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Bioinspiration, Biomimetics, and Bioreplication 2017
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Volume Number: 10162
Date Published: 31 May 2017

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Front Matter: Volume 10162
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Foldable drones: from biology to technology
Author(s): Dario Floreano; Stefano Mintchev; Jun Shintake
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A parametric study on a bio-inspired continuously morphing trailing edge
Author(s): Amin Moosavian; Eun Jung Chae; Alexander M. Pankonien; Andrew J. Lee; Daniel J. Inman Sr.
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Computational analysis of a flapping two different airfoils at laminar flow for flapping wing micro aerial vehicle
Author(s): Abduljaleel Altememe; Oliver J. Myers
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Can a robot grow? Plants give us the answer
Author(s): Barbara Mazzolai; Gabriella Meloni; Andrea Degl'Innocenti
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Design and evaluation of a wasp-inspired steerable needle
Author(s): M. Scali; D. Kreeft; P. Breedveld; Dimitra Dodou
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Mosquito inspired medical needles
Author(s): Torben A. Lenau; Thomas Hesselberg; Alexandros Drakidis; Patricia Silva; Silvana Gomes
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Liposomes: bio-inspired nano-containers for physically triggered targeted drug delivery
Author(s): Sofiya Matviykiv; Marzia Buscema; Tamás Mészáros; Gabriela Gerganova; Thomas Pfohl; Andreas Zumbühl; János Szebeni; Bert Müller
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Biomimetic reactions in conducting polymers for artificial muscles: sensing working conditions
Author(s): Victor H. Pascual; Toribio F. Otero; Johanna Schumacher
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MEMS scale artificial hair cell sensors inspired by the cochlear amplifier effect
Author(s): Sheyda Davaria; Pablo A. Tarazaga
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A thin polymer membrane 'NanoSuit' allows living organisms to survive in the harsh conditions of electron microscopy
Author(s): Takahiko Hariyama; Kana Sakaida; Haruko Matsumoto; Takumi Tsutsui; Hiroshi Suzuki; Hideya Kawasaki; Masatsugu Shimomura; Yasuharu Takaku
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Three-dimensional imaging of human brain tissues using absorption-contrast high-resolution X-ray tomography
Author(s): Anna Khimchenko; Georg Schulz; Christos Bikis; Hans Deyhle; Natalia Chicherova; Simone E. Hieber; Gabriel Schweighauser; Jürgen Hench; Bert Müller
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Comparison of live stimuli and 3D printed replicas: preference tests for zebrafish
Author(s): Tommaso Ruberto; Giovanni Polverino; Maurizio Porfiri
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Investigation of propulsive characteristics due to traveling waves in continuous finite media
Author(s): Vijaya V. N. Sriram Malladi; Mohammad Albakri; Patrick Musgrave; Pablo A. Tarazaga
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Zebrafish response to live predator and biologically-inspired robot in a circular arena
Author(s): Gabrielle Cord-Cruz; Tommaso Ruberto; Daniele Neri; Maurizio Porfiri
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Biomimetic liquid repellent surfaces based on self-organized honeycomb-patterned polymer films (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Hiroshi Yabu; Jun Kamei
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Bio-inspired surfaces with nano-scale structural randomness (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Hendrik Hölscher
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Blue tarantulas and dancing rainbow spiders inspire new color technologies (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Bor-Kai Hsiung; Matthew D. Shawkey; Todd A. Blackledge
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Design of bioinspired chirped reflectors using a genetic algorithm
Author(s): Francesco Chiadini; Vincenzo Fiumara; Antonio Scaglione
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Morpho-colored flexible film fabricated by simple mass-production method
Author(s): Akira Saito; Kosei Ishibashi; Junpei Ohga; Yuji Kuwahara
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Bioinspired multicontrollable metasurfaces and metamaterials for terahertz applications
Author(s): Akhlesh Lakhtakia; Douglas E. Wolfe; Mark W. Horn; John Mazurowski; Arnold Burger; Partha P. Banerjee
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Robotic chemotaxis controller
Author(s): Subrat Mahapatra; Kevin Nickels; Hoa Nguyen
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Sensitive photoreceiver based on carbon nanotube/tobacco cell composite material
Author(s): H. C. Neitzert; G. Landi; F. Chiadini
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