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14th International Conference on Optical and Electronic Sensors
Editor(s): Piotr Jasiński
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Volume Number: 10161
Date Published: 18 November 2016

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Front Matter: Volume 10161
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Innovative multi-cantilever array sensor system with MOEMS read-out
Author(s): F. Ivaldi; T. Bieniek; P. Janus; P. Grabiec; W. Majstrzyk; D. Kopiec; T. Gotszalk
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Functionalization of MEMS cantilever beams for interconnect reliability investigation: development practice
Author(s): T. Bieniek; G. Janczyk; R. Dobrowolski; K. Wojciechowska; A. Malinowska; A. Panas; M. Nieprzecki; H. Kłos
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Soft dielectric cantilevers with silicon tips for atomic force microscopy applications
Author(s): Paweł Janus; Rafał Dobrowolski; Andrzej Sierakowski; Francesco Ivaldi; Dariusz Szmigiel; Jerzy Zając
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Energy harvesting schemes for building interior environment monitoring
Author(s): Pawel Zylka; Dominik Pociecha
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Polymer microfluidic bioreactor fabrication by means of gray scale lithography technique
Author(s): Andrzej Sierakowski; Piotr Prokaryn; Rafał Dobrowolski; Anna Malinowska; Dariusz Szmigiel; Piotr Grabiec; Damian Trojanowski; Dagmara Jakimowicz; Jolanta Zakrzewska-Czerwinska
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Gravimetric measurements with use of a cantilever for controlling of electrochemical deposition processes
Author(s): Piotr Prokaryn; Pawel Janus; Jerzy Zajac; Andrzej Sierakowski; Krzysztof Domanski; Piotr Grabiec
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Harvesting electrostatic energy using super-hydrophobic surfaces
Author(s): Dominik Pociecha; Pawel Zylka
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Defect structure of V2O5 thin film gas sensors
Author(s): Krystyna Schneider
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Zirconia-based mixed potential sensor with Pt electrode prepared by spin-coating of polymeric precursor
Author(s): A. Chrzan; Ł. Woźniak; D. Szymczewska; P. Jasiński
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Sol-gel layers for ceramic microsystems application
Author(s): Mateusz Czok; Leszek Golonka
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Properties of PZT thick film made on LTCC substrates with dielectric intermediate layers
Author(s): Arkadiusz Dąbrowski; Leszek Golonka
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Application of thin dielectric films in low coherence fiber-optic Fabry-Pérot sensing interferometers: comparative study
Author(s): Marzena Hirsch; Paweł Wierzba; Małgorzata Jędrzejewska-Szczerska
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Physical and optical properties of TiO2 nanolayers for integrated photonics application
Author(s): Przemysław Struk; Tadeusz Pustelny
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Response of a fiber-optic Fabry-Pérot interferometer to refractive index and absorption changes: modeling and experiments
Author(s): Jerzy Pluciński; Katarzyna Karpienko
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Barium boron aluminum silicate glass system for solid state optical gas sensors
Author(s): M. J. Da Silva; J. Karczewski; P. Jasinski; A. Chrzan; P. Kalinowski; D. Szymczewska; G. Jasinski
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Highly increased detection of silver stained protein bands in polyacrylamide gels with thermo-optical methods
Author(s): Giulia Mazza; Thomas Posnicek; Martin Brandl
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Realization and characterization of fiber optic reflective sensor
Author(s): B. Guzowski; M. Łakomski; B. Słapek
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Realization of a fiber optic sensor detecting the presence of a liquid
Author(s): B. Guzowski; M. Łakomski; K. Nowogrodzki
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Comparison of the measurement techniques employed for evaluation of ambient air odor quality
Author(s): Wojciech Wojnowski; Tomasz Majchrzak; Jacek Gębicki; Tomasz Dymerski; Jacek Namieśnik
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Monitoring of odor nuisance in the tri-city agglomeration
Author(s): Jacek Gębicki; Tomasz Dymerski; Jacek Namieśnik
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Extraction and evaluation of gas-flow-dependent features from dynamic measurements of gas sensors array
Author(s): Paweł Kalinowski; Łukasz Woźniak; Grzegorz Jasiński; Piotr Jasiński
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Features extraction from the electrocatalytic gas sensor responses
Author(s): Paweł Kalinowski; Łukasz Woźniak; Maria Stachowiak; Grzegorz Jasiński; Piotr Jasiński
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An electronic nose for quantitative determination of gas concentrations
Author(s): Grzegorz Jasinski; Paweł Kalinowski; Łukasz Woźniak
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Techniques of acquiring additional features of the responses of individual gas sensors
Author(s): Grzegorz Jasinski; Anna Strzelczyk; Paweł Kalinowski; Łukasz Woźniak
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3D polypyrrole structures as a sensing material for glucose detection
Author(s): Karolina Cysewska; Magdalena Szymańska; Piotr Jasiński
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Ab-initio investigation of the influence of chemical compounds on graphene layer properties in fabricated IR detector
Author(s): L. Ruta; J. Wozny; N. Szczecinska; Z. Lisik
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Graphene oxide, reduced graphene oxide and composite thin films NO2 sensing properties
Author(s): Katarzyna J. Dunst; Piotr Jasiński
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Chlorine sensing properties of zinc oxide resistive gas sensor doped with platinum
Author(s): M. Fiedot; P. Suchorska-Woźniak; O. Rac; W. Nawrot; H. Teterycz
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Determination of chlorine concentration using single temperature modulated semiconductor gas sensor
Author(s): Ł. Woźniak; P. Kalinowski; G. Jasiński; P. Jasiński
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Metrological characteristics of the flat voltammetric electrode in time domain with a reversible electrochemical reaction running on the surface
Author(s): Krzysztof Suchocki
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Thermal heat-balance mode flow-to-frequency converter
Author(s): Eligiusz Pawlowski
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Error of conversion of "physical quantity-to-frequency" converter output signal
Author(s): Piotr Warda
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Thin film two-electrode impedance sensor development and tests
Author(s): Michał Zaborowski; Anna Baraniecka; Jerzy Zając; Krzysztof Domański; Piotr Grabiec
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Flexible humidity sensors with polymer sorption layer
Author(s): Bartosz Dzikowski; Adrian Zdúnczyk; Jerzy Weremczuk; Grzegorz Owczarek; Wojciech Fabianowski
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Application of a system for measuring foot plantar pressure for evaluation of human mobility
Author(s): Ewa Klimiec; Barbara Jasiewicz; Krzysztof Zaraska; Jacek Piekarski; Piotr Guzdek; Grzegorz Kołaszczyński
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Electronic system for floor surface type detection in robotics applications
Author(s): Grzegorz Tarapata; Daniel Paczesny; Łukasz Tarasiuk
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The capacitive sensor for liquid level measurement, fabricated with the inkjet printing technology
Author(s): Daniel Paczesny; Grzegorz Tarapata; Michał Marzęcki; Michał Woyke; Ryszard Jachowicz
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