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12th International Symposium on Medical Information Processing and Analysis
Editor(s): Eduardo Romero; Natasha Lepore; Jorge Brieva; Jorge Brieva; Ignacio Larrabide;
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Volume Number: 10160
Date Published: 9 February 2017

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Front Matter: Volume 10160
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Open access database of EEG signals recorded during imagined speech
Author(s): Germán A. Pressel Coretto; Iván E. Gareis; H. Leonardo Rufiner
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Transfer entropy to characterize brain-heart topology in sleep apnea patients treated with continuous positive airway pressure
Author(s): Alexander Cerquera; Alvaro Orjuela-Cañón; Jessica Roa-Huertas; Jan A. Freund; Gabriel Juliá-Serdá; Antonio Ravelo-García
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Detection of non-homogeneous cycles in blood flow signals in coronary grafts
Author(s): Didier T. Guzmán; Jorge Brieva
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Granger causality suggests an association between heart rate variability and EEG band power dynamics
Author(s): Victoria De la Cruz-Armienta; Erik Bojorges-Valdez; Oscar Yanez-Suarez
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Fetal biometric measurements during the first trimester of pregnancy
Author(s): María Georgina Bracamontes Piña; Erik Bojorges-Valdez; Lisbeth Camargo Marín; Mario Guzmán Huerta; Moisés Sánchez Rivera; Verónica Medina Bañuelos
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Segmentation of the nuchal fold in fetal ultrasound images
Author(s): Gustavo Velásquez; Fernando Arámbula Cosío; Verónica Medina; Boris Escalante; Lisbeth Camargo; Mario Guzmán
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Ultrasound fetal brain registration using weighted coherent point drift
Author(s): J. L. Pérez González; Fernando Arámbula Cosío; Mario Guzmán; Lisbeth Camargo; Benjamin Gutierrez; Diana Mateus; Nassir Navab; V. Medina Bañuelos
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Comparison of real-time ultrasound simulation models using abdominal CT images
Author(s): P. Rubi; E. Fernandez Vera; J. Larrabide; M. Calvo; J. P. D'Amato; I. Larrabide
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Multivariate surface-based analysis of corpus callosum in patients with sickle cell disease
Author(s): Yaqiong Chai; Yi Lao; Yicen Li; Chaoran Ji; Sharon O'Neil; Yalin Wang; Natasha Lepore; John Wood
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The changing brain in healthy aging: a multi-MRI machine and multicenter surface-based morphometry study
Author(s): P. Donnelly Kehoe; G. Pascariello; M. Quaglino; J. Nagel; J. C. Gómez
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The core genetic network underlying sulcal morphometry
Author(s): Fabrizio Pizzagalli; Guillaume Auzias; Peter Kochunov; Joshua I. Faskowitz; Paul M. Thompson; Neda Jahanshad
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Hippocampal segmentation using mean shift algorithm
Author(s): Guadalupe Desirée López Palafox; Ana Luisa Sosa Ortíz; Oscar Marrufo Melendez; Orlando Morales Ballesteros; Jorge Luis Pérez González; Juan Ramón Jiménez Alaniz
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Putamen development in children 12 to 21 months old
Author(s): Roza Vlasova; Niharika Gajawelli; Yalin Wang; Holly Dirks; Douglas Dean; Jonathan O’Muircheartaigh; Yi Lao; James Yoon; Marvin D. Nelson; Sean Deoni; Natasha Lepore
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Classifiers' comparison for P300 detection in a modified speller screen
Author(s): Omar Piña-Ramírez; Raquel Valdés-Cristerna; Oscar Yanez-Suarez
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Multiple motion gaming devices-based balance evaluation platform
Author(s): Eun-Young Lee; Jonghee Son; Dongho Kim
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Quantifying the gait pattern adaptation to auditory feedback in healthy elder adults
Author(s): Gustavo Pineda; Marcela Iregui; Angélica Atehortúa ; Eduardo Romero
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Development of methods for deconvolution algorithms performance analysis using FIJI and Icy plugins
Author(s): Luciana A. Erbes; Ángel A. Zeitoune; Víctor H. Casco; Javier Adur
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Fast Fourier transform-based analysis of renal masses on contrast-enhanced computed tomography images for grading of tumor
Author(s): Bino A. Varghese; Darryl H. Hwang; Steven Y. Cen; Bhushan B. Desai; Felix Y. Yap; Inderbir Gill; Mihir Desai; Manju Aron; Gangning Liang; Michael Chang; Christopher Deng; Mike Kwon; Chidubem Ugweze; Frank Chen; Vinay A. Duddalwar
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Ray-casting method to assess the quality of segmented surfaces from 3D images
Author(s): J. P. D'Amato; M. Del Fresno; C. Garcia Bauza; M. Vénere
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Video motion magnification for monitoring of vital signals using a perceptual model
Author(s): Jorge Brieva; Ernesto Moya-Albor; Sandra L. Gomez-Coronel; Hiram Ponce
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Cortical connectome registration using spherical demons
Author(s): Dmitry Isaev; Boris A. Gutman; Daniel Moyer; Joshua Faskowitz; Paul M. Thompson
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Pigmented skin lesion segmentation based on sparse texture representations
Author(s): César E. Martínez; Enrique M. Albornoz
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Microscope cell color images segmentation by fuzzy morphological reconstruction
Author(s): Agustina Bouchet; Juan I. Pastore; Marcel Brun; Virginia L. Ballarin
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Color separation of H&E stained samples by linearly projecting the RGB representation onto a custom discriminant surface
Author(s): Paula Andrea Dorado; Raul Celis; Eduardo Romero
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Nuclei graph local features for basal cell carcinoma classification in whole slide images
Author(s): David Romo-Bucheli; Germán Corredor; Juan D. García-Arteaga; Viviana Arias; Eduardo Romero
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Geometric adaptive control in type 1 diabetes
Author(s): G. R. Cocha; C. Amorena; A. Mazzadi; C. D'Attellis
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Anthropometric index for insulin sensitivity assessment in older adults from Ecuadorian highlands
Author(s): J. Velásquez; E. Severeyn; H. Herrera; L. Encalada; S. Wong
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Convolutional network to detect exudates in eye fundus images of diabetic subjects
Author(s): Oscar Perdomo; John Arevalo; Fabio A. González
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Convolutional neural network transfer for automated glaucoma identification
Author(s): José Ignacio Orlando; Elena Prokofyeva; Mariana del Fresno; Matthew B. Blaschko
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Variable clustering reveals associations between subcortical brain volume and cognitive changes in pediatric traumatic brain injury
Author(s): Artemis Zavaliangos-Petropulu; Emily L. Dennis; Greg Ver Steeg; Talin Babikian; Richard Mink; Christopher Babbitt; Jeffrey Johnson; Christopher C. Giza; Robert F. Asarnow; Paul M. Thompson
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Utilizing brain measures for large-scale classification of autism applying EPIC
Author(s): Marc B. Harrison; Brandalyn C. Riedel; Gautam Prasad; Neda Jahanshad; Joshua Faskowitz; Paul M. Thompson
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A multidimensional feature space for automatic classification of autism spectrum disorders (ASD)
Author(s): Javier Almeida; Nelson Velasco; Eduardo Romero
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Large-scale classification of major depressive disorder via distributed Lasso
Author(s): Dajiang Zhu; Qingyang Li; Brandalyn C. Riedel; Neda Jahanshad; Derrek P. Hibar; Ilya M. Veer; Henrik Walter; Lianne Schmaal; Dick J. Veltman; Dominik Grotegerd; Udo Dannlowski; Matthew D. Sacchet; Ian H. Gotlib; Jieping Ye; Paul M. Thompson
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Exploring Alzheimer's anatomical patterns through convolutional networks
Author(s): Juan M. Ortiz-Suárez; Raúl Ramos-Pollán; Eduardo Romero
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3D optical flow estimation in cardiac CT images using the Hermite transform
Author(s): Ernesto Moya-Albor; Carlos Mira; Jorge Brieva; Boris Escalante-Ramírez; Enrique Vallejo Venegas
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Identification of border-zone corridors in the left ventricle using the core expansion method
Author(s): L. Serra; R. M. Figueras i Ventura; X. Planes; M. Steghöfer; J. Fernández-Armenta; D. Penela; J. Acosta; A. Berruezo
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Detection of morphological structures for vessel wall segmentation in IVUS using random forests
Author(s): L. Lo Vercio; M. Del Fresno; I. Larrabide
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Low-cost phantoms for validating measurements in ultrasound vascular images
Author(s): Hugo Luis Manterola; Lucas Lo Vercio; Alejandro Díaz; Pamela Alejandra Pardini; María Victoria Waks Serra; Mariana del Fresno; Ignacio Larrabide
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Real-time vascular response assessment by means of a dual pressure-diameter device: a preliminary study
Author(s): N. Pérez López; M. A. De Luca; G. Sivori; L. J. Cymberknop; R. L. Armentano
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Extending PACS functionality: towards facilitating the conversion of clinical necessities into research-derived applications
Author(s): Fernando Yepes-Calderon; Frisca Wihardja; Edward Melamed; Min Song; Giustino Paladini; Natasha Lepore; Marvin Nelson Jr.; Stephan Erberich; Stefan Bluml; J. Gordon McComb
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Secure multivariate large-scale multi-centric analysis through on-line learning: an imaging genetics case study
Author(s): Marco Lorenzi; Boris Gutman; Paul M. Thompson; Daniel C. Alexander; Sebastien Ourselin; Andre Altmann
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Radiomics-based quantitative biomarker discovery: development of a robust image processing infrastructure
Author(s): Darryl H. Hwang; Bino A. Varghese; Michael Chang; Christopher Deng; Chidubem Ugweze; Steven Y. Cen; Vinay A. Duddalwar
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A radiology image retrieval system based on user preferences
Author(s): Lina Guzmán; Germán Corredor; Eduardo Romero; Eduardo Romero
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Tract-based spectroscopy to investigate pediatric brain trauma
Author(s): Emily L. Dennis; Jeffry R. Alger; Talin Babikian; Faisal Rashid; Julio E. Villalon-Reina; Richard Mink; Christopher Babbitt; Jeffrey L. Johnson; Christopher C. Giza; Robert F. Asarnow; Paul M. Thompson
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Clustering white matter fibers using support vector machines: a volumetric conformal mapping approach
Author(s): Vikash Gupta; Gautam Prasad; Paul Thompson
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Improvement of co-occurrence matrix calculation and collagen fibers orientation estimation
Author(s): Angel A. Zeitoune; Luciana A. Erbes; Victor H. Casco; Javier F. Adur
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Porosity distribution upon the surface of a deployed flow diverter: an experimental and simulation study
Author(s): Hector Fernandez; Anna Curto; Andreas Ding; Luis Serra; Ignacio Larrabide
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Changes on abdominal aortic fluid dynamics after implantation of grafts based on endovascular aneurysm sealing system (EVAS)
Author(s): Mariano E. Casciaro; Ignacio Larrabide; Javier Dottori; Salma El-Batti; Jean-Marc Alsac; Damian Craiem
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Hierarchical eigenmodes to characterize bladder motion and deformation in prostate cancer radiotherapy
Author(s): Richard Rios; Frederic Commandeur; Oscar Acosta; Caroline Lafond; Jairo Espinosa; Renaud De Crevoisier
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Flow diverter stents simulation with CFD: porous media modelling
Author(s): Nicols Dazeo; Javier Dottori; Gustavo Boroni; Alejandro Clausse; Ignacio Larrabide
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A comparative study between parallel and normal excitation for crawling wave sonoelastography
Author(s): Stefano E. Romero; Eduardo A. Gonzalez; Roberto Lavarello; Benjamin Castañeda
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Automatic detection of perturbed magnetic resonance signal
Author(s): Jennifer Salguero; Nelson Velasco; Eduardo Romero C.
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Algorithm for the identification of resting state independent networks in fMRI
Author(s): Patricio Donnelly Kehoe; Juan Carlos Gomez; Jorge Nagel
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Bayesian super-resolution in brain diffusion weighted magnetic resonance imaging (DW-MRI)
Author(s): Juan S. Celis A.; Nelson F. Velasco T.; Julio E. Villalon-Reina; Paul M. Thompson; Eduardo Romero C.
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Improved clinical diffusion MRI reliability using a tensor distribution function compared to a single tensor
Author(s): Dmitry Y. Isaev; Talia M. Nir; Neda Jahanshad; Julio E. Villalon-Reina; Liang Zhan; Alex D. Leow; Paul M. Thompson
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Leveraging sparsity to detect HRF variability in fMRI
Author(s): P.K. Douglas
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Visual mismatch negativity (vMMN): automatic detection change followed by an inhibition of the attentional switch without visual awareness
Author(s): Vanessa Hadid; Franco Lepore
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