclooctylamino-5-Nitropyridine (COANP)
Author(s): Ch. Bosshard; K. Sutter; P. Gunter; G. Chapuis; R. J. Twieg; D. Dobrowolsky
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The Purification, Growth And Optical Properties Of The Organic Material 2-Acetamido-4-Nitro-N:N-Dimethyl Aniline, (DAN)
Author(s): R. T. Bailey; F. R . Cruickshank; S. M. G. Guthrie; B. J. McArdle; G. W. McGillivray; D. Pugh; E. E. A. Shepherd; J N. Sherwood; G. S. Simpson; C. S. Yoon
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Low Threshold Bistability In TiO2-SiO2 Interference Filters
Author(s): F. Mitschke; G. Ankerhold; W. Lange
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Effect Of An Applied Electric Field On Photorefractive BaTiO3 Crystals
Author(s): Alain Maillard; Romano A. Rupp; Jurgen Walter
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Optical Bistability In Dyes
Author(s): Shaulmi Speiser; Frank L. Chisena
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Nonlinear Propagation Effects In Birefringent Fibers
Author(s): M. Kuckartz; R. Schulz; H. Harde
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Investigation Of Semiconductor Carrier Dynamics By Time-Resolved Reflectivity, Transmittance And Photoconductivity In The Picosecond Range
Author(s): Harald Bergner; Volkmar Bruckner; Manfred Supianek; Mathias Lenzner
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Reflections From A Dynamic Grating In A Dye Solution
Author(s): M. D . Davidson; H. J. van Staveren; C. Snoek; A. Donszelmann
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Excitonic Versus Thermal Contribution To All-Optical Switching In A Nonlinear Multiple Quantum Well Directional Coupler Fabricated In GaAs.
Author(s): M. Cada; B. P. Keyworth; J. M. Glinski; A. J. SpringThorpe; P. Mandeville
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