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Advanced Laser Manufacturing Technology
Editor(s): Bingheng Lu; Huaming Wang
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Volume Number: 10153
Date Published: 14 November 2016

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Delay time dependence of thermal effect of combined pulse laser machining
Author(s): Boshi Yuan; Guangyong Jin; Yao Ma; Wei Zhang
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Analysis of the spontaneous Rayleigh-Brillouin scattering spectra of N2
Author(s): Tao Wu; Ruxiao Xia; Xingdao He; Xinyi Zhang; Huan Yu
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Attenuation characteristic of UWB signals propagation in free space
Author(s): Meng Li; Zhonghua Huang
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Algorithm research on infrared imaging target extraction based on GAC model
Author(s): Yingchun Li; Youchen Fan; Yanqing Wang
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Distance measurement to high remote targets based on the airborne chaotic laser
Author(s): Renke Kou; Haiyan Wang; Xueming Wu
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Laser pulse peak holding circuit for low cost laser tracking applications
Author(s): Wei Zhang; He Zhang; Xiangjin Zhang; Yong Chen
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The feature extraction of “cat-eye” targets based on bi-spectrum
Author(s): Tinghua Zhang; Guihua Fan; Huayan Sun
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Dual station visualization measuring method of LRCS
Author(s): Bing Jia; Guohuaa Cao; Qiongyinga Lv; Xina Zhang
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Fast computation of radiation pressure force exerted by multiple laser beams on red blood cell-like particles
Author(s): Ming-Jiang Gou; Ming-Lin Yang; Xin-Qing Sheng
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Photoacoustic signals denoising of the glucose aqueous solutions using an improved wavelet threshold method
Author(s): Zhong Ren; Guodong Liu; Zhihua Xiong
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Simulation study on thermal effect of long pulse laser interaction with CFRP material
Author(s): Yao Ma; Guangyong Jin; Boshi Yuan
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Coherence length tunable solid-state lasers based on Fabry-Perot etalon
Author(s): Yuanyuan Fan; Qian Wang; Xingliang Song; Yi Zhou
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Study of fuzzy adaptive PID controller on thermal frequency stabilizing laser with double longitudinal modes
Author(s): Qingkai Mo; Tao Zhang; Yining Yan
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Application research of rail transit safety protection based on laser detection
Author(s): Zhifei Wang
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Two dimension interferometric Rayleigh scattering velocimetry
Author(s): Sheng Wang; Jin-hai Si; Jun Shao; Zhi-yun Hu
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Research on the method of precise alignment technology of atmospheric laser communication
Author(s): Wen-jian Chen; Wei Gao; Yuan-yuan Duan; Shi-wei Ma; Jian Chen
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Observation of the Impact of angle of cylinder wedge on wedge waves by laser ultrasound technique
Author(s): Jing Jia; Zhonghua Shen; Qingbang Han
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Application of lap laser welding technology on stainless steel railway vehicles
Author(s): Hongxiao Wang; Chunsheng Wang; Guangzhong He; Wei Li; Liguo Liu
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Detection of cat-eye effect echo based on unit APD
Author(s): Dong-Sheng Wu; Peng Zhang; Wen-Gang Hu; Jia-Ju Ying; Jie Liu
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Optical property of few-mode fiber with non-uniform refractive index for cylindrical vector beam generation
Author(s): Hongye Li; Hongdan Wan; Zuxing Zhang; Bing Sun; Lin Zhang
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Optical system design of subminiature endoscope with imaging fiber bundle
Author(s): Juan Lv; Bin Xue; Ting Li; Ying-hong He; Xiao-long Ma; Xing-tao Yan
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Study of laser location based on four-quadrant detector APD
Author(s): Xing Guo; Weixian Qian; Guohua Gu; Qian Chen; Ercong Cao; Xiaobo Hu
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Application of drive circuit based on L298N in direct current motor speed control system
Author(s): Liuliu Yin; Fang Wang; Sen Han; Yuchen Li; Hao Sun; Qingjie Lu; Cheng Yang; Quanzhao Wang
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Objective backscattering properties measurements at 2.52 terahertz
Author(s): Qi Li; Yi Zhou; Qian Li; Chang-Kun Fan; Yong-Peng Zhao; De-Ying Chen
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Controlling software development of CW terahertz target scattering properties measurements based on LabVIEW
Author(s): Chang-Kun Fan; Qi Li; Yi Zhou; Yong-Peng Zhao; De-Ying Chen
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Simulation research on 2.52THz radar cross section of conductive column array
Author(s): Qian Li; Qi Li; Yong-Peng Zhao; De-Ying Chen
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The optimizations of CGH generation algorithms based on multiple GPUs for 3D dynamic holographic display
Author(s): Dan Yang; Juan Liu; Yingxi Zhang; Xin Li; Yongtian Wang
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Hybrid modulation driving power technology for pulsed laser fuze
Author(s): Xiaobin Xu; He Zhang
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Design of high-precision ranging system for laser fuze
Author(s): Shanshan Chen; He Zhang; Xiaobin Xu
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Design of drive circuit of laser diode
Author(s): Yingying Ran; Xuegong Huang; Xiaobin Xu
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Comparative research on the methods for measuring the mode deflection angle of cylindrical resonator gyroscope
Author(s): Kai Wang; Zhenfang Fan; Dongya Wang; Yanyan Wang; Yao Pan; Tianliang Qu; Guangming Xu
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Laser positioning of four-quadrant detector based on pseudo-random sequence
Author(s): Yanqin Tang; Ercong Cao; Xiaobo Hu; Guohua Gu; Weixian Qian
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Theoretical analysis of temperature response of the fiber Bragg grating embedded in composite insulator
Author(s): Wen Chen; Xiaopeng Dong; Fan Yang; Xiao Zeng; Jianhui Ma; Xiaonan Wang; Xiangfang Ma
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Effect on operating distance of laser rangefinders with deviation between axis of emitting and receiving in turbulent atmosphere
Author(s): Yu-dan Chen; Bing Zhou; Chu Zhang; Jian-lin Yin; Xian-mei Qian; Zhe Yang
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Experimental study of 248nm excimer laser etching of alumina
Author(s): Hongtao Hu; Jingzhen Shao; Xi Wang; Xiaodong Fang
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Transient elastic deformation detection on the metal surface induced by nanosecond laser pulse
Author(s): Yanqun Tong; Jianyu Huang; Xiaoyi Wu; Lin Shi
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An ultra-narrow-band optical filter based on whispering-gallery-mode hybrid-microsphere-cavity
Author(s): Hongdan Wan; Haohan Zhu; Linqian Liu; Ji Xu; Jin Wang
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Research on the efficiency of coherent balanced detection
Author(s): Hongyang Liu; Yong Ai; Xiaobo Yang; Yang Chen; Fengzhu Ji; Xiaodan Zhao
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Dynamic calibration technique for inertial navigation system based on one-dimensional laser Doppler velocimeter
Author(s): Qun Wang; Guo Wei; Chunfeng Gao; Qi Wang; Xingwu Long
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The design of Gaussian beam zoom system in intermediate and long distance measurement
Author(s): Mengcheng Wang; Jian Zhou
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Simulation and experiment of near-field nanostructuring on Ti-6Al-4V surface
Author(s): Yanqun Tong; Lin Shi; Jianyu Huang; Xiaoyi Wu
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Improved pulse laser ranging algorithm based on high speed sampling
Author(s): Xuan-yi Gao; Rui-hai Qian; Yan-mei Zhang; Huan Li; Hai-chao Guo; Shi-jie He; Xiao-kang Guo
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Research on marking lines of silicone elastomer PDMS for super-hydrophobic surface fabrication based on picosecond laser
Author(s): Xiao Gang; Shiyun Dong; Shixing Yan; Chaoqun Song; Bin Wang
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A colour image reproduction framework for 3D colour printing
Author(s): Kaida Xiao; Ali Sohiab; Pei-li Sun; Julian M. Yates; Changjun Li; Sophie Wuerger
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Laser range profile of cones
Author(s): Wenzhen Zhou; Yanjun Gong; Mingjun Wang; Lei Gong
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High speed sampling circuit design for pulse laser ranging
Author(s): Rui-hai Qian; Xuan-yi Gao; Yan-mei Zhang; Huan Li; Hai-chao Guo; Xiao-kang Guo; Shi-jie He
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Front Matter: Volume 10153
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