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Optical Communication, Optical Fiber Sensors, and Optical Memories for Big Data Storage
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Volume Number: 10158
Date Published: 19 December 2016

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Front Matter: Volume 10158
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Design galvanometer position detection unit based on single detector compound axis tracking system
Author(s): Yang Liu; Shoufeng Tong; Yansong Song; Shuai Chang; Yinan Gao; Kewei Zhao
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Slow-light effects in microfiber coil resonator
Author(s): Cheng-Ju Ma; Hai-Wei Fu; Ying-Gang Liu
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Laser interference effect evaluation method based on character of laser-spot and image feature
Author(s): Jianfeng Tang; Xiaolin Luo; Lingxia Wu
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Continuous-variable quantum key distribution with random intensity fluctuation of the local oscillator
Author(s): Ming Gui; Ming-Qiu Huang; Lin-Mei Liang
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An auto-bias control scheme for IQ-modulator with various modulation formats
Author(s): Wenqi Zhang; Xueguang Yuan; Yang'an Zhang
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Numerical study of CSRZ, RZ-DPSK, and ODB formats in 32 × 40 Gb/s DWDM transmission
Author(s): Tao Jiang; Kefei Zhang
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Label switching and transmission of FSK-PPM signal in optical label switching
Author(s): Liu Yang; Fengguang Luo
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Ultra-broadband near perfect absorption of visible light based on one-dimensional metal-dielectric-metal grating for TM polarization
Author(s): Minghui Luo; Yun Zhou; Linsen Chen; Yan Ye; Su Shen; Shangliang Wu
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Theoretical investigation on the effect of ASE noise for amplified fiber loop ring-down gas sensing
Author(s): Chunfu Cheng; Yan Zeng; Yiwen Ou; Jinye Zhang; Qinghua Lv; Jinrong Zhu; Hui Lv
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Design of adaptive filter amplifier in UV communication based on DSP
Author(s): Zhaoshun Lv; Hanping Wu; Junyu Li
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Channel cooperation for anti-occlusion visible light communication systems
Author(s): Yuxin Liu; Zhitong Huang; Wei Li; Yuefeng Ji
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Grapefruit photonic crystal fiber long period gratings sensor for DNT sensing application
Author(s): Chuanyi Tao; Jingke Li; Tenglong Zhu
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Review of ultra-high density optical storage technologies for big data center
Author(s): Ruan Hao; Jie Liu
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Propagation of elegant vortex Hermite-Gaussian beams in turbulent atmosphere
Author(s): Xuanxuan Zhu; Guohua Wu; Bin Luo
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Low-bending loss and single-mode operation in few-mode optical fiber
Author(s): Ping Yin; Hua Wang; Ming-Yang Chen; Jin Wei; Zhi-Min Cai; Lu-Ming Li; Ji-Hai Yang; Yuan-Feng Zhu
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Design and optimization of mode converter based on long period fiber grating
Author(s): Qian Xiang; Li-Jun Chang; Ming-Yang Chen
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WiFi-based person identification
Author(s): Jing Yuan
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SDN-based path hopping communication against eavesdropping attack
Author(s): Chuanhao Zhang; Youjun Bu; Zheng Zhao
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Superresolution far-field diffraction spot in the free-space laser communication system due to radially polarized beam
Author(s): Chao Wang; Lun Jiang; Yuan Hu; Zhuang Liu; Ying-chao Li; Le Wang
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All-optical relative intensity noise suppression method for the high precision fiber optic gyroscope
Author(s): Yue Zheng; Chunxi Zhang; Lijing Li; Lailiang Song; Yuhui Zhang
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Routing and spectrum assignment based on ant colony optimization of minimum consecutiveness loss in elastic optical networks
Author(s): Fu Wang; Bo Liu; Lijia Zhang; Xiangjun Xin; Qinghua Tian; Qi Zhang; Lan Rao; Feng Tian; Biao Luo; Yingjun Liu; Bao Tang
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Optical fiber current sensor with small size for the high voltage watt-hour meter
Author(s): Feili Yang; Xingzhe Hou; Yong Huang; Nai Peng
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A training-aided MIMO equalization based on matrix transformation in the space division multiplexed fiber-optic transmission system
Author(s): Xiaoning Guan; Bo Liu; Lijia Zhang; Xiangjun Xin; Qinghua Tian; Qi Zhang; Feng Tian; Dengao Li; Jumin Zhao; Renfan Wang
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123 km Φ-OTDR system based on bidirectional erbium-doped fiber amplifier
Author(s): Xiaozhong Tian; Rui Dang; Dongjie Tan; Lu Liu; Haiming Wang
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A fiber Bragg grating sensor system for estimating the large deflection of a lightweight flexible beam
Author(s): Te Peng; Yangyang Yang; Lina Ma; Huayong Yang
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Squeezed triangular photonic crystal fiber with high birefringence and low dispersion
Author(s): Limin Wu; Peng Song
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Modeling and simulation on temperature performance in fiber optic gyroscope fiber coil of shipborne strapdown inertial navigation system
Author(s): Yueze Wang; Lin Ma; Hao Yu; Hongyu Gao; Yujie Yuan
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Terahertz phase modulator with graphene based metasurface
Author(s): Xin Zhang; Dongshan Wei; Liangping Xia; Changbin Nie; Sijiang Wang; Hongliang Cui; Chunlei Du
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Pressure sensor for Weight-In-Motion measurement based on fiber loop ring-down spectroscopy
Author(s): Songlin Yang; Chi Ruan; Yuntao Wang
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Measuring outer scale in atmospheric optical turbulence from the point view of spatial correlation function
Author(s): Qian Wang; Hai-Ping Mei; Xian-Mei Qian; Rui-Zhong Rao
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A method of the synthesis of fiber bragg grating array without any damage
Author(s): Shikai Chen; Wenjie Zhang; Lina Ma; Huayong Yang
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Protocol independent transmission method in software defined optical network
Author(s): Yuze Liu; Hui Li; Yanfang Hou; Yajun Qiu; Yuefeng Ji
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Theoretical and experimental on the Shupe-like bias caused by thermal stress of fiber optic gyros
Author(s): Yueze Wang; Lin Ma; Jingjing Zhao; Wei Wu; Liwei Qiao
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Distributed vibration fiber sensing system based on Polarization Diversity Receiver
Author(s): Junan Zhang; Peng Jiang; Zhengliang Hu; Yongming Hu
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Adverse effect of the Brillouin optical time-domain analysis system caused by self-phase modulation
Author(s): Yuqing Zhou; Wei Chen; Zhou Meng
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Optimum design of Cassegrain antenna for space laser communication
Author(s): Yuan Hu; Lun Jiang; Chao Wang; Yingchao Li
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High dynamic range microwave photonic down-conversion based on dual-parallel Mach-Zehnder modulator
Author(s): Hongli Li; Yunxin Wang; Dayong Wang; Lu Rong; Yupeng Jia; Jingnan Li; Xin Zhong; Dengcai Yang; Tao Zhou
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The rotation modulation inertial navigation system for blackout area during hypersonic reentry
Author(s): Jin Li; Jianhui Zhao; Xiaoqiang Sha; Fan Li
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Multiconfiguration to improve resolution on sensor systems
Author(s): H. Liu; Q. X. Ding; L. W. Zhou
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Adaptively optimized threshold of strong atmospheric turbulence channel in free space optical communication
Author(s): Qiwen Zhang; Xizheng Ke; Sichen Lei
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Research on key technology of space laser communication network
Author(s): Chengwu Chang; Huiming Huang; Hongyang Liu; Shenghua Gao; Liyu Cheng
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Flat broadband slow light with low dispersion in one-dimensional treble photonic crystals
Author(s): Lihua Tang; Changhong Li; Pingping Yu; Mengjie Yi
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Dispersion engineering of slow light in hexagonal ring hole photonic crystal waveguide
Author(s): Min Wu; Changhong Li; Liucun Li; Yumeng Wang
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Effect of complex optical field on the modulation instability of 100 km unrepeated fiber transmission system with DFRA
Author(s): Yangyang Yang; Pan Xu; Zhengliang Hu; Yongming Hu
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Quantitative analysis and demonstration of modified triple-branch signal detection scheme for SAC-OCDMA systems
Author(s): Fujun Chen; Gang Feng; Siwei Zhang
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Effect on FOG caused by non-uniform distribute magnetic field
Author(s): Jianling Yin; Jun Lu; Shaojuan Mao; Yudan Chen
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A refractive index insensitive PbS fiber temperature sensor based on Sagnac interferometer
Author(s): Xinghu Fu; Jiangpeng Zhang; Siwen Wang; Guangwei Fu; Weihong Bi
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A few mode fiber curvature sensor based on two spherical-shape structures modal interferometer
Author(s): Xinghu Fu; Siwen Wang; Shunyang Zhang; Qin Liu; Qifeng Li; Haiyang Xie; Guangwei Fu; Weihong Bi; Yanjun Li
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A long-term target detection approach in infrared image sequence
Author(s): Hang Li; Qi Zhang; Xin Wang; Chao Hu
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The tension sensor of Photonic Crystal Fiber based on core-offset splicing and waist-enlarged fiber taper
Author(s): Guangwei Fu; Qifeng Li; Yunpu Li; Jiandong Yang; Xinghu Fu; Weihong Bi; Yanjun Li
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A novel communication mechanism based on node potential multi-path routing
Author(s): Youjun Bu; Chuanhao Zhang; YiMing Jiang; Zhen Zhang
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The architecture of blind equalizer for MIMO free space optical communication system
Author(s): Hongwei Li; Yongmei Huang
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Nanoparticle detection using fano-resonance photonic crystal on optical fiber-tip
Author(s): Daquan Yang; Wei Yuan; Yuefeng Ji
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Flutter signal extracting technique based on FOG and self-adaptive sparse representation algorithm
Author(s): Jian Lei; Xiangtao Meng; Zheng Xiang
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Study on embedding fiber Bragg grating sensor into the 3D printing structure for health monitoring
Author(s): Ruiya Li; Yuegang Tan; Zude Zhou; Liang Fang; Yiyang Chen
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Software defined multi-OLT passive optical network for flexible traffic allocation
Author(s): Shizong Zhang; Rentao Gu; Yuefeng Ji; Jiawei Zhang; Hui Li
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Toward of a highly integrated probe for improving wireless network quality
Author(s): Fei Ding; Aiguo Song; Zhenyang Wu; Zhiwen Pan; Xiaohu You
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Optical voltage sensors: principle, problem and research proposal
Author(s): Changsheng Li
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